Employee Monitoring Systems have become an integral tool for most businesses, but especially for businesses where most work is done by employees either on-site or remotely.

These systems allow the employers and managers to track the activities of the employee on the personal computer. They provide the option to keep a track of the staff wherever they are, on-site, in the office or working remotely.

Empowering the employer to track the activities of their staff, these systems have gained popularity as an effective HR and Management tool.

Since such tools can be pretty costly, it is essential that you choose one that offers you the required features, within your budget.

Here is the list of Top 20 Employee Monitoring Systems:


TeraMind employs a user-centric approach to track employee behavior. It collects and identifies employee work data including session recording, internet monitoring, email capture, and file recording, insider risk management etc.


ActivTrack is a cloud-based employee monitoring system which is invisible, thus, your employees will not know that their activities are being monitored. It offers features like workstation screenshots, activity monitoring and reports, productivity tracking, activity-based alarm, and malicious sites blocking.


HubStaff is software that is compatible not only on the computer, but also on smartphones operating on Android and iOS. The software is very user-friendly and does not require any professional knowledge to operate, offering features like app and URL tracking, online timesheets, GPS and location, and automatic payroll.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a web-based software tool that works with Windows, Mac, Chromium, Linux, Android, and iOS too. It is characterized by time tracking, client login, payroll monitoring, avoiding distraction and API.


VeriClock is also a cloud-based software that enables employers to track employee activities and generate detailed reports about them. It offers some unique features like phone punch lock, verification tools, GPS tracking, and digital signature.


InterGuard allows the employer to track the activities of the employees on the computer, especially while surfing the net. The software offers web filtering, data loss prevention, file tracking, program blocking, and anti-theft recovery too.


Veriato 360 offers you the flexibility to track the employees’ activities transparently, where the employees know they are being tracked; or silently. The tool offers all the basic features, backed with efficient customer service.


The Britix24 features over 25 different HR tools that enable managers and employers to ensure the productivity of the employees. Some of the tools include shared employee workload planning, private social network, document management, employee planning etc.


StaffCop Enterprise is a grouped solution that makes your business secure and safe. It tracks the activities of the employee on the internet as well as on the computer system, offering security indices, work time tracking, data leak prevention and remote administration.

Desk Time

Desk Time is a focused time tracking tool that allows one to track the actions of the employees on their personal computers. It allows the employer to estimate the total time spent on the computer and the actual productive time through detailed visuals, screenshots, and a daily work timeline.

Work Examiner

Work Examiner is one of the best real-time tracking software. The software gives access to the emails sent, the search conducted on the internet and things shared or viewed on the PC, to the employer on a real-time basis.


Toggl is a versatile cloud-based software that can be used to monitor both small and large teams. It is supported by multiple devices and also functions offline, without the presence of internet connectivity.

Content Watch

Content Watch is the best option for small businesses that enables you to not only enforce internet usage policies, but also allow the employees to bring and use their own devices. This tool can be used to track the behavior of up to 99 people.


Berqun is an employee tracking software that offers all the basic features at a comparatively cheaper price. The software uses Screenshots and productivity analysis as its main tools to monitor activities and analyze trends to identify any unusual activities.


Kickidler is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to control employee activities as well as the workplace. It maintains attendance records, offers screen recording, live video feed, and keystroke recording, and many other features to conduct remote desktop control.


eWork is a software that offers multilingual support and features 6 anti-fraud controls that notify the employer about any GPS alteration, sensor tampering or any other fraudulent practice. It is a simple and reliable software that enables efficient data management.


AeroAdmin offers an easy-to-use interface and provides a wide range of features in the free version itself. The SOS feature of the application provides the employees and clients access to fast help.

Soft Activity

Soft Activity is a tool that monitors almost everything that employees do, monitoring internet usage and reducing exposure to web predators. The software offers flexibility in terms of installation and can be installed either on a server or remotely through a local area network.

Sentry PC

Sentry PC is a simple internet and PC activity monitoring tool that ensures productivity by blocking the access to social media and games.


OsMonitor records and stores employee activity in the server database, which can be accessed through the main computer. It also blocks the use of USB devices and social media.


Though there is a sea of employee management systems available today, these software tools and applications have been tried and tested, and proven most effective in the efficiently monitoring activities and ensuring improvement in employee productivity.