ClockIt is an advanced time clock application which is designed to meet all the requirements vis-à-vis the attendance needs your business might face on a day-to-day basis.

There are certain features which are intrinsic to ClockIt and developed after attaining more than ten years of industry experience and satiating the multifarious demands of the consumer.

There are many elements of ClockIt which help distinguish it from other apps, enumerated below are the same:

Cloud computing

This facility will enable you to access any information at any point of time on the application itself or a web browser.

Dedicated Support Staff

ClockIt has a highly skilled support staff which ensures that all the queries of its respective customers are taken care of. Furthermore, they also provide screen manuals for more people interpreting the substance of it.

Available on all devices

Your Company can keep a track of the attendance of all its employees on devices ranging from mobiles, web, kiosk, and more.

Continuous Updating

One of the many benefits of downloading this application is its download features. The application regularly provides updates for its customers.

How to get this application

how-to-use-it-gpspathfinderQ1: On which device do you want to utilize this application?

ClockIt is a versatile application and supports a range of features including tracking your attendance, geo location and even time by virtue of your web browser.

You can easily choose one that best suit your business interests and alternatively download the same.

Q2: Sign up your company and thereafter add your employees: It is first imperative that you create a user account. You can then customize the application to suit your needs and adjust the clock settings. Furthermore, the employees can mark attendance by virtue of their biometrics and attendance devices. The employers and employees can easily monitor the work duration and manage if any time correction.

Q3: It helps to gather vital data: ClockIt by virtue of its intrinsic features can send your employees, top-level managers and other associated individuals – dynamic and detailed attendance performance reports. You can easily utilize the data to both quantitatively and qualitatively adjudicate the same.

Enlisted Below Are Certain Important Features Of Clockit


In addition to calculating the fundamental features of attendance, the inbuilt software of ClockIt also has various mechanisms so devised to go hand in hand with your business.

The essentiality of these features can be attributed to the fact that it helps your business comply with governmental labor laws and helps in the operational aspect of your business.

As iterated earlier, this is where the years of ClockIt experience come in handy. The features:

a) Overtime Feature: You can easily utilize this application both effectively and efficiently and calculate the incurred break hours, work hours accrued and overtime work completed without the utilization of the calculator.

b) Generates Timesheets: This app develops comprehensive and sophisticated timesheets to help augment the business function and its objectives. Furthermore, the reports vis-à-vis to the payroll can be ready within seconds.

c) Tracking your employees on vacation: ClockIt does all the difficult work and helps track your employees out on vacation with their respective friends or family and leaves your company with precise and accurate automatic leave accrual figures.

d) Time Clock: The time clock application can be utilized on both the Android and iOS platforms and will ensure that the employees of a company can easily check their entry and exit time.

e) Sets up a Kiosk: Your Company can easily set up a virtual kiosk and enable your company to clock in or clock out from that respective location.

Detailed below is a critical feature (Manager Dashboard) of ClockIt


The Manager Dashboard feature of ClockIt is an indispensable feature of ClockIt. It enables a manager or a group of managers to see all the requisite information about his or her team. This equips the manager to make critical managerial decisions vis-à-vis approvals, assigning them positions, business travels, and assessing their team performance.

a) Team Management: The Team Management feature of ClockIt enables your company to effectively manage your entire team from one place. This ensures a uniform system of management wherein one can get all the right information at the requisite time and place.

b) A collaborative ecosystem: The collaborative ecosystem of ClockIt entails that every member of the company is cognizant of the whereabouts and the associated details of their peers.

c) Centralized Data: ClockIt effectively puts all the information in one place and ensures that only one central manager operates it. This reduces a tremendous amount of time by virtue of removing multiple managers searching for the same information.


It can be stated with confidence that ClockIt can easily make your business function more efficiently. Furthermore, with its multiple features including time clock, tracking your attendance, setting up kiosks and generating timesheets – it does an impressive job overall.