You probably search about the top gadgets or devices introduced in 2018 whenever you make a purchase.

However, you should also search for the worst gadgets as they will help you in making more knowledgeable decisions when buying a device.


LG’s Smart Home Manager Robot

LG had launched a smart home manager robot called CLOi this year. It will remind you of friendly ghost characters you had watched in the cartoon channels in your childhood. However, CLOi was too obstinate to communicate and cooperate during the demo set up by the manufacturer. David VanderWaal, the marketing chief of LG in US had introduced CLOi as the “ultimate in simplicity when managing your smart home.” It could state the schedule when asked does but, simply failed to answer questions related to individual tasks or suggest the menu for dinner.

FoldiMate, The Laundry-Folding Machine

The FoldiMate has been designed to save your time by folding your laundry. The catch is that the device is priced quite high and will probably be shipped at the end of 2019. Although the manufacturer is accepting “early pre-order deposits”, you should not place an order as you will have to prepare the items individually. This means that you will place apparel in the FoldiMate and wait until it completes the task, and then place the next item. You will find it easier to fold your laundry manually. Moreover, the device is of no help in case of baby clothes and bulky hoodies.

Modius, A Headset that Melts Fats

Can a headset really melt body fat? This out-of-the-world idea became Modius Health’s project and they launched a high-priced headset that helps in reducing body fat. The headset will send an electrical current to the hypothalamus that will make people less hungry. The signal will also give the message to the brain to lose body weight. The thing is that anything about their experimentation and observation has not been published in academic journals and neither is their research point strong. After the launch of the headset, some of the users were followed to test the device’s efficiency. The project simply failed to prove their study.

Pepper, A Customer Service Bot

Pepper is a humanoid customer service bot designed by SoftBank. The task of Pepper is to interact with the customers in retail settings. This project is not a new conception as you will find many humanoid customer service bots in retail services. However, Pepper is not efficient as it proclaimed to be. The camera is not of high-quality and captures poor images. Also, there are issues in interpretation and communication with humans. During the demo SoftBank had prepared four different Peppers that had been programmed to serve different customer service areas. There were many functional issues and one of the Peppers asked questions unrelated to what it had been programmed for.

Kashminer, The Bitcoin Mining Machine

Kodak’s Kashminer is a Bitcoin mining machine given to the consumers for lease for two years at the rate of $3,400. The drawback is that Kodak will keep half of the Bitcoin you have mined. If calculated, you will find that the device is more of a loss than profit. Kashminer has had some serious negative feedbacks on Twitter.

iPhone X Copycat Notches

The drawback of the slimmer bezels is that the companies can access many things with the layout and design of the screens. MWC 2018 has simply chosen to copy the appearance of the notch in iPhone X of Apple. However, they are not touching the Face ID of Apple that is the main reason behind iPhone’s notch. This has made Asus Zenfone 5 a mixture with some good slimming bezels and the not so good derivative design.

Samsung’s AR Emoji: Samsung’s AR Emoji just failed to impress the public and does not come close to Apple’s Animoji. The final results are rather weird and misshapen. The facial animations are also not recommendable.

LG’s V30 Rebadge

In 2018, LG has basically reproduced the V30 and given the name V30S ThinQ. LG V30S ThinQ does not offer any additional features and whatever little novelty there is will be back-ported to the previous version in a software update. The only addition noteworthy in this case is RAM and storage.

Smok Guardian, The Electronic Cigarette

Even though the Smok Guardian comes with a distinguished pipe-like style, it does not have any additional features. The electronic cigarette features only one button without any system of controlling the power or vapour quality. Smok Guardian produces decent sized clouds and offers some good flavours.

Innokin Endura T20-S, The Electronic Cigarette

Actually, there is nothing much to recommend the electronic cigarette, Innokin Endura T20-S. There is zero scope for customisation other than the fact that you can choose the eLiquid you wants to fill the tank with.


The above-mentioned devices can be considered to be the worst in 2018. So, whenever you decide to buy something you should check the worst ones as well.