Independent App Review: iOS 12

What does iOS 12 offer us? Is it better than the previous iOS?


Apple has recently announced its newest software iOS version 12 to be released ahead of September this year and the world can’t get enough of this buzz.

According to the development team, last year’s update was all about adding customised features to both iPhone and iPad platforms and redesigning the operating system and some of the most-used apps that are loved by all.

But this time Apple’s main focus is on enhancing productivity on iPhones while making it easier for users to stay offline.

Since the beta program for iOS 12 is on many techies have been trying it out. Let’s discuss the upcoming features of iOS 12 and figure out whether it’s a hit or a miss.

Group Notifications

Apple has made some of the biggest changes in the notification centre in the new iOS 12.

Users have been waiting for notifications to change and feel less like a clutter for a long time which is why Apple has introduced ‘Grouped Notification’ which is an Android feature to make the new experience better for all users.

With grouped notification, multiple notification alerts coming from one application gathers in one bubble and it requires a tap to expand them all.

Managing notifications has become as easy as cake with the help of this features because now users won’t see a stream of notifications and alerts coming from one app.

The grouped notifications can be disabled in case you don’t need it for some apps.

iOS 12 Makes Older iPhones Function Faster

Apple is set to deliver an operating system which is much more responsive with the release of iOS 12.

The update is said to work for a number of iOS devices supporting many iPhones and iPads. Users are expecting CPU enhancement, preserving battery life and other key improvements such as making animations run smoother and faster.

Apple has hinted that iOS 12 would bring performance boosts to older iPhones. The beta version works fast on iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 Plus.

iMessage and FaceTime Gets More Fun

Since Apple’s team has added a number of new features in iMessage with the release of iOS 10, this time everyone has been expecting something more.

The iOS 12 makes iMessage much more personalised with tonnes of new features such as the ability to generate a ‘Memoji’. The memoji can be used as stickers and this is in camera app provided that one has iPhone X.

The photos app has changed location and can now be found in the app drawer in iMessage.

Now it takes only one tap to select and send a photo from iMessage. FaceTime also gets a tweak of updates and some new features. Its now possible to FaceTime 32 people at once under a group session.

Users can add stickers, emojis and even Memojis to their FaceTime chat making it more enjoyable.

Aimed at Decreasing Smartphone Addiction

In order to cut screen time and decreasing the rate of smartphone addiction, Apple has launched a new selection within the Settings App known as ‘Screen Time’ that would help users manage smartphone usage.

Tapping on Screen Time would provide you with a summarised information of how much you have been using your smartphone.

One can even set time limits on other applications to lower the chances of wasting time on it.

There’s also ‘Downtime’ feature in iOS 12 which is basically a timer to disable all notifications.

Its much more customised and has an ‘always allowed’ option so that users may choose apps.

This feature is supposed to help to keep work and fun separated.

New and Redesigned Apps

The Measure App is an iOS 12 exclusive and has been released as the newest addition.

It makes use of ARKit in order to measure real objects and spaces in the real world with the help of the device’s camera.

It’s helpful when one needs to get a rough estimate. The app has been working smoothly so far and is found to be accurate.

Although, the measure App will be used in specific instances, it’s useful and reliable.

Photos App gets a new ‘For You’ tab which makes it easy to share pictures to the contact present in the picture.

Siri also gets a new update with Siri shortcut that comes in handy to make Siri do some basic stuff by assigning a shortcut for it.

Suspected Cons

  1. No Improvements in battery life
  2. Do not disturb setting isn’t effective. The only option you get is to switch it on/off.

Apple’s time limit requires stricter enforcement since one could easily ignore the alert by just a tap which turns it off.

Although this feature would be useful for parents. Downtime feature also requires personal restraint or else one could easily go back to their old habits.