Cars with built-in GPS trackers are quite popular these days.

GPS tracker is a device used by anyone as a measure of additional security. Taking care of customers’ requirements, these days’ cars have built-in GPS tracker for ensuring complete user-convenience.

It gives the exact location of your car, helping you to find out the best and shortest route for you and helps you saving fuel consumption.

In fact, several newly launched cars are now available with a Bluetooth GPS tracking system, so that it can be connected to your smartphone as well. Purchasing a car with already installed GPS tracking system ensures that the system works smoothly.

This is a list of cars with built-in GPS tracking system:

  1. Fiat Uconnect
  2. Nissan with NissanConnect
  3. Hyundai Blue Link
  4. Honda Navigation
  5. Ford Co-Pilot 360 Technology
  6. Chevrolet Navigation system

Fiat Brand Vehicle with Uconnect Navigation

Uconnect navigation for Fiat vehicles is an amazing solution for adventurers. It will guide you to the desired destination by delivering information along the way there. Sensor-assisted GPS is easy-to use and can also be managed by voice.

There are three main features of the GPS tracker in Fiat:

Uconnect navigation

This feature navigates your way to the destination point by using outstanding 3-D graffics and detailed views of landmarks, terrains and cities. No matter where you are located, GPS tracker works perfectly in tunnels, parking garages and other places where GPS signal could be weak.

SiriusXM Traffic

SiriusXM Traffic helps you avoid traffic jams, informs you about car accidents on the road, raod closure and traffic speed.

SiriusXM Travel Link

This feature makes your trip joyful and you can be ready for anything happens in the road. So, SiriusXm Travel Link provides 5-day weather forecast, weather maps, severe storm alerts, fuel prices in your area, movie theater and sports scores for your favourite teams.

Nissan Brand with NissanConnect

Nissan navigation system guides you to your destination point with visual and voice commands. It is very convenient to have a built-in GPS with a dashboard, so it is possible to be concentrated on a road and be sure in GPS accuracy.

NissanConnect has a few pretty useful features.

Places directory

NissanConnect has a places directory, so you will always find what you need: service and gas stations, restaurants and cafes, stores and banks in your area.

Address Book

The Nissan address book can store up to 50 locations in its memory. It is very convenient to have this feature, because you can always find the way to the hidden neighborhood or hard-to-find spots.

Detailed Traffic

It is possible to get a very detailed information about traffic by subscribing to SiriusXM system.

Map Updates

It is very easy to keep your maps updates on NissanConnect.

Hyundai Blue Link

Hyundai Blue Link has many features and one of them is GPS navigation.

It can also be managed by voice commands, like

  • “find”- and it will find the address you need
  • “map”- and move to the map screen
  • “go home”- and go to your home (of course, you need to set a certain address as your home address)
  • “go to work”- the same instructions as for the “go home” command
  • “turn guidance on/off”- and it will mute or unmute navigation guidance
  • “zoom in/out”- and it will zoom in or out the map

There are other commands such as “Cancel Route,” “Route Options,” “Hospital,” Dealership,” and “Roadside Assistance.”

Honda Navigation

Honda made navigation possible and easy-to-use. Now you can find the right navigation update for your car and purchase it from the Honda Navigation Store. It is pretty simple to do:

  • Find your update
  • See what’s new
  • Proceed to checkout

The new Honda Navigation has more than 600.000 restaurants, 21.000 miles of new road, 300.000 new speed limits, a list of 147.000 ATM locations and more than 135.000 gas stations.

The list of features that enhance your driving experience

3D landmarks

This feature makes the map more real, especially it is helpful for urban navigation.

Lane guidance

This feature helps you find the right exit or entrance to the parking lot, for instance (I always have troubles finding the right exit 🙂 )

Avoid traffic delays

The Honda navigation gives you best choice of routes.

Find efficient routes

It is best for avoiding traffic jams.

Drive without restrictions

Updating the map up-to-date will help you drive safe and avoid any tickets.

Ford Co-Pilot 360 Technology

Ford navigation works with SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link and it has 3D mapping.

It can be managed by voice commands and convenient touchscreen.

Voice commands

It is very convenient to use and it makes your driving experience more pleasant. It is important, because you can concentrate on the road, rather than always check route on the GPS screen.

Turn-by-turn directions

The Ford navigation will guide you from point A to point B by marking turns with flags or telling you when and where to turn.

Points of interest

It is always possible to ask the Ford navigation system about the nearest restaurants or any other places of interest. GPS navigation will guide you to the destination point.

Chevrolet Navigation System

Chevrolet navigation system consists of 2 features: Turn-by-turn navigation and MyLink navigation system.

Turn-by-turn navigation

This type of navigation has a voice command and it will guide you from point A to point B. However, it is a part of paid OnStar and Connected Services plans.

MyLink navigation system

This is a touchscreen GPS navigation system. It is accessible in most Chevrolet vehicles by pressing the Navigation icon. It is using audio prompts and has full map displayed on the GPS screen with with several customization features.