Everyone must take their health and fitness very seriously. The world is not in great shape right now, and people are becoming more unwell due to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is time that you start working hard to get back in shape. With the assistance of great healthcare and fitness apps and gadgets, you can be fit in no time.

What do healthcare and fitness apps do?

There are mainly three types of functions that fitness apps have. Some of the apps are uniquely designed for a single function, and some apps can provide you with all of them. They are:

  • Workout apps that offer sets of exercises with a demonstration.
  • Diet and nutrition apps to help users make balanced food charts and follow them.
  • Activity tracker apps for tracking an individual’s physical activity like duration of sleeping steps taken in a day and calories burnt.

What is a great fitness app?

You can call a fitness app useful if it provides you with the following benefits –

  • Offering workout ideas.
  • Setting goals for an individual to achieve.
  • Offering yoga instructions.
  • Keeping track of an individual’s progress towards his goal.
  • Monitoring diet chart regularly.

Considering all criteria, Fitbit can be acknowledged as the best fitness app in 2019.

An Introduction to Fitbit

Fitbit was founded in 2017 by James Park and Eric N. Friedman. The founders wanted to invent an advanced wireless technology that will make people experience their fitness journey entirely differently. With their wearable products and apps, they have changed the way we take our fitness into account. With the Fitbit app and gadgets, the healthy and active lifestyle of people has been improved.

Fitbit the Fitness App

Fitbit fitness app is available all around the world, you can find it on the Apple store as well as the Google Play store to use from your phone. Moreover, the app is also available on windows store for opening on a computer. Various functions and tools of this app are –

Weight & Nutrition

  • Track weight
  • Measure hydration
  • Log food
  • Reach weight goals

Activity & Workouts

  • MobileRun
  • Exercise calendar
  • Track exercise
  • Exercise sharing

Day & Night

  • All-day activity
  • Sleep goals & tools
  • MobileTrack
  • Multi-tracker support

Motivation & Friends

  • Get notifications
  • Challenge friends and family
  • Earn badges
  • Stay connected

Fitbit Versa Lite

With Fitbit ruling the fitness tracker market, they are bringing fitness gadgets with the latest technology for the public such as wearable gadgets Inspire, Charge, Versa and Versa Lite. Although these are different in size, shape and price, all the products are excellent for maintaining a fit lifestyle. The Fitbit Versa Lite edition has won gold in the fitness category of T3 Awards, 2019 as the best fitness band.

The Features of Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Include:

  • Steps and calories: Tracking a person’s active minutes such as steps taken, distance walked, and calories burnt.
  • Sleep tracking: Tracking duration of sleep including light and deep sleep.
  • 24/7 heart rate: Watching over heart rate zones, resting heart rate trends etc.
  • 4+ day battery life: A great battery life to accompany you all the time, whether you are asleep or awake.
  • Swim-proof: 50m water resistance for swimming in the pool and ocean as well as getting in the shower.
  • 15+ exercise modes: Providing record workouts and live stats for yoga, run, bike etc.
  • Live pace and distance: Displaying stats during runs and rides by connecting to the GPS of the phone.
  • Notifications: Receiving all smartphone app notifications on the band if the phone is nearby.
  • Apps and clock face: Compatible with various apps like weather, sports, workouts etc. and clock face designs.
  • Female health tracking: Logging periods, gauge ovulation and receiving private alerts on the band.

Although Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Lite has many common features, Versa Lite has won because of its reasonable price range. It is more preferable by the people that want a fitness band in the form of a smartwatch. However, you have to give up on some features like tap-to-pay, barometric altimeter, storing music and workout guide, but you have to keep in mind that these are not the important matters when it comes to fitness. You can opt to Versa and Versa special edition for these additional features, but that will cost you more.

The benefits of Versa Lite edition are –

  • A reasonable price range affordable by the majority of people.
  • Option to change bands and great color choices.
  • Core Fitbit and fitness features.

With the Fitbit fitness app, you can operate the fitness bands from your smartphone, which is a very convenient way of using the technology for the improvement of your fit lifestyle. With Fitbit Versa Lite being recognized as the best fitness band of this year, it is an established fact that Fitbit is the best app in 2019.