We are experiencing a massive shift from mobile devices to wearables these days. Wearable devices bring fashion, tech, agility and productivity to a uniquely convenient spot. Smartwatches, the pinnacle of wearable devices, can be more useful than smartphones if they have all the necessary features in them. GPS is a feature you should always prefer in a smartwatch. Having GPS in your smartwatch unlocks a new world of functionality: health tracking, location finding, mapping, ease in travelling, augmented reality and much more. Here are some of the best smartwatches that have GPS.

samsung gear s2 3gSamsung Gear S2 3G

This masterpiece from Samsung has 1.2″ Super AMOLED touchscreen display, and supports 2G and 3G connection due to an embedded SIM in its hardware. GPS works perfectly in this smartwatch. You can track your steps, runs and movement, use running apps, location-related apps like Google Maps on Samsung Gear 2. It also has sensors for gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light, heart rate monitor which are pretty useful if used along with GPS. However, GPS needs an internet connection to work on this device.

garmin vivoactiveGarmin Vivoactive

Garmin is the most famous company when it comes to devices for sports and navigation. But with Vivoactive, Garmin brought its trademark features in the smart wearable industry. Vivoactive can show you fitness stats like steps taken, calories burnt, elevation and sleep patterns. You can also use sensors and heart rate monitor while doing sports like running, swimming, cycling and golf. You can share all this activity on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter which are installed in the smartwatch. Vivoactive can be paired with Garmin’s hear rate monitors and smartphones via Bluetooth.

samsung gear sSamsung Gear S

The best thing about Gear S is that it has the looks of a traditional watch, and yet seethes with smart features. Activity monitors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor and barometer are installed in Gear S. You can either pair it with your smartphone or insert a Nano sim card and use the watch as a standalone device. You can also make calls and send texts from Gear S. Gear S is also integrated with Nokia’s HERE mapping app.

tomtom spark 3TomTom Spark 3

TomTom Spark’s smartwatch is the best, most minimal and lightweight wearable device having GPS in it if you are looking for a smartwatch mainly for health and fitness activity. You can also upload new routes using ‘GPX’ technology feature and follow them from your watch either by walking or running. You can save loads of MP3s, pair wireless headphones and install running apps in TomTom Spark 3.

apple watch series 2Apple Watch Series 2

Apple finally launched the GPS-enabled Apple Watch iteration this year in the form of Apple Watch Series 2. Apple Watch Series 2 is a powerful wearable device using which you can track all your activity, do everything you do on your smartphone, and roll out in style as it has all the aesthetics you can expect from an Apple device.

garmin forerunner 235Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin Forerunner 235 looks like a classic watch you’d want to wear while going out for a meeting or dinner. It has a superb heart rate monitor which tracks your beat during movement and resting, and shows you all the stats in graphical and data form. It is an ideal low-end smartwatch if you are looking for some basic health tracking features in a traditional-looking watch.

sony smartwatch 3Sony SmartWatch 3

This smartwatch by Sony is powered by Android Wear OS, and is one of the most famous GPS-enabled smartwatches. It supports Google Maps, running apps like MyTracks and RunKeeper. You can share your activity and stats with your friends and family using built-in social features. You can also play Google Music and add MP3 songs of your choice in this smartwatch.

Moto 360 Sportmoto 360 sport

The Moto 360 Sport is a sleek and graceful smartwatch having GPS in it. It has a UV-coated strap to keep your wrists and arms cool and dry while running and exercising. Moto 360 has Moto Body software, a comprehensive suite of apps and tools to manage and track movement and activity 24/7.