With the advancement of technology and their successful implementation, almost every pre-existing device is getting transformed into a new one with a more convenient approach and a considerable number of new features. Therefore, the upgrade of traditional analogue wristwatches into modern smart watches should not come as a surprise. At the beginning, the purpose of designing these watches, especially for children was very noble. The parents are able to track and monitor their children through the GPS tracker of these watches. Smart Watches are also used as educational tools by many children as it incorporates wireless network connection and all the advantages that the internet provides to the people nowadays.

However, in several countries like Germany or the United Kingdom, a certain number of schools are enforcing a ban on wearing this particular device because of some potential issues. Here, you would find 10 of those reasons that are causing this phenomenon globally.

  1. Delicate Nature and Susceptibility: The Smart watches are usually very delicate in nature and are susceptible to potential damage by the slightest of impacts. Also, the problem with such electronic devices is that they are not as effective in moist weather conditions and can exhibit abnormal behaviour under such circumstances.
  2. Inordinate Expenses: Most of these watches are very expensive to purchase in the first place. So if they are damaged for some reasons or stolen, it becomes difficult to the parents to afford a new one for their children. Also, replacing even a minuscule part of this contraption costs a significant amount of money. Hence, both initial and maintenance costs of these watches are not reasonable enough to buy.
  3. Major Cause of Distraction: These watches can be the principal cause of distraction in a classroom if they beep or ring due to specific reasons. Also, electronic devices tend to grab the attention of every child which can cause an intractable and disorganised environment inside a classroom.
  4. Causing Inequality: As mentioned earlier, these watches are fairly expensive and wearing them can cause a sense of inequality in terms of money and social status. Kids belonging to rich families tend to be bullied and ostracised due to their social status which can be directly instigated form wearing such watches or other devices.
  5. Causing ADHD among Children: ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactive disorder which causes very short attention span among people. Consumed in a device like a Smartphone or a smart watch can generate this disorder among children. It has been statistically proved that children who spend a major time of their day behind an electronic device playing games rather than reading a book tend to develop ADHD and perform badly in exams.
  6. Safety Issues: The very device that parents use for tracking their children can be a major threat to their security as well. As we all know, smart watches incorporate the technology of wireless internet. Nowadays, hackers can hack the concerning servers to track down children without prior knowledge to their parents.
  7. Privacy Issues: many of these watches come with inbuilt cameras which can be a major threat to someone’s privacy. If the camera gets activated inadvertently, it can cause a vast range of exasperating problems inside the school compound.
  8. Potential Cheating Device: There are several cases where this device was used iniquitously during certain exams by accessing certain websites on the internet to write specific answers. Smart Watches can provide inequitable advantage to particular students and it is almost impossible to catch such students due to the smallness of these devices. This is one of the major reasons behind banning this device.
  9. Potential Health Hazards: Many renowned doctors across the globe have been vocal about the deleterious effects of Smartphone and other similar devices to the human body. As these smart watches use the same technology, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these watches can cause potential cell damage to a child’s body. It can also cause problems that are apparently imperceptible but can manifest with the child’s growth. Also, staring at the small screen of such watches can cause eye ailments like myopia, glaucoma, astigmatism, etc. from a very tender age.
  10. Behavioural Decline: Being consumed in such a device can be the reason of serious behavioural issues among children. As various data are readily accessible on the internet nowadays, children who use this device frequently become lackadaisical and unmotivated. It takes away the healthy practice of working hard to acquire something. Also, there are websites on the internet that can cause serious damage on teenagers and children. Smart watches offer an uninhibited access to everything which isn’t a desirable outcome for children.

The fact that whether a technology is bane or boon to the society depends upon its application. Although the intention behind designing smart watches was benevolent, as it turns out, it can do more harm than good to the children. Hence, the decision that several schools have taken about banning this device is justifiable.