Global Positioning System is a system to determine the exact location of a person or vehicle. Using the software, you can view the location on the map in a GPS device and you can track the person or car. GPS has brought revolution to the tracking history, from ensuring your child’s safety to monitoring your car, protecting your assets, and obtaining evidence against a criminal, GPS trackers are almost always successful in every field. There are many companies that offer GPS tracking devices and the world is flooded with news about them as well as the GPS tracking industry nowadays. A few of the latest news of 2019 from around the world are as follows –

Whistle 3 GPS tracker is introduced for watching pets [March 3, 2019] [India]

The biggest worry of pet owners is if their pet is safe and healthy all 24 hours. It is not possible for anyone to follow their pets all day, but the new Whistle 3 GPS tracker is going to do that for you. Just like the feature ‘Find my phone’, you can find your pets with it. Introduced by AT&T, this GPS tracker is going to monitor your pets all day, everywhere. You can set it up with WIFI, and you will get a notification the moment your pet steps out of the safe zone.

A ban on lifelong GPS tracking of sex offenders in Georgia [March 4, 2019] [Georgia]

Previously, sex offenders were monitored with a GPS tracking device for a lifetime, even after completing their sentences. On Monday, the unanimous Georgia Supreme Court, the highest court of Georgia states that this GPS monitoring violates the Fourth Amendment rights, so it is unconstitutional. There are many other states that have made this law constitutional or included it as a part of the sentence. It allows to monitor people without warrant who have completed their sentences to see if they are on their best behavior or not, but the court of Georgia is giving privacy rights back to them now.

“Every knife sold in the UK should have a GPS tracker fitted in the handle.” – Scott Mann [March 14, 2019] [United Kingdom]

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, believes that anyone carrying a weapon must have a convincing explanation for keeping it. As the knife crimes are increasing in the UK, politicians are searching for a way to deal with it. Scott Mann proposed to install GPS tracking devices to the knives and just like the national database they have with guns, one must be there for knives too. However, with a huge number of knives in the market, this suggestion has been considered very expensive and ineffective.

The last location of GPS helps to arrest thief [March 19, 2019] [Florida]

A Florida real estate executive, Andrea Greenburg was found dead in her house, the cause of her death was fentanyl. When her ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Aparicio found her unresponsive on the couch, he stole $547,000 from her house and fled. He removed his GPS tracking device so that he does not get caught. However, the police got a lead from the last location of his GPS tracker. He was arrested last month and was released after surrendering his two passports, under the condition of wearing his tracking device.

Domestic abusers are misusing GPS trackers [March 20, 2019] [London]

While GPS is helping the police in many crimes to solve, just like any other technology, it is also being misused. Domestic abusers are using GPS trackers to hunt down, trap and control their victims. Ellen, a victim of domestic abuse in their 20-year marriage was regularly beaten and humiliated by her husband. She finally left him but was stalked by him for a long time as he had accessed her Gmail account and could gather her exact location using the GPS. Only after moving to a new town, she was safe. It is incidents like these that the laws about GPS tracking is very strict and they strictly prohibit to track someone without their consent. GPS tracking is very useful, but you must be careful about your own location so that it is not shared with anyone without your knowledge.

The integrated GPS tracking is launched by GeoSpace for reefer trailers [March 21, 2019] [Houston]

GeoSpace Labs introduces integrated GPS tracking sets that assist drivers to transport temperature sensitive materials carrying in a refrigerated trailer. This GPS tracker is installed onto the reefer and shows the current and historic temperature on display. This new product provides both tracking and temperature monitoring and allows the drivers to keep up their workflow without interruption from switching between technical platforms and different applications.

This series of news helps us understand the present situation of the GPS tracking industry and predict the future of it.