It is very important for a family to share the family members’ locations among themselves for ensuring each other’s safety.

It is especially useful to parents that want to monitor their children. Parents are always worried about the whereabouts of their children whenever they are out of sight.

With these apps, they can keep an eye on them even from miles away. New GPS apps come out every day that can be used on smartphones, and here is a list of the best GPS apps right now supported on android and iOS –

Google Maps

Google maps offers its inbuilt feature for sharing location on all platforms and its web version. To use this, click on the three horizontal bars on the home screen of the app which is the menu button.

Then, tap on ‘Location Sharing’ tab. After that, you need to select the ‘Get started’ pop-up and add a contact to your list. These selected contacts will be able to receive your location immediately.

If you want to see their location, then you need to request access from the contacts and wait for them to approve your request. 

Foursquare Swarm

The platform of this app is similar to a regular social media site.

Not only Foursquare Swarm provides you with location information, but it also offers you a convenient layout for keeping tabs of your kids’ whereabouts.

When a person checks in a place, a pin will be left there to show where he is. This is useful when your family members go to many different places. Moreover, there is also a statistics report system in this program. It provides you with the data on the places visited by people more often.

This report can be used for tracking the behaviors of your family members. Data on the location types is also listed by this program. 


Glympse offers the real-time location information of family members. You can find out anyone’s location quickly by using it.

First, download and open the Glympse app and then tap on ‘New Glympse’. Then, a text message or an email can be sent by this app to another person. By doing this, it captures information of the GPS location of the person.

While this feature is available on apps like Google maps and WhatsApp too, the benefit of using Glympse is that you can use this app without installing anything on the other person’s mobile device. A web browser for email would be enough.

Life 360

Unlike the one-way app Glympse, Life 360 allows people to know each other’s location when they are online.

When you view someone’s location on the Life 360 app, you can see when they change their locations and reach certain destinations. While Glympse only provides a real-time location, Life 360 also offers real-time tracking and it always sends notifications of someone leaving or reaching places.

It does have a disadvantage though; it takes a lot of battery life. You can fix this problem by setting it up to update location once an hour so that it is not used much.

Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator is a little different app from others. To use this app, GPS signals are needed to be activated on the devices of your family members.

You will only be able to save information on the devices if GPS signals are linked to them. A great advantage of this app is that it not only offers regular location updates to you but also provides updates about the boundaries to be aware of.

So, you can configure accurate spots that your children need to avoid. It is very useful because you can stop your loved one from going into an unwanted zone with the quick alerts sent by this app. 

Sprint FamilyWall

With this app, you can keep watch and stay connected with all your family members.

Apart from locating others, this platform also allows you to share photos. FamilyWall is different from other apps because of its functionality of communicating and organizing.

There are features like setting tasks, to-do listing and setting reminders for your whole family so that nobody misses an event. 

Verizon Family Locator

When safety is involved, Verizon Family Locator is a great locator app. This app shows a family member’s location on the map as well as the exact turn-by-turn directions so you can know the accurate whereabouts of your family members.

Moreover, this app provides you with the best route to reach them quickly. An average speed calculator is also provided that can keep track of teenagers who are experienced in the road.

These are some of the best GPS apps you can use on your smartphones to keep track of the location of your family members. Keep in mind that the safety of your loved ones come first, so choose an app suitable to your needs and keep your family connected and safe.