The main focus of almost all the GPS-based trackers and wearable devices has been the wrist. Wrist bands and health trackers market is becoming saturated. Wearable devices now need style and innovation. Motiv is a US based company that has come up with an excellent wearable device: a ring that you can wear on your finger to track your heart rate, sleeping and other health metrics. This is the first ever wearable ring. Rings are stylish, and add grace to your personality. Motiv first annoucned health tracking rings in CES 2017.

Motiv GPS rings are available in different sizes. They have a look of a conventional ring.

Motiv ring GPSPathfinder

Motiv ring water GPSPathfinder

Motiv ring sport GPSPathfinder

The biggest benefit of wearing a GPS-based health tracking ring is the seamlessness. Unlike hefty wrist bands, Motiv ring feels effortless and full of style. Just wear the ring on your finger and start running.

A laudable achievement of Motiv is that they were able to pack a battery which has 3 days of life in a small (8mm) ring. Motiv ring supports a lithium-ion battery, a three-axis accelerometer, and a heart rate sensor. The device also supports Bluetooth for syncing and tri-colored LED indication for charging and syncing.  Motiv claims that the ring has a battery that supports 5 days of running time. The device also has a USB magnetic keychain charger. There is an additional magnetic charger that comes with the ring as a backup. It takes about 2 hours to charge the ring completely.

Motiv ring social GSPathfinder

Motiv ring color GPSPathfinder

Motiv health ring is water proof. You can keep wearing this beautiful ring while showering, washing clothes or doing dishes.

Motiv ring tracks your active minutes, type of your daily activity, active and resting heart rate, total calories burned, distance and steps.

This GPS-based ring also has a companion app for iOS. Apart from showing you weekly and daily progress, Motiv Ring app also lets you make weekly goas.

Motiv Ring is now out for sale. The ring has a price tag of $199, which is pretty expensive when compared to the routine health bands and GPS trackers. This health tracking ring is available in 7 sizes. Several colors are available, including Rose Gold and Slate Gray.