MapFactor Navigator is another GPS navigation app that can be found for Android, coming in two flavors. One is free and uses maps provided by OpenStreetMap project, and the other uses premium maps from TomTom. If using TomTom maps, get ready to pay for each and every map you plan to download. The individual maps are expensive, but region maps (like the map of whole Europe) are affordable and give you a lot of additional data for the money.

MapFactor map downloadsMapFactor Navigator allows you to purchase specialized TomTom maps for truckers that have lots of handy info every trucker needs. They have a higher price tag than normal maps, but also offer maps for the whole regions.

In our review, we used free maps that have a solid number of details and should enable a safe arrival for most users. The welcome screen (after you download all necessary data) contains a few options; you can search maps to find your destination, can jump directly to the navigation menu, see route info, search through your favorite routes via My places menu, and can search the map and directly place destinations. The user interface feels a bit sluggish and lacks in terms of visual presentation compared to Google Maps, or Here WeGo. The design of settings menu, main menu, and the overall visual style look like they came from 2013, having no material design elements.

MapFactor navigation MapFactor navigation photo

Most options are hard to reach, like picking with what kind of vehicle you travel. In Here WeGo, all you have to do is to select a destination, after which the app itself presents you with different ways of traveling (car, bicycle, on foot) and all you have to do is to pick one. In MapFactor, the choice is just one, and to change it you have to visit Vehicle Profiles setting.

MapFactor premium features MapFactor speed cameras

After you set destination point and start driving, the route is very easy to follow, and the voice navigation is available in 38 languages, pretty sweet for users who are not really good with the English language. Truck more lets you set the cargo weight, max speed, vehicle length and more. Very handy for truckers and a nice feature that isn’t supported in most other GPS apps.

One problem with MapFactor Navigator is that alternative routes feature is locked in the free version, you’ll have to pay for it to unlock. This might prove problematic since the app doesn’t calculate the fastest route every time, so if you stick to the free version you might end up with longer routes that will make the travel longer than it should be. This can be especially challenging if going on a longer journey, where a longer route can add up to several hours to the trip.

MapFactor vehicle selectiontruck-info-customization-min

At least you can tell the app to calculate the fastest, quickest, or the fuel-conserving route. The app can be installed both on the internal memory and on an SD card. MapFactor Navigator can show you locations of speed cameras, but this option works in just a few countries.

The app allows the user to set up maximum speed on different road types (regional, highways, etc.), with alerts that will activate when you go over the speed limit. Although the graphic user interface leaves lots to be desired, a plethora of customization options can transform MapFactor into a very handy GPS app.

MapFactor tomtom maps pricing MapFactor tomtom trucker maps pricing

Overall, MapFActor is one solid free GPS app for Android. You can choose to use free or paid maps, there are some handy trucker features, the free maps are detailed enough for most users, and the app is easy to use. The negative sides of the app are lack of alternative route option (which can be bought for $3.5), missing features found in some other apps (like the ability to show nearby restaurants, fuel stations, or live traffic data), dated design, and a bit sluggish performance. MapFactor can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.