In modern days the usages of mobile phones have grown exponentially. Like the other forms of communication, the mobile technology has become an essential part of mobile technology. There are plenty of health care apps that help us to monitor our health conditions. Due to the technological advancements the healthcare apps offer amazing and significant opportunities to improve our health, safety and also help us to diagnose and monitor common illnesses.

When it comes to your health, running becomes an important part not only for shaping up your figure but also to increase your overall health. It is an essential fact that regular practice of running helps people to get rid of many dangerous health hazards like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, heart blockage and many other life threatening diseases. However, installing a good running app helps you to keep track of your running record. An efficient running app not only motivates you to run better but it also encourages you to do better. The credit goes to the modern app developers who are consistently working on developing innovative apps. Like the other GPS enabled app fitness app are extensively used by the modern people for performing important tasks like exercising, tracking health records, monitoring health conditions and many others. Studies have shown that fitness apps like running apps are potentially influential in changing behavioral methods so that the capacity of physical activity is gradually increased.  Runkeeper is one of the best running apps that encourage people to move outside and stick with running. This app is specially designed for runners and walkers. Like the other popular running apps Runkeeper has other important features like route tracking, and other personalized features.

There are some pros and cons of using Runkeeper apps. Some of the important details of using Runkeeper app are discussed below:

The advantages of using Runkeeper App

  1. Runkeeper app follows the technology that assists you in showing your route on a detailed map. This app helps you in setting up your correct pace by monitoring several important features like your average and top speeds, distance and time.
  2. Like the other top running apps Runkeeper also have various levels of personalized features. With Runkeeper app you have the facility of recording, choosing distance and time, sharing your workout details with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Runkeeper app provides you the opportunity of effortless uploading of your workout details and sharing your posts on social networking sites.
  3. This app provides you weekly workout schedule that is designed to upgrade your fitness level and it also tracks your progress. This app helps you in tracking your progress. In modern days, people who have very less time can use this type of apps to maintain a proper routine. This app is specially designed to track the running progress of the users.
  4. It is generally very hard to find a real motivator when you are going to do this alone. Runkeeper app plays the role of real motivator by pushing you to exceed your own performance on the previous day. The goal coach feature acts like your ultimate motivator helping you to pick up realistic goals and encourages you to fulfill them. You can have 24/7 activity tracking mode that provides you with the facility of monitoring your steps and calories that you have burnt for the day.
  5. The workout compassion feature of Run keeper provides you the opportunity of comparing your workout details with others. It also gives you a derailed illustration of your workout taking into account of other important factors like weather, environment and many others. This app provides you the current status so that you can change your performance level according to the latest updates of the apps.
  6. The app also has the audio cues features that provide you detailed work out details like your pace, distance and time.
  7. Runkeeper offers two different types of services Basic and Go to its customers. The basic service offers only Track and log activities and Basic stats at $0 / Month.
  8. GO service, however, offers various kinds of features like Track and log activities, Basic stats, Progress Insights, Compare workouts, Prescribed workouts, premium training plans, weather insights and live tracking at very affordable price $9.99 USD/ Month or $39.99 USD/ Year.

However, there are some drawbacks of using the Runkeeper app. The details are illustrated below:


  1. One of the most important issues of using any GPS running apps is the privacy setting. The personal details of the users sometime remain vulnerable if the security features are not properly developed.
  2. There some other glitches like occasional GPS signal loss and tracking errors.
  3. Sometimes the GPS tracking app fails to track record.

If you want to make your workout interesting then you should install the Runkeeper app for a better running experience.