There have been times when something very important goes missing, and the owner loses his mind. He or she continuously keeps searching for it, and if lucky finds it.

This has been a problem for a lot of people for a very long period of time. Even in the case of people, for example, a loved one leaves the home and does not return on time. This induces a feeling of worry and tension, which is absolutely unavoidable.

Such risks exist mostly for small kids, when they go out to play and for some reason does not return on time, mothers get immensely worried. The very same thing happens in the case of pets as well.

Over the years, this issue has continued to persist, and with the increase in population, problems like these increased as well.

Scientists and engineers all around the world realized this issue and decided to address the problem, which is when GPS trackers were introduced, first in vehicles, and then gradually with time for living breathing human beings and animals as well.

What is a GPS tracker?

GPS tracker is basically a navigation device, which is installed in a vehicle, that first and foremost helps the owner to search and find a location with ease, but above that, it even gives the location details of the car to somebody who is trying to search a stolen car.

That particular car has to have GPS enabled to take advantage of the tracking feature. Over the years, GPS tracking has proved to be immensely beneficial for vehicle owners. However, very recently GPS trackers were introduced for people as well.

What is Scout?

Scout is a brand which has come up with the most revolutionary idea of attaching a GPS tracker to people so that they never get lost again. This innovative GPS tracker was introduced at Gainesville. Losing anything is immensely frustrating, which is why Scout is the perfect solution to issues and worries like these.

“Yes you can put it on your kids, yes you can put it on your dog’s collar,” said James Davis, co-founder and CMO of Scout, “But you can put it on any vehicle, the flexibility and versatility is what makes it different.”

Scout GPS even though is generally used for domestic purposes but it can also be useful for different kinds of businesses.

Davis also said, “For your small business owner, that has that has a fleet of 10 or 20 trucks, they are saving on their insurance because they’ve got a scout on there, they know that they know that their trucks are going where they are supposed to be.”

There is an availability of both web and mobile apps, which makes it even more convenient to find kids, people and vehicles. This company is also very adaptive, as it is based on Gainesville, USA, it can very easily adapt to the needs of the customers.

“We have actually made a version that goes into body armor, and it can detect an impact, and once that officer or soldier goes down, if he doesn’t get up in 15 seconds, it sends an officer down alert, and the medics can get right to them,” Davis explained.

“They are going to be adding Scouts to all of their school buses, and creating an app for the parents, and they will know exactly where that school bus is, they will know when it is getting to the bus stop, when it has left the bus stop, when it has gone to the school. We have a lot of things we are about to roll out, like impact detection, roll-over detection,” Davis continued while talking about its unique features.

Why Did Scout Have Such an Impact?

There are several factors, apart from just the impeccable tracking system, which has given it so much popularity among the customers.

  • First and foremost, the fact that it has taken whopping four years to complete the manufacture of the product ensures that the absolute best materials have been used to build it and extensive amount of attention has been given to small details.
  • The apps which are used for accessing Scout are absolutely free and it drastically eases the functioning of it.
  • It has the availability of instant notifications, the moment any vehicle is touched, or it moves even a small distance. Instant notifications help the owners to stay updated about the location of their vehicles.
  • It is extremely lightweight and thus is easy to anywhere a person goes, it can also be worn during rainfall, as it has water resistance certification.
  • Users have the convenience of creating a custom safe zone. It is basically a specified area, which when Scout trackers, enters or exits, the user gets a notification.
  • Last but not least the biggest factor that provides it with an advantage is that it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.


Scout GPS tracker costs 9.99 dollars while the service comes at a monthly price of 14.99 dollars.

“The need that it’s filling it’s different for everybody, for me, it’s knowing when my kids leave the house in the morning, when they get on their bikes, and when they get to the school. Everybody’s needs are a little bit different, and honestly, we can feel most of those needs with Scout,”- concluded Davis.