The use of smartphones and applications can be seen in almost all daily activities – from shopping to communication and even financial transactions.

Applications have also made their way into the world of GPS, helping people in reaching their destinations and exploring a place.

One of the most effective GPS apps available in the market is

An OpenSource app, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

History of

Originally called MapsWithMe, the application was developed by a small company in Zurich.

The primary objective of is to provide offline maps of various locations. While there are many good online and offline map and navigation applications, stands out with over 100million downloads and more than 1million positive ratings.

The application was originally launched for the iOS platform in April 2011.

Over time, the application has undergone various updates and advancements. The application is today compatible with various versions of Android, iOS and several other devices.

Today, the application has several efficient features like map editing, local guides, finance establishments locater, 3D buildings and others.

Highlight Features

Some of the distinct features of the application that makes it stand out among others include:

Offline Maps

A major advantage of the application is that it is completely offline. You can download all the necessary maps and store it on your device.

This will allow you to navigate without an internet connection, facilitating navigation in no-network areas, or when your phone has a low battery.

The maps are pretty detailed, covering not only typical bike and foot roads but hiking trails too.

You can easily use the application when you are backpacking, exploring a new city, driving, hiking or even trail running.

Such data with accurate names is not available on other applications, that are limited to the data they have themselves scanned.

Easy Offline Search

One of the most remarkable features of this application is that it allows users to search while not connected to the internet.

Since the application uses OpenStreetMap data, users can search the maps by name, category, address or even coordinates of the location. This feature is extremely helpful when traveling to a different city or country.

When you want to search for something by geographical proximity, category search proves to be extremely helpful.

For instance, you can easily find the closes gas station, ATM, pharmacy, etc. The default categories in the app include: Shops, lodging, transport, food, finance, education, business, attractions, and entertainment.

Route Planning with Turn-by-turn Directions

Like most other GPS applications, the application also provides turn-by-turn navigations. It must be noted that the app shows only the shortest route. While the turn-by-turn directions are accurate and decent, some alternatives do a better job.

Key Reasons to Use

The navigation application offers some pretty unique features and benefits to the users.

Some key reasons to use this GPS app include:

  • The app shows the location of speeding cameras on navigation itself. This will prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.
  • You can easily switch the mode of transportation or move to different areas without having to reload a new map, without any data requirement.
  • The app features one of the highest numbers of trails and provides accurate information for each of them. This is especially helpful for winter treks and trails.
  • The offline feature not only makes you independent from a data connection but does not take a toll on your phone’s battery also. This ensures great navigation in underground trains too.

Beneficial Integrations of

Apart from the features listed already, the application has several integrations that are worth mentioning.

These integrations promise a comprehensive navigation experience and make much more than just an offline maps application.

Some of the integrations worth mentioning include:

  • Finding a hotel – You can easily find a hotel through the portal using You can see the prices, distance, category, user reviews and other features of the hotel.
  • City Guides – Through the application itself, you can find a local guide in some specific cities.
  • Points of Interest – The users can view and update points of interest in the maps through Open street data. This could include restaurants, amusement parks, key businesses, etc.
  • Public Transportation – is a unique application that allows route planning for public transportation too. However, for real-time public transportation navigation, you will need access to the internet.
  • Booking an Uber – Through a recent integration in the app, users can quickly book an uber to their destination.
  • Bookmarks and KML Imports – You can easily bookmark your favorite locations for later reference. The users can also save KML files downloaded from other sources.

The is one of the best in the market and serves a go-to application for navigation. It can be comfortably used for biking, driving, walking or even hiking. It is no doubt that it is one of the most popular apps for both iOS and Android.