Pets are the most important member of our family, offering us unconditional love, companionship, emotional support. Their presence not only provides us pure enjoyment, but also helps us to reduce the stress level, fill up the gap created by reducing the sense of loneliness, make us socially active and help us feel positive and happy.

Pets love to wander around and play and at times, quite, unfortunately, they are not able to find their way back home. Pets get stolen as well. Thus, the fear of losing our dear pet often haunts us. Although electronic chipping is quite popular among pet owners, its function is limited only to provide information, nothing more. It will be very convenient for you if you can detect the exact location where your pet is currently present.

However, the good news is, there are many popular pet tracker devices available in the market which are well-equipped with modern technologies. They offer a wide range of different types of features. Selecting the best app is a crucial task and you must install the right app the serves your basic needs and requirements. This article aims to provide you 10 important tips that you must take into consideration before making any important decision of selecting the right app.

1. Real-time tracking

If you really require a tracking device for your pets, then you must check the features and the customer reviews of the specific app. You must buy the GPS enabled tracking device which has all the important features that serve your requirements. Your device must have real-time tracking feature so that you can monitor where your pet is going. In fact the modern tracking devices give you the facility through which you can create a virtual fence using the app’s map.

2. Size of the tracking device

The size of the tracking device plays an important role in determining the comfort level of your pet. The device should not be too large in size and it should easily fit in the pet’s collar. However, you must keep it in mind that the pet tracker device designed for the larger animals might not be suitable for smaller animals.

3. Waterproofing

Any modern and technologically advanced pet tracking device is available with a complete waterproof feature. Water-resistant means the ability to resist the penetration of the water to some extent. Waterproof means totally impermeable to water. If the tracking device is not fully waterproof then the app may stop working when it accidentally gets submerged.

4. Activity tracking

One of the major features of the GPS tracking app is that they allow you to track your pet activity. This can be very useful if your pet is suffering from any kind of injuries or heavy weights. By monitoring their daily activities you can be easily able to adjust the daily schedule for your pets like their food intake, playtime, training schedule and many others. When you are not home, this feature enables the device to monitor their activities at home and sends alerts. You will also be able to see whether they are feeling alienated or fanatically wandering for any reason.

5. Setting up safe zone

Some GPS trackers also allow you to set ‘safe zone’ for your pet and you will be automatically notified when your dog leaves the predetermined area that you have already set. This is extremely beneficial for those pets that are prone to go outside more when get the slightest opportunity.

6. Radio

Radio pet locators are in use for many years now. Although it was mainly used for hunting dogs, these days they are used for tracking pets as well. These types of devices generally respond well when they are in range.

7. GPS tracking

GPS tracking is the latest technology that is seen in most of the pet tracking devices. This type of device has greater range than the radio trackers and it can easily track your pet wherever it goes. The other important features of the GPS tracking app is that it provides satellite imaging and indoor tracking etc.

8. Pet friendly

All the designs and features of the pet tracking device must be pet friendly. It must also be suitable for pets which are raised outside.

9. Price

Price is also an important factor when selecting the ideal pet tracking device. There are plenty of devices that are sold in the market at a higher price but you should always select the device that meets your requirements. Some of the popular tracking devices offer free GPS service for the initial period.

10. Battery life

The device must have a good quality battery which needs less charge. Thus, battery life is an important factor that you must keep in mind while buying any modern pet tracking devices.

The device must be user-friendly and while selecting the ideal device you must consider the other important factors like the ease of pets, the battery life, the modern features, range, subscription fee etc.