Over the years, parents all around the world have been gravely concerned about the safety of their children.

All the time they have been continuously traumatized by the worry of their child getting lost somewhere. This created the requirement about being informed about their child’s location.

It has been a huge problem for the parents who need to go to the office daily and thus are unable to keep track of their children. They remain in a continuous state of worry, about whether their children are leaving the house for some reason.

A startup company rescues all concerned parents

Very recently a startup company set up and run by ex-Motorola employees. John Renaldi and Roger Ady has come to the rescue of all such concerned parents.

This very company, which was created in the year 2015 is based in Chicago and is referred to a kid-tech company. They introduced their very unique GPS tracking system, around a year ago, which, since then has been making headlines.


They created a GPS tracker which can be attached to the clothes of a baby or a pet. It is built in such a way, that it won’t fall off easily.

It is a tracker, which receives the location information via GPS and will periodically send that information via cellular connection so that the parents can get continuous updates of their child’s location.

Jiobit is completely waterproof, as well as, it can withstand mud or milk and the available battery would last for around a week. As far as the charges go, it comes for either a price of 100 dollars, along with an 8.99 dollars annual charge, or else a one-time payment of 130 dollars.

A move in the right direction

Very recently, Netgear, a brand that is extremely popular for its WiFi routers has decided to invest in this kid-tech company.

Netgear decided to invest in that company during a period when it was struggling to survive. Over the years many such kid-tech companies were created but failed to make an impact due to their high prices and reliability issues.

After the investment of Netgear, the sales have drastically increased. One of the spokespeople mentioned that it is being used by thousands of families.

Great features

The company in order to make the tracker even more secure created a feature called geofence, which creates a range. When a parent and a baby are walking together, this geofence feature would give the parent an alert in case the baby wanders too far off.

Another very important feature of Jiobit is that it makes use of Bluetooth and shows who the child is roaming with. It can very conveniently be attached to the collars, pockets and shoes of the children.

Jiobit encrypts all the data that it sends to increase the level of security.

The owners of the company recently revealed the fact that the investments have neared 6.5 million dollars, which came from other companies as well, except for Netgear.

Rabbit owners` problem is solved

After a lot of beta testing and research Jiobit has decided to go a step further, by introducing a GPS tracker on April 1st 2018, meant exclusively for rabbits, which was a dream come true for all the rabbit owners around the world.

As the CEO John Renaldi put it, “Rabbit owners have a problem to solve, and we have decided to burrow it.”

Why should I pay for it annually?

Parents, however, came up with a query about why does Jiobit require a payment of an annual subscription charge, to which the company responded that purchasing a Jiobit is basically similar to taking a mobile subscription because the data that it transfers is through a cellular network.

The chip which is embedded in the Jiobit is named Trustchip is the core skeleton which controls the functions of the tiny GPS tracker and the company proclaims that the security and encryption of that chip exceeds or at least meets the US-Government standards. They refer to it as a dream of a parent and a nightmare of a hacker.

Undoubtedly undisputed and unique piece of success

According to the numerous families around the world as well as the critics, the idea of Netgear investing in Jiobit is an enormous success.

Netgear is the company responsible for bringing Jiobit within the attention radar of the world, without the investment it would not have been recognized as the revolution it truly is.

Parents around the world have dropped their feedbacks about how Jiobit has made their life easier and released them from stress and worry. As far as public response goes, Jiobit is immensely useful. Jiobit has been officially selected for the Chicago innovation awards and has won the PCMag Editor’s Choice Award after it has been able to secure three patents for their revolutionary technology.

Till today, Jiobit has reached a whopping 11 million in sales.