Introduced in the 1970s, GPS technology has evolved over the years to become one of the most sought-after phenomena, serving an array of important functions. Whether it is tracking the whereabouts of infants, monitoring the sick and old members, or tracking the activities of employees, GPS has a number of distinct advantages in the society. Subsequently, its contribution towards health and wellness has created quite a buzz among the fitness enthusiasts. Today GPS technology is successfully implemented to develop robust fitness apps and accessories that go a long way to cater to your overall health.

Running Apps

When it comes to running apps, there are numerous brands available to confuse you. What is more suitable for you, regular brands like Nike, or specialized apps like Runtastic? An efficient running app is much more than just tracking the number of steps, as it serves a variety of applications, from logging your runs, monitoring heart rates to preserving the workout data. The basic iOS Health apps have these features, but they lack facilities like GPS route mapping and automatic pausing. To access advanced features, you need to get specialised apps, such as Strava, RunKeeper, Runtastic, etc, which offer value-added services at affordable rates.

Hallmarks of a Great Running App

The principle behind the apps is simple: they rely on GPS to estimate how far/fast you run. However, it doesn’t harm to go an extra mile to learn about the features, as the choice of the app can have a direct impact on your health. Before you start comparing the features and prices and drive yourself crazy, here’s a list of things you can consider for best results.

  1. Affordable Plans:

Most fitness apps come in two different variants, a free version and a premium version, while the first one accommodates the basic features, the latter offer specialised features at an annual subscription cost. One of the major concerns of selecting a suitable running app is the exceptional subscription rate of the apps; some apps charge double the rate of a regular app. However, not all apps are highly priced.  If we consider the premium features that are on offer, such as training programs, statistics, social support, heart rate tracker, these apps can be quite a valuable investment, provided you have done your homework.

  1. Live Tracking:

Most of the premium running apps come with live tracking facilities whereby your family members or friends can track you live. Your friends can not only see where you are but also find out how far/fast you are moving.

  1. Motivational Features:

Just logging your runs and tracking progress cannot always give you motivation to run. Sometimes, you need something extra to get yourself in the right mental frame. If you have done some research, you might be aware of the motivational features that the premium apps offer. Different apps provide different incentives: some award virtual medals, while others foster competition by comparing with friends.

  1. Social Features:

One of the interesting things to note while selecting a running app is whether your friends are using one, as it can be exciting to tally your runs with your friend’s progress. Conveniently enough, some premium versions allow you to compare your workout results, enabling you to compete and set targets for each other. You can approach your friends, family and colleagues to find out if they are runners or using the same app, otherwise you can drag them off the house and prompt them to join you. While some apps only offer limited social support, some of the advanced versions come with incredible social support, enabling you to start your very own running club.

  1. History and Statistics:

Almost all running apps allow you to track your progress, and some even offer detailed graphical analysis to help you analyse your results. In terms of history reporting features, all apps provide the same thing, except the iOS workout app, which does not offer charts or any other graphical representations to assess your progress.

  1. Additional Features:

Do you want to jazz up your running routine?  There are numerous other exciting features that will power up your running. For instance, some premium apps are equipped with additional facilities like auto pause and data import options that will ensure effortless running. In addition, some apps allow you to play songs to boost your running.

There is no dearth of fitness apps these days; whether your phone is powered by Android or iOS, there are numerous GPS fitness-tracking apps on offer that will surprise you with their ease-of-use and functionality. Switch your boring workout app with these specialised ones to gift yourself a remarkable running experience. Know what’s creating a buzz in the market, explore the fitness trends and make an informed decision while selecting your running app.