The tech-savvy populous has become totally dependent on their smartphones or iPhones and the various apps that can be easily downloaded on them. The GPS tracker manufacturing companies have thus started developing apps to stay in the competition. The GPS tracking apps are also being developed for ease of use and these apps have now become an ‘ideal’ way to keep track of near and dear ones, employees and so on.

A number of GPS tracking apps have launched their products in the market and PocketFinder is one of them. PocketFinder is focused on safety which is the main objective of these GPS trackers. The app PocketFinder is a step towards facilitating and assuring the safety of their clients and customers.

PocketFinder’s products can be broadly classified under Personal Tracker, Pet Tracker and Vehicle Tracker. The products of PocketFinder are not overburdened with myriads of features and can be innocuously attached to your pet, children or vehicle. The location of these devices can be easily tracked through PocketFinder. You can also detect the location of the PocketFinder GPS tracker through Google MapsTM from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Features of PocketFinder App:

The PocketFinder app allows you to locate your loved ones through the trackers on a map and can create zones. You can set a speed limit for your vehicle and if the driver exceeds the speed limit then a notification will be sent to your device immediately. Let’s look at some of the major features of PocketFinder app.

  • Tracking: The principal task of PocketFinder is to keep track of the GPS devices. The app uses three location technologies, namely GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell ID to provide the most accurate location of the person, pet or vehicle wearing the GPS tracking device. Be it indoor or outdoor locale, the PocketFinder app can accurately display the location.
  • Mapping: The PocketFinder app allows the user to trace more than one GPS trackers at the same time. This way you do not have to stop tracking your child to see where your pet is hiding at the moment.
  • Zones: Through this feature the app allows you to create numerous zones for ensuring the safety of the elderly or your children. This way, if the person goes beyond the zone an alert will be immediately notified through the app. Moreover, you will also receive alerts when the GPS tracker enters and exits the zone.
  • Speed limits: This is an essential feature of the app. By setting speed limits you can check whether your car has exceeded the speed limit. This feature will instil safe riding habits in teenagers. You can immediately take them to task as an alert will be generated as soon as the car crosses the speed limit.
  • Alerts: As discussed in the previous two points, you will receive alert notifications for SOS button presses, zones and speed alerts.
  • Profile: You can set your device’s name and picture through the PocketFinder app. This will help to distinguish the tracking devices.
  • History: You can trace the immediate location of the PocketFinder GPS tracker but also check the locations up to 60 days. There is also the option to download history reports.

Reasons to Use PocketFinder App:

  • Global technology: The PocketFinder app has been designed using advanced technologies. It is capable of detecting the location of the PocketFinder GPS tracking devices no matter how far they are away from your location.
  • Keep Track Of Your Children: The Personal Tracker of PocketFinder will allow you to keep track of your children when they are travelling to and from their school. This device and app are also essential when your children are going on a school trip.
  • Freedom for Teens: Freedom is something the teenagers crave. Therefore, putting an unobtrusive PocketFinder vehicle tracker in your teen’s car will ensure peace of mind. You can review the history of the location of the car, driving speeds without actually intruding in his/her personal space through the PocketFinder app.
  • Care for the Elderly: The elderly often do not like someone keeping constant care of them or trailing them wherever they go. The Personal Tracker and the company’s app come handy in this case.
  • Saves Costs for Businesses: Using PocketFinder GPS tracker and its app will save costs improve work efficiency and also reduce liabilities like accidents.

The current version of the PocketFinder app is and it requires the Android device to be 4.0m or above for proper functioning. Unlike many other GPS trackers, the PocketFinder GPS trackers do not come with a wide variety of features. Therefore, the app was built by keeping the limited functionality of the GPS trackers in mind. The user interface of the PocketFinder app is not as good as it promises but by the end of the day, the app has many useful features that ensure peace of mind.