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We Can Track Litter. Really?

Yes. With the help of GPS and online interactive maps, it has now become possible to precisely track...

GPS Tracker Saved My Child (true stories)

An integral part of growing up and becoming independent is going out either with friends or alone. Whilst...

Main Concerns in Using GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking system is highly efficient as it is supported by 24 satellites orbiting above the Earth.

Is it legal to use GPS tracking?

GPS tracking system or Global Positioning System is used to determine the exact location of a person, vehicle, or an object.

The Latest News in GPS Tracking Industry

Global Positioning System is a system to determine the exact location of a person or vehicle. Using the software, you can view...

GPS Tracking and Panic Buttons in Public Transportation

In light of the rising numbers of crimes associated with public transport, there has emerged a pressing need to take some action...

Everything You Should Know About GPS Tracking Devices

GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems. Made with an in-built antenna and transmission of cellular data with the support of an electric...

School Uniforms Equipped with GPS: Safety or Privacy Issues

Children’s  safety at school has always been a major concern for not just the parents but also the school authorities.

GPS Tracks Your Phone Even When It is Off

A large number of smartphone users are not aware of their dependency on GPS in the modern-day scenario. For most users, it’s just another function...

“Scout” GPS Tracker: Future Technology or an Ordinary GPS Device

There have been times when something very important goes missing, and the owner loses his mind. He or she continuously keeps searching for it,...