Planning your journey makes your trip 50% more successful rather than travelling spontenously especially if you are new to it.

This is my list of free GPS apps for travelling with their official websites.

  1. Maps – Navigate & Explore
  2. MAPS.ME
  3. Offline Maps & Navigation
  4. Geo Tracker – GPS tracker
  5. GPS Tools® – Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore
  6. Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Offroad
  7. OsmAnd — Offline Travel Maps & Navigation
  8. GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation
  9. Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner
  10. Track My Trip – GPS Tracking & Online Sharing
  11. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation
  12. Driving Route Finder™ – Find GPS Location & Routes
  13. Guru Maps – Offline Maps & Navigation
  14. Polarsteps – Travel Tracker
  15. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps
  16. Offline Map Navigation – Live GPS, Locate, Explore
  17. Locus Map Free – Hiking GPS navigation and maps
  18. Maverick: GPS Navigation
  19. My Location: GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations
  20. TomTom GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Alerts & Maps
  21. GPS Essentials
  22. GPS Photo Viewer
  23. PackPoint travel packing list
  24. Find My Car – GPS Navigation

Free GPS apps:

Maps – Navigate & Explore


Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go – no matter what part of the world you’re in.



MAPS.ME is a travel app that provides detailed offline maps of the world. You can download the map of a certain area, city or country before or during your trip, and you’ll always be able to find a route or location. No internet needed.

If you’ve found something unique and would like to save or share this location, you can use our bookmarks functionality or make your own guide.

The app can recommend you which locations to visit. Just open guides catalog and pick a perfect destination for your journey out of more than 50 countries. Whether you’re a hiker, road trips lover or just explorer of everything new, MAPS.ME has lots of different routes around the world from mountaineering to city walks.

It’s important to pick the right location to stay on your travel. You can pick a hotel where do you want to live and book it right on the maps to make sure you will live in the best area.

The app’s mission is to make people confident while traveling. To let every traveler have all the attractions, restaurants, museums and other places of interest available offline.

Offline Maps & Navigation


Navigation app that combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience.


Geo Tracker – GPS tracker


If you’re looking for an excellent gps tracker, if you’re a fan of action sports and long distance travel – this app is for you!
Record tracks of your trips and share them with your friends!

Geo Tracker can help:
• making the reverse journey in an unfamiliar area without getting lost
• tell your friends how to repeat your route
• use someone else’s route that is stored in GPX or KML
• mark important or interesting points of your trip.

Geo Tracker calculates:
• Max & average speed on the track;
• Time and average speed moving;
• Max & min altitude, altitude difference;
• Vertical distance, ascent & speed;
• Min, max & average slope;
There are also some fine charts of speed & elevation;

GPS Tools® – Find, Measure, Navigate & Explore


A multi-utility all in one GPS app to cater from trekking to any daily basic GPS usage need of yours. App features offline trekking maps with altimeter & weather forecast, GPX navigation, trip recorder, GPS Alarm to alert you based on locations and many more GPS based utilities.

Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Offroad


Easy-to-use high performance GPS for wherever your travels take you. No account setup or subscriptions required.

OsmAnd — Offline Travel Maps & Navigation


OsmAnd is a Swiss knife among navigation applications. It is open-source and actively being developed. Both the iOS and Android versions are available. Install the app to get many useful features for car drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, backpackers, and even sailors, skiers, OSM editors, etc. For ease of navigation, it is possible to create custom navigation profiles for various vehicles. Also, OsmAnd has a few map styles: Off-Road, Nautical, Desert, and others. Most countries’ maps around the globe are available for download.

GPS Map Route Traffic Navigation


GPS Map Route Traffic Satellite Maps and Navigation driving directions is the live route finder map app to search map and find direction.

Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner


Sygic Travel helps you create a perfect itinerary for your trip. You can see recommended places on a map and select what you want to see in your destination. It allows sharing the itinerary with your friends and navigates you when on the road.

Track My Trip – GPS Tracking & Online Sharing


The Track My Trip GPS tracker supports tracking of trips and personal points of interest (POI) with high accuracy. Photos captured by camera or taken from gallery can be attached to interesting locations.

Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation


Always know what’s happening on the road with Waze. Even if you know the way, Waze tells you about traffic, construction, police, crashes, and more in real-time. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it to save you time.

