Self-driving and autonomous cars are becoming intensely popular, and we can even seem them in action. But have you ever heard of self-driving tractors? Yes, there is a company which is pitching this innovative concept that will change the agriculture industry once and for all. CNH Industrial is one of the biggest capital goods companies in the world. The Netherlands-based company makes trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles.

The company revealed its concept of driverless tractor-based farming in 2016 Farm Progress Show held in Iowa, US.  The company showed two different driverless tractor versions under its brands Case IH and New Holland Agriculture brands.

CNH Industrial photo CNH Industrial picture CNH Industrial

The requirement of quality food is surging around the world. Farmers need to work hard to produce more food with sustainable quality. Driverless tractors will allow farmers to shift their focus from hiring costly manpower and handle tractors to working on the quality of food, soil and seeds. This would change the trends in the agriculture industry dramatically. After Barack Obama tightened border security in 2015, labor costs on farms surged swiftly. According to an estimate, a farmer has to pay each laborer about $30,000 a year. President Trump’s policies are expected to result in even more hikes in labor costs for farmers. In this situation, driverless tractors will serve the purpose of cost cutting.

farmworker pay soar

CNH Industrial’s tractors are equipped with portable control panels which could be used to keep a track of a tractor’s performance, areas it is targeting, depth of digging, speed and blade positions. A farmer would be able to control the position and movement of these tractors using these panels.

CNH Industrial tractors

CNH Industrial tractors photo

Driverless, IoT-based tractors will allow farmers to multi-task. CNH Industrial’s tractor has cutters, separators and filtering units. All of these units work in harmony without any human involvement.

CNH’s tractors will make it possible for farmers to harvest and plough their fields non-stop, 24 hours. The driverless tractors are equipped with special lights. Farmers won’t need to pay extra money in labor costs to work during night shifts in peak seasons, rain and difficult weather.

CNH Industrial night shifts

CNH has made a PC and mobile application which would allow farmers to track their tractors’ performance and control them remotely. The software also shows the most efficient paths in the fields. A farmer can order tractors to follow these efficient parts with a few clicks. This groundbreaking technology makes it easier to boost productivity and output for farmers.

groundbreaking technology

The driverless tractors for agriculture and farming made by CNH can work in tandem with the humans. A farmer could shift the tractors’ mode to manual and use them for tasks in which a human element is necessary.

Watch this video to know more about CNH’s revolutionary technology