I Have a Pet: Pros and Cons

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Having a pet is one of the most common practices among people across the world for various reasons. Although the emotional support and various other advantages that you get from your pet are incontrovertible, you cannot forget the huge responsibility of being a pet owner. If you want your pet to be a true companion, you have to dedicate a large portion of your day for training and understanding your pet. Such procedures usually require a significant amount of patience on the owner’s part for obvious reasons. Besides this, you cannot always expect your pet to be a warm cuddly friend because like human beings, some of them can be very moody and capricious.

Therefore, it is quite evident that when you’re deciding to have a pet, you must consider both the pros and cons of pet ownership. Despite the fact that the cons might be a bit challenging at times, if you are fully prepared, taking care of your pet could be a very rewarding experience. Below, you would find out some pros and cons of owning a pet which should help you decide whether you are ready for a pet ownership or not.


Owning a pet comes with several advantages which can make your days much better that it usually is. Some of them include:

  • A Sense of Safety: If you own a considerably large pet like a Great Dane or Rottweiler, it can keep your home much safer from unwanted nocturnal intrusions or theft. Both of the aforementioned dog breeds are known for their aggression, loyalty, and intimidating nature. Medium sized dogs can also be helpful in providing safety during late night walks as they can protect you from rodents and insects. Apart from dogs, other pets like cats or birds of some specific species are known for their strong survival instincts. Hence, they can alert you from imminent dangers like gas leakage, fire, or other natural calamity.
  • Unconditional Affection: Once you get your pets’ complete trust, they would love you unconditionally. They are capable of cheering you up even in the worst of your days with their pure and unconditional affection. It hardly matters whether your pet is a dog or a cat because they will always be emotionally available and help you get through slumps or hard times.
  • Increasing Patience: For younger pet owners, having a pet can really help in increasing one’s patience as training your own pet can be an onerous and time-consuming task. Also, by dealing with your pet on a regular basis children can learn how to be gentle and compromising with others.
  • Receiving Empathy: Pets can be very intuitive at times as they can sense whether you are having a bad day or not feeling so well. Their empathy not only turns a bad day to a good one but also help you recuperate more quickly from a certain illness.
  • Improving Mental Health: For mental health patients, having a pet can be of great assistance as they can keep mental ailments like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, depression, and various other disorders at bay. Also, adopting an abandoned pet would provide you an indescribable satisfaction and joy.


Now you are aware of the advantages, you must take a look at the cons as well:

  • Responsibility: Owning a pet and taking its proper care is an immense responsibility which sometimes might feel like an onus. Like an infant, your pet would depend on you for almost everything. If your pet is not properly trained, it would not be able to comprehend the reason of your anger in case they make some mistake. Also, your daily schedule can be totally disrupted for providing proper care to your pet.
  • Allergies: If you are unaware of the substance you are allergic to, bringing a pet home might have some painful consequence as the more you are exposed to the allergen, the more severe the reaction will be. Also, if you have a chronic asthmatic condition, allowing a pet at your home might exacerbate your condition to a significant extent.
  • Increase in Cost: Taking care of your pet can be very expensive as they too need to remain happy and healthy. With a pet in your home, your monthly expenditure would magnify due to your pet’s food and visits to the veterinary doctor.
  • Cleaning up Mess and Change in Schedule: Cleaning up your pet’s mess can be an arduous task at times. Also, some exotic species of animals become active during night and can disturb your sleep and change your daily schedule.
  • Heartbreak: Owning a pet can be a double edged sword at times. Once you bond with your pet, s/he would become a member of your family and as many pets have a shorter life span than humans (unless you own a tortoise), losing them can be excruciating.

So, based on the points mentioned above, now you can truly decide whether you are truly ready to be a pet owner.