The Global Positioning System (GPS) has become an indispensable part of many important fields, serving a variety of applications. Today, the applications of GPS is not limited to the domestic sector alone, as such technology is successfully adopted by numerous commercial and industrial fields for different purposes. Subsequently, GPS has made its foray into the office space, allowing companies to monitor their employees’ activities to improve the overall productivity. Employee tracking allows executives to keep a track of employees’ engagement with their work. A company implementing staff monitoring can boost the productivity of the workers, track attendance, and enhance the security of the workplace. Such an ingenious technology is a boon to the regulatory body, as it allows the personnel to closely monitor employees’ activities, imposing suitable disciplinary actions as and when necessary.

Features to Look for While Selecting a GPS for Employees

If you have done some research regarding such surveillance, you must be aware of the impressive array of GPS apps that are available in the market. Regardless of which phone you are using, whether it is powered by iOS or Android, there are numerous interesting employee-monitoring apps available to confuse you. So, what are the hallmarks of a good employee tracking app? Here is the list of features you can look out for:

  • Real-Time Updates:

In today’s fast-paced world, time is money, thereby it is crucial to optimise the performance of the employees. Are you absolutely certain that your workers are taking their responsibilities seriously? Not all employees are competent enough to take their job seriously. By introducing GPS systems, you can rule out the possibility of inefficiency, since you will receive real-time updates of your employees’ whereabouts. This will enable you to assert control over them. While selecting a GPS app, it is essential to figure out whether it allows live tracking facilities or not. Most employee-monitoring apps use GPS and Google Maps to furnish accurate data regarding the location of the employees, and some of them even allow capturing geo-tagged pictures for verifications.

  • Time Controller:

A competent GPS app should come with time-tracking features which allow you to track them during their working hours. While it is perfectly legitimate to track your employees during their working hours, monitoring their activities past the working shift can land you in legal troubles. This is why it’s important to pre-define the working hours prior to the implementation of the tracking system. On the brighter side, this feature lends unprecedented flexibility to both the workers and the company, preventing them to rule out overworking.

  • Attendance Record:

All good tracking apps allow users to record attendance accurately. Keeping a manual record has a number of limitations, incorrect entries being one of the major concerns. Many employees tend to tamper with the attendance records, furnishing incorrect data. To prevent workers from deceiving you into believing they have come on time, you can use this feature to keep a record of the attendance. Since the check-ins will be appropriately time-stamped, you can identify employees who are unpunctual and take necessary disciplinary measures. Above else, GPS tracking goes a long way in motivating the latecomers to arrive office on time.

  • Timesheets:

The employees who are ignorant about the employee GPS tracking often have negative attitude towards the system. In fact, the implementation of surveillance systems has sparked critical debates among the workers worldwide, many raising legal and ethical questions against such systems. A good way of mitigating these challenges is by offering suitable incentives to the workers, educating them about the necessity and relevance of such surveillance. Many tracking apps are geared with timesheets and payment tracking facilities which facilitate users to maintain a proper record of the daily, weekly, and monthly activities of the workers, so the employees can ensure accurate evaluation of their performance.

  • Organised Dashboard:

Regardless which app you are using, a messy dashboard is difficult to manage why, as you will lose track of all the important information. There are numerous tracking apps rampant in the market, and certainly not all of them come with an organised dashboard. While selecting a tracking app, it is crucial to watch out for this feature; a dashboard must record all the details accurately on the map, allowing you to navigate through the pages effortlessly.

  • Activity Monitoring:

It is not always possible to keep an eye on the workers individually, especially if the office is a giant enterprise. With the installation of these tracking apps, you can track the various activities of your staff during the working hours, ensuring they are putting the best efforts from their side. Quite naturally, the record of the staff activities will enable you to eliminate unproductive employees.

Nowadays, all smartphones are equipped with GPS facilities which enable companies to integrate employee tracking systems seamlessly. A quick research will help you determine what works best for your company, allowing you to make the right selection.