It Is Time to Teach My Child Coding: Advice and Recommendations

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Learning coding isn’t always quite easy and needs a lot of practice and patience. There are several websites ready to help people with coding and encourage beginners by mentioning that coding is an easy task. But in fact, it is one of the most difficult skills to excel.

I was looking for advice and recommendations to teach my child coding – here are some of them:

  1. Strengthen grip on the basics: In order to consolidate the foundation, a child should learn computer science basics quite well. There are currently numerous online course which offer coding lessons to beginners in an easy way. As a beginner, you need to scour through as many of these online courses as you can so that you can collect the maximum information and widen the horizon of your foundation knowledge to your best abilities.
  2. Have patience: The most important criteria to become a successful programmer is to have patience. With patience, you can become a more efficient problem-solver and elevate your understanding of how computers and specifically coding works. That is because computer concepts can be complicated, tricky and would require patience, resilience and meticulous efforts. As a beginner, you should keep your expectations within control.
  3. Set a target and proceed accordingly: Setting a goal can be a powerful source of motivation on the path to mastering the skill of coding. For example, if you are planning to learn PHP, then set a target of performing a simple project by the end of the week. Once you have attained the goal, set another target and keep on repeating the process like a cycle. Learning and improving coding skills is a continuous skill, which is why it is ideal to keep on setting new goals, and following them sincerely. Some sample goals that can be set in the case of learning coding and computer programming are :
  • Building a calculator by using Javascript and CSS
  • Creating a responsive website using CSS, HTML and Javascript
  • Creating a 2nd breakout game using pure Javascript

It is important to make sure that the goals are achievable. So as a beginner you should not aim for extremely high-tech goals straightaway. Start with the simpler projects and as you progress, move onto the more complex ones slowly.

  1. Do as many projects as you can: By trying your hand at more and more projects, you will get aware not only of your limitations but you can also find a way to become more capable in analytical and problem-solving tasks. Learning coding is not just about learning syntax but also involves excelling at solving problems using tools and resources. The skill of programming also makes it necessary to develop a creative outlook, and a vision to create something useful. As a beginner, you might find it difficult to access new ideas of project. Platforms like Livecoding which are reputed for enabling engineers build live projects, will help you gain new and creative ideas for live projects. You can also opt for Github which stores your codes so can access them easily at any time.
  2. Develop the skill of social coding: The skill of coding cannot be mastered solo. You must learn to take help when you will be building the next big app. This is because programming and coding are group activities and if you want to excel in the skill, you must take as much help as possible from different social platforms that aim to guide beginner coders as much as possible. For example, a platform like Github will help you explore repositories of public projects.
  3. Balance your learning: As a coder, there is always enough room for further development. You have to keep upgrading your skills, as newer technology keeps on getting innovated every other day. You also have to keep yourself updated with the constant inflow of new tools, protocols and technologies in the software market. Thus from the very beginning you have to start balancing learning, since the possibilities for learning is endless when it comes to coding.

While these are the basic recommendations you must follow while you are still a beginner, the following steps should be followed once you have crossed the beginner stage:

  • Learn algorithms: Once you have gained some experience doing projects, it will be time to shape up your proficiency in algorithms.
  • Utilize the facility of code documentation: You should learn how to read code documentation which is basically a tool that enables you to learn about the coding language, or framework or library which is filled with information.
  • Utilize tools: You should take advantage of toolsets as these will help you to automate many of the manual tasks and pay attention to the main problem.

These are probably the ideal tips to help learn coding!