GPS apps have become a part of daily lives, helping one explore new places, find the best routes and avoid heavy traffic. Smartphone applications have brought these apps to the fingertips of people, enabling them to navigate easily. However, not all GPS applications that work just fine on smartphones offer the same user experience on tablets and iPads.

Apps that are designed for the smartphone may not work that well on the large screens of tablets and iPads. But there are some developers who have ensured that their application provides a great user interface and excellent navigation on iPads too.

Such 6 Best GPS apps that offer great functionality for the iPad are:

Google Maps

There is no need to reiterate the popularity of Google Maps. It is the most used GPS application all over the world, both on smartphones and tablets. Developed by Google Inc. itself, the application is completely free to download and use. The app offers one of the best user interfaces. Striking features like automatic route finding in heavy traffic, accurate traffic data and much more make the app a favorite among all. The app also provides reliable weather data so that you know how the weather is before you step out. You can use the app in a wide range of languages.

Apple Maps

A pre-installed application on your iPad, Apple Maps doesn’t have to be downloaded. The Apple-developed GPS application is very similar to Google Maps in terms of its features and user interface. Though the app was not received very fondly in the beginning, it has improved by leaps and bounds after quite a few updates. The app offers some striking features like night mode and step listing feature. It also provides voice assistance from Siri. Another exceptional feature of the application is its Apple Watch extension where the watch vibrates every time you need to make a turn. This eliminates the need to check the application again and again.


Waze is a kind of community GPS app that allows users to update traffic information on a real-time basis, offering accurate traffic conditions and helping you save time. You can also add your friends and keep a track of their location via the app. A feature of the app allows it to indicate various points of interest on the route you take. You can also create stops automatically by syncing google calendars and Facebook that have your events information. Waze is especially popular due to its ability to load and refresh faster than most of its counterparts.


This is another renowned GPS app that works well on iPads. Though free to download, you are required to pay a subscription amount after the trial period ends. The best feature of the application is its offline mode support that eliminates the need to have constant internet connectivity. The app allows you to save locations after finding it once so that you can access the map quickly when needed. Co-Pilot is an excellent app for walkers and cyclists as it offers excellent cycling and pedestrian navigation. The app offers many other satisfying features when you are willing to pay for it.


CityMapper is a standout in this list since the app is targeted for public transport users. With a simple setup that features both local transit and location tracking options, the user interface is great. You can avail multi-device syncing and find multiple routes and transport options between any two points. The app compares journey time, walking time and public transport time to provide you the best available option. Some stand-out features of the app include live location sharing, address saving, etc.

HERE WeGo Navigation

The HERE WeGo maps are a popular GPS and navigation choice for people who are looking to go on a long trip. The app constantly updates the route at every turn to ensure that you can reach your destination easily. The City version of the map offers navigation for walking and cycling and also provides navigation for public transport. What makes it suitable for long drives is its offline mode, permitting you to search for routes and navigate when you do not have access to an internet connection. Though the application was designed primarily for Windows, it offers unhindered service on iPads too.


These are the best 6 GPS applications for iPads currently. The apps offer a simple user interface and exceptional features like night mode, offline navigation and real-time traffic update to ensure that you can always find the best route. Depending on your navigation needs, you can choose any of the above apps. These GPS apps will save you time while traveling, and help you reach your destination on time.