Driving Route Finder™ – Find GPS Location & Routes


Are you an frequent traveler and going somewhere? Go with Driving Route Finder, a GPS based route finding app you can use it for accurate GPS location, detailed maps, nearby POI places, routes, route preview and instructions. Find fast and optimised directions for Bus/Train Transit, Driving, Walking or Bicycling.

Guru Maps – Offline Maps & Navigation


If you don’t want to use roaming data or depend on Wi-Fi stops while traveling, the Guru Maps is a handy travel solution for offline browsing and searching the worldwide map wherever you go.

You’ll only need to download the map first – but once that’s done, you can browse the map, search for new places, build the shortest routes between multiple stops when you’re offline.

Mark the places and record your trips easily in one tap, then organize & sort your data into collections to easily access them later.

If you use more than one iOS/Android device, Guru Maps app will securely sync all your data across multiple devices.

Polarsteps – Travel Tracker


Polarsteps is the travel app that millions of travelers worldwide are using to plan, track and remember your trips in an easy and beautiful way. With the best insights on where to go and an easy tool to build your perfect itinerary, planning your trips becomes as exciting as the trip itself.

While you travel, Polarsteps automatically tracks your route and plots your photos and videos on a world map. Share your favorite travel experiences with your loved ones at home and generate a beautifully designed Travel Book holding all your travel stats, with the push of a button. Just carry your phone in your pocket and explore the world while

Polarsteps brings your trips to life, turning them into lifetime memories.

A full day of tracking with Polarsteps only uses 4% phone battery and works offline too. For each trip, you choose whether you want to keep it private to yourself, share it with your friends and family, or with the entire travel community to enjoy your best travel experiences together.

Download Polarsteps for free in the App Store or Play Store, or go to

And check out the great video about Niek Bokkers, the co-founder and creative director at Polarsteps.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps


MapFactor Navigator is a free GPS navigation app with free offline maps from OpenStreetMaps (incl. free monthly maps update). Navigate without an internet connection in more than 200 countries. Intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigation in different languages, speed limits, camera warnings and many other useful features.

Offline Map Navigation – Live GPS, Locate, Explore


Offline Map Navigation is a very essential app for any kind of travellers, suitable for those who depend on GPS for finding location and finding shortest driving route to the destination. It also lets you to download maps, access the app in offline and save your mobile data & battery charge.

Locus Map Free – Hiking GPS navigation and maps


Navigation with offline maps for fully enjoyable outdoor experience. Create, plan, edit, record, save or share your trips, keep the memories, track your performance and much more. Locus Map is designed for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, running, geocaching, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities.

Maverick: GPS Navigation


Use offline maps and GPS even without an internet connection. This app is great for hiking, boating, geocaching and other outdoor activities.

My Location: GPS Maps, Share & Save Locations


My location is providing one of the simplest ways to save and organize places. It can be used either for work purposes such as saving delivery addresses or planning your next vacation by saving different attractions, location of the hotel, etc. After saving places you can easily export them to any popular graphical annotations file: KML, GPX, Geojson and send it to anyone.

The app also offers simple location tracking, and live location sharing just with a few clicks, unlike other popular apps the app does not require any sign-up to use any of the features.

TomTom GPS Navigation – Live Traffic Alerts & Maps


TomTom GO Mobile is the GPS, turn-by-turn, voice navigation app with downloadable maps, offline routes, precise live traffic and speed camera alerts, both updated in real-time. This sat nav app helps save time and money and lets you drive new roads in over 150 countries.

GPS Essentials


The most complete GPS tool available: Navigate, manage waypoints, tracks, routes, build your own dashboard from 45 widgets.

GPS Photo Viewer


When you go to travel and take a picture, I suggest you to enable camera’s GPS.
After you enable camera’s GPS function, then the GPS latitude and longitude will record in the captured photo.

This application is help you to check the photo have a GPS info or not. And help to launch the Google map.

PackPoint travel packing list


PackPoint is a free travel packing list organizer and packing planner for serious travel pros. PackPoint will help you organize what you need to pack in your luggage and suitcase based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip.

Find My Car – GPS Navigation


Find My Car is powerful car finder app that does not require maps or a network connection. Use your phone’s GPS capabilities to navigate back to your car or any other location previously visited.

Do you use GPS apps when travelling? What is your the most favourite one? Please let me know and I will add it to my list. Safe travels!