Geocaching is a great scavenger hunt activity that is going on around the world all the time and you can take part in it anytime you want. Geocaches are devices of different sizes which are hidden by people in different places around the world. Whoever hides a geocache, they give its coordinates on geocaching apps or websites, so that whenever someone decides to hunt for a geocache near them, they could open the app or website, check the coordinates and start their search and adventure. There are more than 2 million geocaches in the world right now. There may be a lot of geocaches hidden near you. Geocaching gives you a chance of making friends, exploring new places. It’s just like Pokemon Go, except that you have to find geocaches instead of Pokemons. Here are the best geocaching apps, websites and hardware devices you can use to do this fun activity. is the best geocaching website, used by millions of geocaching enthusiasts daily. This website has iPhone and Android apps too. All you need to do is to make a free account, give your location, and the website will search and locate geocaches hidden near you. You can also download Geocaching mobile app, save the coordinates and start your journey. The app also map the locations on a map so that you could easily follow the route and reach your destination.

Geocaching Classic

Geocaching Classic by GroundSpeak is one of the best geocaching apps for Android devices. It has a nice interface and full GPS support which gives a seamless and agile scavenger hunt experience. You can switch between different map views, see difficulty level and size of the hidden geocaches, challenge your friends and log your find with style with this app.

Geocaching by Geosphere

It is a great geocaching app for iPhone and iPad. The app shows published logs, photos, achievements and details of caches. You can use satellite images, compass and many locating tools to identify your target and route. You can also import and export GPX files from other sources. This app, however, has a massive price tag of $10.99.


Cachly is a simple geocaching app that works pretty smoothly. Its design is clear and easy to understand. Cachly shows hidden cache locations at the map. You can tap locations to see more details, or start trailing your destination.

Google Earth

Google Earth is perhaps the most powerful mapping and GPS tools website in the world. You will be happy to know that Google Earth has a KLM overlay for geocaching using which you can locate hidden caches, make routes and navigate to your destinations. You can also download Google Earth apps for iPhone and Android.

Garmin’s Geocaching Website

Garmin’s official website has a page dedicated to geocaching. You can find millions of cache locations mapped properly with coordinates here. Garmin also shows the details of every cache in a professional way. You can challenge other people and share your victories easily.

Garmin’s GPSMAP

If you want a dedicated device for geocaching and don’t want to delve into complexities of apps and websites, then I recommend GPSMAP 64, Garmin’s top device for geocaching and other GPS activities. It comes preloaded with the coordinates of more than 250,000 geocaches. It is waterproof, hard and rugged, totally supportive of latest GPS features and maps. The price of this device is a whopping $349.

Garmin GPSMAP 60

Garmin GPSMAP 60 is a great geocaching device for starters. It has a long-lasting battery, alarm clocks, map integration and a rugged body that could sustain shock and water.

Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin Oregon is pretty popular in the geocaching community. This handheld device has amazing reviews on Amazon that bespeak its success. You can use HotFix satellite prediction feature to smartly and quickly locate cache. Oregon’s signal sustenance is huge, which makes it possible to get GPS connection in tunnels, canyons and thick forests.  You can read the screen in broad daylight, thanks to the advanced display of this GPS.