The GPS tracking system is highly efficient as it is supported by 24 satellites orbiting above the Earth.

Its popularity has grown immensely, especially in the last decade. GPS (Global Positioning System) is now used worldwide to track people, assets, and mainly vehicles.

With the tracking devices, you can not only track a vehicle but can also get the easiest and fastest route to your destination while driving. With the help of advanced technology, GPS devices nowadays are also able to alert the drivers about slow traffic.

There are more than fifty GPS devices for you available in the market to choose from. To make the best use of it, there are certain factors you must be concerned about before purchasing a GPS tracking device:

Purpose of the device

When you choose a device, you must consider what you are going to use it for. The capability and accuracy of a GPS tracker depends on how and for what it is designed.

You may use it for navigating the road with a car or bike, outdoor recreation like geocaching, hiking, or fishing; or it may be used for tracking an object, a person, a vehicle of a fleet for business. The clearer your purpose gets, the better it is for choosing a GPS tracker.

Battery life

The battery life of your GPS tracker must be more than enough, or it may affect its function. If a device has a low battery life, then the device will not be able to report its information properly. You can choose any of these options –

Purchasing GPS trackers with built-in motion sensors powered with a portable battery. These trackers use minimal power when they are still.

Carrying power banks with you to charge your GPS devices when required.

Carrying a fresh set of spare batteries with you.

Using a power adapter to use as an alternative of batteries.

Waterproof or not

A vehicle can have water splashes on it, but if the GPS tracker gets damaged from it, then it is a wastage of money.

So, you need a device that will be resistant to water splashes occasionally, so the internet wiring and the memory chip are not damaged.

This feature is especially important to consider if the GPS tracking device is being used for cars, trucks, drones, boats, kids or pets.

Notification alert

When you are using a real-time GPS tracking device, the notification alerts are very important.

They make the tracking safer, more efficient and managed properly. With this feature, you will get an alert by email on your mobile phone when the vehicle is speeded up excessively, entering or exiting certain areas, or a change has occurred in the driving behavior.

It is helpful in avoiding costly and unsafe activities for the vehicle.

Cost of the device

Generally, devices with passive tracking are more affordable than real-time trackers.

The reason is simple, while you can get to monitor 24 hours with real-time trackers and get notification alerts, with passive solutions, you are only able to monitor your vehicles when they are back to the headquarters.

However, even if comparatively expensive, it is still better to get real-time trackers that ensure more security. The good news is that the monthly wireless fees have reduced over the last few years, so real-time trackers are no more as expensive as before.

On the contrary, passive trackers are being costlier because of the WIFI infrastructure due to the regular maintenance it requires.


Another important factor to be concerned about is the memory of the GPS tracking device. Keep in mind that it is crucial for a tracker that it can support updating and uploading maps.

So, before purchasing a tracker, visit the website of the GPS tracker manufacturer to know how much memory it has and whether the memory is expandable as it will directly affect how many maps it can take into its memory.

Supporting app

The GPS tracker you are going to buy must have an App supported on a smartphone or you will not be able to access to many useful features.

With an app, apart from tracking, you can view the battery life of the tracking device, create and view geofences or safe zones and view and change your account settings.

Moreover, rather than email notifications, the notification alerts on an app can be received faster.

High-quality maps

It is not enough to have a basic and standard view of the map. The mapping quality of the GPS device must be high so that you can zoom in and out of the map as much as needed.

You will also be provided with different views like satellite view, birds eye, and street maps. Moreover, with the up-to-date maps, it will be easier to track the location of a vehicle accurately.

GPS tracking is an essential part of today’s lifestyle. So, consider these factors very carefully before you spend your money on it.