Who’s ready to see the next generation of GPS software and technology in action?

We’ve been asked to give a third party review of the results of some ongoing testing of an employee GPS tracking app, Turtler, being used on location at Binga Beach, an upscale glamping and beach resort in Palawan, Philippines.  

Binga Beach Resort in Palawan, Phillipines
Source: Binga Beach Resort

Employee GPS tracking has become a rapidly growing but contentious sector in the GPS industry.

Too many companies have taken advantage of employee GPS tracking technology to over-reach their observation rights of their employees, but we’ve sought out companies like Turtler that are heading in the opposite direction – attempting to provide as much privacy and security to employees using the system as possible.

Use of the Turtler app for the test at the beach resort will include:

  • Tracking and recording the worked hours of the construction workers at the job site building the resort’s accommodations.
  • Tracking construction foreman who are picking up supplies and running errands away from the job site.
  • Tracking their adventure package tour guides on their tours, so managers and guests alike can see the guide’s routes live for both security monitoring and to promote the tours to tourists by showing where they go.
  • Pinning, or bookmarking in the Turtler terminology, points of interests for contractors to find and for tourists to find Binga Beach’s main location and other recommended locations.

We’ll look forward to hearing how the test goes, both from the workers themselves and the managers using the app.

Of particular interest is to see how Turtler’s stringent privacy protocols hold up, for example the firm blocks preventing the managing company from being able to view the employee’s locations after hours as Turtler is only supposed to be able to work during scheduled hours, and even only on the job site.

We will report back after their first month of testing and see how it goes. Hats off to them for testing in such a mountainous area where data connections might be weak.

For more info see Turtler’s write up on the case study test: https://turtler.io/news/turtler-app-for-business-testing-at-binga-beach-resort-palawan