An e-bike or an electric bicycle is equipped with an integrated electric motor. These bikes are quite popular these days due to their many advantages. They have special rechargeable batteries as the main source of power. The e-bikes which are lighter can travel at great speed. It is usually classified on the basis of their power.

E-bikes enjoy great demand due to many reasons. In fact, children love these bikes and often demand them from their parents. However, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of an e-bike before you make a decision.

Pros of an e-bike:

  • Cost Effective – E-bikes are more economical than other bikes and also fuel-powered cars. This is the bike which is considered to be the cheapest electrical vehicle available in the city.
    Environment-friendly – An e-bike is an environment-friendly bike. You do not have to worry about carbon dioxide emissions or harm caused to the environment.
  • Quick Commuting – E-bikes are easy to commute as they travel much faster than the regular bikes. Thus, they are quite useful when you need to travel fast or when you need to avoid traffic snarls.
  • Comfortable – Though a lot depends on the health and physical condition of the rider, an electronic bike is certainly a lot comfortable than any other bike. It helps the rider to cover a lot of distance, quite comfortably. You can use your e-bike in all those places where little physical exercise is desire. You can use your e-bike for climbing hills. The best part is that the rider enjoys a fluid and smooth movement.
  • Cost-Effective – Electric bikes offer smooth and cost-effective conveyance, as they are not influenced by the rise in petrol prices. If you choose to ride to work, you can actually save a lot of money on parking fees. You will also save money on the wear and tear caused to your car. If you choose to use an e-bike on a regular basis, you are definitely going to save a lot on insurance and taxation too.
  • Stay fit and healthy – It is true that a conventional bike can help us stay healthy and fitter, but a lot depends on how you choose to use it. Since, this is a fun bike, riders tend to use the bike for a longer time. This means the rider is in a fat-burning zone for a long time. You will be able to burn more fat and stay healthy for a longer time.
  • Hill Climbing Is Easier – Hill climbing is thrilling and exciting but for many cyclists it is quite daunting. When you are riding an e-bike, it is certainly a lot easier to conquer hills. These battery operated bikes will make your hill-climbing smoother with greater speed. In fact, you will reach your destination in a shorter time – lesser time than you could imagine.
  • Normal Cycling – What happens if after travelling a significant distance, you realise you have run out of the battery? Well – you just need to cycle normally and reach your destination.
  • No elaborate maintenance – E-bikes do not need any specific kind of maintenance. They are simple to maintain and do not require any complicated cleaning or maintenance procedure.

Cons of an e-bike:

Though there are many advantages and benefits of owning an e-bike, there are a few inconveniences, which are associated with the bike as well.

  • Heavy – E-bikes are battery operated but they are quite heavy. These bikes can cause storage problems as well. Also, if they run out of their battery and you are trying to pedal uphill, it can cause a lot of difficulties as well.
  • Running Range – An e-bike range is usually the distance which the bike can run when charged. These bikes are usually known to have quite a low range. Those who choose to ride in city traffic are usually not able to travel more than 15km, till they are recharged once.
  • Pick-Up and Power – E-bikes are known to have low power. They have a low pick-up as well. If you are trying to climb a steep slope, it might get problematic and difficult for you. Speed, pick-up and power are known to be the maximum when the battery is completely charged.
  • Battery Life Quite Short – One major disadvantage of an e-bike is that its battery life is quite short. The special batteries, which are sealed and do not require much of maintenance, usually have a limited life. They need to be replaced immediately when they do not fulfil the needs of the users. Batteries usually do not last more than a year. It is quite a rare situation when the battery will last for more than 2 years. These batteries are quite expensive as well.

Last but not the least, e-bikes are enjoyable and entertaining. You are never going to be bored when you are riding the bike!