The markets are flooded with a variety of costly and fancy GPS devices for hikers

With the vast sea of choices, it has become difficult to find a GPS device within the budget that offers all the required features for easy navigation.

When looking for a GPS device, searching the market to find the best one can prove to be quite an ordeal. To help you out with the process, here are some of the best GPS devices for you under $150.

Let us take a detailed look at them here:

Garmin Drive 51 USA LM GPS Navigation System

There is no question when it comes to the reliability of Garmin GPS devices.

This simple GPS device brings together the right set of features to help you feel comfortable in an unknown city. With a TFT 5-inch navigation screen, the GPS device provides traffic information for free.

The device even highlights key areas of interests nearby. Featuring a spontaneous user interface and offering clear instructions turn-by-turn, reaching your destination is a breeze with the Garmin Drive 51.

Priced decently, this is one of the best GPS devices available for people who want to stick to their budget and still want the best available GPS device with necessary features in their vehicle.

Garmin Speak

With voice search gaining widespread popularity, the Garmin Speak has become a favorite among many.

This is perfect for the ones who do not want the bulky screen and wish to hear voice directions instead. It offers a combination of GPS navigation and Alexa – Amazon’s digital assistant.

The device offers directions along with other stuff like audiobooks, music streams, weather, and news updates, etc. The Garmin Speak can be connected to the car via Bluetooth or using an auxiliary cable for older car models.

The device does a very decent job at recognizing commands even if the street is noisy. 

TomTom Via 1425M

The TomTom Brand is another one that has made its mark in the GPS industry, offering some great GPS apps and devices.

This particular device is a pocket-friendly option for those who want basic navigation and aren’t looking for a lot of features.

Eliminating the glittering features, the TomTom Via 1425M combines all the necessary features that any motorist wishes to have in a GPS device.

The device swiftly ensures that you never miss a turn and even offers lane guidance so that you know if you should drive the middle lane or the right one.

With 30 different languages, it also features maps of Mexico and Canada.

TomTom Go Live 1535 TM

While the previous TomTom GPS device offers simply the basics, this GPS device goes all out and offers a wide range of captivating features.

One of the strongest features of the portable navigation device is its vast range of live updates like fuel prices, traffic updates, weather forecasts, lane instructions and much more.

The GPS device allows easy integration of applications like Google, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Yelp, etc, facilitating easy searching of destination.

The users can also connect to Twitter and related apps to keep their family and friends updated about their expected time of arrival and current location. This is much safer than texting updates.

Garmin Nuvi 2639 LMT

Since the focus of the article remains on the best GPS devices for tourists, it would be unreasonable to not mention an RV GPS device.

Since RVs are subject to different road laws due to their bulky size and weight, the standard GPS devices do not satisfy the needs of the recreational vehicle.

The intuitive user interface allows you to know the locations coming up ahead without leaving your map. Bright arrows point to the lane that you should be driving along with voice guidance for turns.

The device is compatible with a backup, wireless camera and has millions of points of interest preloaded into the maps. 

ITEQ 48-inch GPS Car HUD

Not from Garmin or TomTom, the pioneers in the GPS industry, the ITEQ Car HUD is definitely the most unique one on the list.

Offering all the basic features of a GPS device, the device allows you to switch between KMH and MPH speed units. The HUD eliminates the need for drivers to look down on their dashboard by displaying the traffic information on the windshield.

The GPS device is also capable of alarming you when you cross the speed-limit pre-set by yourself on the device. The device provides real-time altitude, time, direction and speed information too.


These are some of the best GPS devices on the market right now, that fall under the $150 bracket. When choosing a device, look for one that offers the best navigation and the desired features.

Do not get dazzled by the innumerable features and compromise on the service quality.