Here WeGo Review

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Here WeGo is a rebranded Here Maps GPS app. Here Maps was for years the best GPS solution for Windows phones. It offered offline mode, a free selection of maps for all parts of the world and quite good and accurate routes. After a while, when the map business owned by Nokia was bought by a consortium of German car manufacturers, the app arrived on Android. In July this year, Here Maps rebranded itself as Here WeGo, bringing quite a few new features.

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The app takes around 35 megabytes of storage space (without maps) and it installs pretty quickly. After you finish installing it, you’ll get a list of maps divided by countries (the U.S is divided into states). All maps are free to download. Some take around 100 MB of less while others, like France or Germany, can take more than one gigabyte. Overall, this is one handy feature allowing you to decide which maps will be downloaded, and to download additional maps and to download additional maps only when they are needed.

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The design is minimalistic, with just a few options on the main screen. You can select a destination and let the app calculate the quickest route, can search for nearby restaurants, gas stations, tours and guides parking, even ATMs and banks, and the feature works rather well. The app can work in offline mode after you download necessary maps, but for using Nearby feature, you’ll have to allow it to go online.

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There’s an option allowing you to save your home location, which can be changed if needed. Routes are calculated rather fast, with the option to exclude unpaved roads and to avoid toll roads, which can come very handy. For all those who like to party, the app has a Go Home shortcut that can be placed on one of your Home screens. Tapping it will give you directions to your house, with nearest public transport stations allowing you to get home safe if intoxicated.

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Turn-by-turn feature works as intended, although sometimes the route suggested by the app can be longer than the route you usually take. This isn’t an issue since the app gives you a couple of alternative routes, where available. Allowing the user to pick the best route from the group of available paths is something really cool. Here WeGo even has an option that will find the nearest parking spot, guide you to it, and after you left your vehicle it will switch to walking directions to lead you to your destination.

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Voice-guided navigation works in more than 130 different countries while the live traffic info works in 55 countries; you’ll need an internet connection in order to use the live traffic data. Here WeGo can display a few different map layers. The basic map layer will just show the map along with roads; there’s a traffic layer, adding live traffic data on the map, great for times when you need to get somewhere during rush hour. The third layer is a satellite view of the map, along with live traffic data. For a satellite view, you have to be connected to the internet.

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The app is completely free. If you want, you can download all the maps at once but that will just eat all of your storage space. Here WeGo is a great alternative to Google Maps. Its offline option works much better, offline maps work for entire countries and don’t have to be updated as often as on Google Maps. Here WeGo offers a plethora of useful features, it is lightweight, most of its features work in a huge selection of countries, and most importantly the maps are highly detailed with accurate routes. The app can be downloaded from Play Store for the low, low price of free.