The utilization of GPS tracking has grown immensely within the last few years.

Apart from national and individual purposes, now it plays a huge role in the industrial field too. Large and small companies are now using GPS devices to track and monitor their employees.

The success of every business lies in the productivity of the employees. They need to be efficient and do a job wholeheartedly without wasting any time is of prime importance.

Business owners feel that GPS tracking on employees is a great way to ensure that they are working properly. However, is the situation really as they think, or is the reality is a bit different from their view? Let us dig into this matter to know better.

Advantages of Employee GPS Tracking:

Business efficiency

At present the online reputation of a business is quite dependent on a bad review from a customer. To build a great reputation, it is crucial to provide your employees with the fastest routes and monitor them 24/7. You cannot afford a vehicle go out of route or the delivery would be delayed, resulting in offering a dissatisfactory service to a customer. GPS tracking the drivers help them to provide an efficient service by wasting the least amount of time. 

Standard of employee

Tracking the employees with GPS tracking lets the employer gauge how efficient and honest the drivers are. By monitoring the drivers, it is possible to gauge any unethical behavior as well as working at a high standard.


GPS tracking devices are a lot more practical to use. General time-tracking tools are outdated, and the infrastructure takes a lot of time. However, with GPS tracking, the business owner can get rid of his time clock and processing rooms. This space can be used for other purposes. Moreover, the complete GPS tracking process can be taken care of from a smartphone only. So, although it is a bit of a hassle to change your system suddenly, GPS tracking is a worthy solution.


Apart from space, it is cost-effective to adapt to GPS tracking on employees. The old type of infrastructure, business owners had to continue investing while building new sites. Although a login computer or a time clock does not cost a business too much, it is still a cost that can be eliminated by using GPS trackers. By saving little by little, the savings will add up to a large amount and help a business to grow. Moreover, GPS tracking will help to save a notable cost of fuel that can be wasted if vehicle drivers take more time to reach their destination or go on the wrong route.

Businesses that have gained benefits from employee GPS tracking

There are many companies around the world that have been benefited by employee GPS tracking. A few of them are –

  • Lowitt Alarm of Hicksville, New York.
  • Fire Alarm Maintenance Company, Aspen.
  • Hawk security services, Texas.

Disadvantages of using employee GPS tracking

Although GPS tracking has many benefits, it also has some downfalls as well. 

Breach of privacy

First of all, it requires the company to install a tracking app on the personal phones of the employees. It is important that the employee knows how to disable the feature, or sensitive data can be accessed by the company and the activities of the employee can be monitored outside work too. This is a serious breach of privacy of the employees. If the employees are not notified that they are being monitored and they get to know about it later, then they may feel that the employer does not trust them, which can leave a negative impact on their morale.


GPS tracking is not a perfect infrastructure with no mistake either. No matter how you monitor your employees’ activities, the feature is still open to mistakes and abuse. Employees can change the settings of the tracking apps in their free time so the result can be convenient for them. Although, not many employees have the technical skills or desire to do so, yet the risk still remains.

Technical Error

Even without any malice from the employees, the tracking apps can dysfunction due to some inevitable situations. For instance, change in time zone, bad WIFI, or an employee having his phone lost or stolen can lead to errors. Most of the problems can be fixed easily, but some unexpected incidents are bound to result from these. Before the problem is fixed, some bugs will take place and cause the company to lose money on tracking software and apps.

Ever since GPS tracking has been introduced, it has benefitted different sectors in several ways, and commercial sectors are no different. Although they have a few disadvantages, they still help businesses to enhance productivity and save money.