We have ensured seamless connectivity with everyone with a basic understanding of technology. But there is space for development when it comes to maintaining the connection with unequipped with the knowledge to handle technology.

These are generally children or the aged members of the society. Keeping a seamless connection does include the knowledge of a person’s general whereabouts and it is even more applicable for children.


As our children begin to interact with the world, it is the duty of the elders to give them the independence to go on exploring on their own. This raises contradictions and problems all the same while answering their need for freedom.

The contradictions come in form of various security issues that are common today. Getting lost, abduction, accidents etc. are not very uncommon nowadays and these pose a constant threat to your child’s safety and liberty.

Solution to this issue comes in form of GPS trackers. GPS (global positioning system) has been in the picture in public use for over a decade now.

Now, manufacturers have started making GPS devices in all possible shapes and sizes to make them more portable and concealable.

More importantly, they are being inserted into a variety of gadgets of daily use, like watches, school bags etc.


The ability to track your child and having the knowledge of their whereabouts all the time has raised some serious ethical questions.

However, they do not only help you track your child, but they also come with SOS or panic buttons, which will help in case of any trouble or imminent danger.

Almost all GPS systems for children are in form of wearable gadgets and can be carried with ease. They all have, more or less, the same features. However, these are the quintessential features you should opt for while buying the GPS device:

  • Water- & dust-proof design:

It is the most basic requirement for any wearable, especially for children. You can ask your child to stay careful while washing their hands, but what about in the playground? If you want them to enjoy their freedom of the childhood years, make no restrictions of playtime. Get a gadget that will be tough and durable, and will help protect your children at the same time.

  • Calling feature:

Some of the newer gadgets out there come with limited calling options. The contacts, usually of the parents or guardians, have to be loaded in the gadget beforehand. This will allow the child to call his parents with the push of a button.

  • Wi-Fi Support:

GPS trackers make use of available cellular signals to pinpoint the user’s location. However, some newer gadgets come with inbuilt Wi-Fi support. This is extremely beneficial because a connection with Wi-Fi will ensure the device doesn’t get into a blind spot even when indoors.

  • Comfort and fit:

It’s a children’s product, right? The main thing they care about that it’s comfortable to wear. A million dollar security precaution would not be effective if your child finds it uncomfortable and bulky.

These are the most common features that you should be looking for while getting a GPS wearable for your child. However, since this is going to be a sizeable investment, make sure it’s a good one; consider the following points:

  • Tracking services’ payments are a monthly basis:

Buying a GPS tracker is not a one-time investment. The continuation of the services is based on the payment for the services on a monthly basis. Generally, the price of the service renewal takes a hike as more features get packed in the gadget.

  • School restrictions:

Most of the schools understand the issue of overuse of electronic gadgets. They have strict regulations against the use of electronic gadgets inside the premises. This is rarely a problem because, inside the school premises, a child is safe, usually. However, cases of ragging and children getting involved in physical altercations are not new. Since you do not have control or any choice over this, it is best if you ask your child to keep the wearable safe and try not to involve in needless arguments.

  • Battery replacements:

GPS trackers are becoming increasingly common, still, they are fancy equipment. They are far from perfection and still undergoing several developments. This makes these devices, especially those with Wi-Fi connectivity, download and install software updates very frequently. This takes a heavy toll on the battery life of the device, requiring to be replaced frequently.


Before making an investment, any investment, it is necessary to weigh in on the available options and the pros and cons of the product you’re going to buy.

It is important to let your children enjoy the golden years of their childhood. Their freedom should be ensured for a holistic growth. However, as the parent, you should always prioritize your child’s security. To ensure a bright future, you have to ensure that there’s a future first.