GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is a satellite-based radio navigation system. It helps to determine the exact location of a person, vehicle and object. Not only it helps to track someone or find out lost objectives but also helps a person to explore a place and navigate to his destination easily.

GPS was previously used by only official authorities previously, but now it has been a part of general people’s’ daily lives. We can go anywhere and find out the easiest and fastest route to get there with the help of GPS now. It has become even more useful as it is now available as applications or shortly called, Apps, that we can access from our mobile phones.

As an essential part of our daily routine, mobile phones have several features to help us doing multiple tasks, and GPS is one of them. There are a lot of GPS apps in the Google Play Store that is available in Android phones. Although the main function is the same, these apps are designed uniquely to serve different requirements for the users.

While some of them only work online, others can also work offline. Offline apps are especially useful because they work even if the internet is temporarily unavailable. Some apps are only able to provide you with routes and destinations, and some can offer you locational descriptions, street views and nearby amenities like restaurants, gas stations and banks. So, a GPS app is something that you must have when you are traveling.

Although there are numerous GPS apps, these three apps are best according to the users –

Google Maps

The best web mapping service, Google Maps was developed by Google and launched on February 8, 2005. It is written in C++, JavaScript, XML and Ajax. Whether you want to get a route for self-driving, public transport, or by foot, Google Maps offer the easiest route plan. Apart from showing the distance, it also shows the approximate time you will need to reach your destination. If you are taking public transport, then the app will also mention how much it will cost.


    • Fast functioning and easy to use.
    • Discovers the best destinations and route.
    • Real-time traffic conditions.
    • Guide to tourist places.
    • Exploring facility to roam in a new place like a local resident.
    • Turn-by-turn voice directions.
    • Reliable for ratings and reviews of places
    • Satellite imagery, street maps and aerial photography available
    • 360° panoramic view of places and streets.
  • Offline maps are available to navigate without internet.

Offline Mode

Google Maps can also be accessed offline. For that, you need to download a map of the area that you want to view later. You can download multiple area maps if you want. Although, you will not get a real-time traffic update in the offline mode.


Another GPS navigation software owned by Google; Waze was launched in 2006 by Waze Mobile. It was named FreeMap Israel initially. Google acquired the app in June 2013. It is available in 40 languages. It is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app in the world. The live maps are updated by the map editors every moment. After installing the app, you can instantly join the drivers in that area so that they can share the latest information about road and traffic with all the community members. It helps everyone to save gas, money and time. While other apps show the user ‘s location and the distance of the destination, Waze shows the traffic situation of all the roads of the route. So, the user can avoid the roads that are blocked with traffic and other hazards. Moreover, you can also add friends from the community to keep you posted about their location, which is very useful if a group of people is going to the same destination differently.


Launched in 2004, Sygic is one of the most used offline navigation apps. The full functionality of this app can be enjoyed without an internet connection, as maps can be downloaded and stored on the phone by this app. Sygic is constantly updated so the users never suffer on the road from any route-related problem. The GPS navigation map of Sygic can be used for walking, traveling as well as driving. So, it is useful for any person coming from any profession. The main screen displays the route ahead and the local speed limit to the drivers, which helps them to know the expected arrival time. Sygic also has a voice guidance like Google Maps and Waze. Another great feature of this app is that it not only helps you to find local gas stations and nearest parking, but it also provides all the information about the price and availability of a service.

When you are on the road, these three apps can make your journey a lot better.