Sygic GPS and Navigation Review

Sygic Car Mode

Sygic GPS and Navigation app is another navigation choice available for Android and iOS owners. It features slick UI design, quite detailed maps and tons of features. The app can be downloaded for free, enabling 7-days free trial after which you’ll have to pay a certain amount of money to continue using it. It is quite popular, one of the most downloaded navigation apps on Android, with some unique features and detailed maps provided by TomTom.

When you first start the app you’ll get options to download necessary maps. Maps are detailed, filled with POI (Points of Interest) and are quite easy to navigate. The only problem is that maps are filled with POI, making it a bit tricky to select a route or to set a destination point. Fortunately, POI can be switched off, so they won’t be there if you don’t want them to show.

 Sygic GPS and Navigation Review Sygic POI Options

One interesting feature found in Sygic GPS Navigation is the presence of Car Connected mode, allowing you to connect the phone to your car and use the car’s built-in screen for navigation. It can come in handy since most car screens are larger than the average smartphone screen, but ultimately Car Connected mode isn’t a feature that makes Sygic Navigation a better choice compared to other GPS Navigation apps.

 Sygic POI Options Sygic Car Mode

Voice guidance and turn-by-turn navigation are also present, as well as free map updates. The maps aren’t as large as the ones found in Here WeGo; nevertheless, the maps are detailed, accurate, and available for almost any country in the world. The settings menu is filled with options; you can select which POI to be shown on the map, a plethora of notifications that can be turned on or off (speed cameras, speed limits, railway crossings, etc.), and lots of other options, making the level of customization extremely high. You can tweak just about anything, making Sygic one excellent choice for users who like to customize their navigation experience.

The voice guidance is available in more than 50 languages, with additional voices capable of telling you street names; unfortunately spoken street names voices are available in less than ten languages. When talking about actual navigation, we must say it’s working great. Setting the destination is quick and easy, all you have to do is to click on the map, choose a destination and select your traveling method (car, walking) and the app will present you a couple of alternate routes. It’s up to you to select the desired route, and you’ll be on your way. You can also pick a destination via search, which also works quite nice.

 Sygic Alternate Routes Sygic MAp Options Sygic Routes

While driving, you’ll be aware of your speed, as well as local speed limit, the distance to destination, as well as expected arrival time. The app calculates arrival times pretty accurate in most cases, with some noticeable errors from time to time.

The app is a bit slow to update your location when walking, often being late with updating it, but if you drive, the app will update your location pretty fast, without any delay. Sygic GUI can be a bit aggressive, completely replacing your soft keys (if your phone uses them) and status bar, a thing we didn’t quite like.

For the end, let’s talk about the pricing. After your trial ends, you’ll have a choice between purchasing a lifetime Premium License. If you pick one region (Europe and Russia, North America, Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia & New Zealand), the price is $49.99; if you want to have access to all maps, the license for the whole world is $79.99. If you desire to have Premium Navigation along with car connectivity, the price is $79.99 for one region or $99.99 for the whole world. The add-ons include live traffic services (which cost $19.99 for each region) and a head-up display for your car ($9.99).

Sygic Setting

Overall, Sygic Navigation is one excellent app. The maps are very detailed, even for smaller countries, you can see a ton of info via POI (restaurants, hotels, police stations, hospitals, parking, rent-a-car, petrol stations with gas prices, etc.), the app performs very snappily, and the navigation part is supreme.

We don’t like the POI flood if all POI types are turned on, walking navigation can be laggy, and the prices are a bit steep, although once paid, the license won’t have to be renewed. If you’re not a demanding user, there are better navigation solutions that are free. But, if you want to use one of the best navigation apps available, Sygic Navigation is a quite good choice. You can Download the app from Google Play Store, or from Apple App Store.


  1. I have been a user of Sygic for many years and have used it quite successfully in the USA, South America and the middle east as well as all over Europe and i was a great fan often recommending this to other users. However I would say that recently the software starting getting a lot of updates and Sygic starting advertising social media connections and their travel organiser, and the main mapping utility has started to crash quite regularly requiring a complete reinstall including maps and this has not been resolved. I think they had an issue with using the main phone memory vs an add in SD memory, that certainly was what caused the problems to start on my phone. I would advise that although several years ago this was an excellent navigator i would say they are trying to expand the service and reliability is suffering, so i would urge caution with Sygic, it can now let you down when you most need it.

  2. No mention of postcodes. For example it does not work with Irish postcodes. Google maps does. Just put in the Irish postcode and bingo it takes you there. Sygic say they have no plans to integrate the Irish postcode into the system.

  3. I like Sygic and I have had the free version since last October 2017. Today I paid for the World-Wide maps and got everything. It is very easy to use and just as accurate as Google maps, but I think I am going to like Sygic better. The best option for using Sygic is that I can navigate while being offline and use the GPS. There are many areas that I have driven too in which Google stopped working because I was out of range of a cell tower, but with Sygic, I don’t have to worry about this anymore. For the price, it is less expensive and more practical than my Tom Tom also.