In today’s fast-paced life, people need to move from one place to another and even one country to another.

OsmAnd is an extremely relevant application at such a time. It is an offline navigation application that provides limited free access worldwide and offers high-quality offline maps.

It is an open-source and still being developed. Everyone can contribute to this application, which may range from reporting bugs to coding new features.

The name OsmAnd stands for Open Street Map with Automated Navigation Directions. 

The Function of The OsmAnd App Navigation

The free and open-source OpenStreetMap data is used to operate this application. Through the app, you can download map regions to your device for free.

However, you can have limited downloads for free, before buying the paid version. 

The navigation function included in this app that allows the users to reach their destination in a hassle-free way.

While using the app, you need to start the navigation by using the navigation buttons on the screen. Setting your starting and endpoint of a journey is essential afterwards.

You can get the navigation button from the context menu. When you select your points and tap the navigation button, it will guide you with a route. 

Several profiles are available for creating a route in OsmAnd, which you can set based on the vehicle and traffic conditions.

You can get your required navigation profile by going through the settings to OsmAnd development and then to App Profiles.

The app calculates the route by considering the traffic rules and weights. 

The app provides voice guidance also. You can choose your preferred language and get voice prompts in the language.

You can also mute the voice prompts when you do not need it, as there is such an option too. 

The navigation settings are designed in such a way that allows you to improve your trip by using a specific option. You can select the options like avoid toll roads, ferries, unpaved road or border crossing.

Besides, you will get the option to opt for the shortest way. It fulfils every specific requirement for routing of the user. 

Convenient Features of OsmAnd App

OsmAnd app is designed with several default features. There is a possibility to add more in future.

Plugins are offered for free often to help the users in specific situations. From routing of your destination to better parking, it enables the users with multiple convenient feature options.

Map Viewing

It supports to carry accurate and detailed maps on your device. You can see your position and orientation on the map and save the places that you visit frequently.

The specialized online tile map and satellite view are displayed on the map screen. As it is for global users, it also displays the names of the places in English, local or phonetic spelling.


Although the navigation works offline, you can get online option too. There are no roaming charges applicable, when you go abroad.

It provides proper voice guidance, whenever you need to take a turn. Traffic warnings are given when the speed limit is exceeded, and in case of pedestrian crosswalks.

Although it is optional, you can get lane guidance and display of street name and estimated time. If you go to the wrong route, it provides an automatic rerouting option.

You can easily search for places by type, address or geographical coordinates. 

Online GPS Tracker

The online GPS tracker is a newly introduced feature that allows you to see the contacts saved on your device on the map of OsmAnd.

This feature is very convenient considering the social aspects. Telegram is the most open social platform because of having an Open API and Open SDK. For this reason, this platform is utilized for Open Serve implementation in this app.

As OsmAnd is independently associated with a telegram, you can share your location with your contacts without having the telegram app on your mobile. 


The ruler is a feature implemented in the app to rule out the requirements like measuring the direct distances on the map.

When you do not need a route in detail, you can use it to see the distance between two cities or how far you are from your destination.

You can use it by enabling the option named ‘Two-point ruler’. 

Travel Guide

OsmAnd app is not just the navigator, but also the travel guide for the users. You can get offline guides for any destination.

It is dependent on the Wikivoyage, where various articles are available with detailed information about different destinations.

From transport options to shopping, you can get every detail and up-to-date information about the place. 

Final Thoughts

OsmAnd app is being developed every day. For instance, the Travel Guide option was included in the 3.0 version of this app. The latest version is OsmAnd 3.4, which is introduced very recently with some major improvements and additional features.