The GPS tracking devices have become a part of our daily lives with even the smartphones having GPS location detection and tracking facilities.

Just as you probably use a GPS tracker for learning the whereabouts of your children and keeping them safe, you will need a GPS tracking device to keep your elderly parents safe.

First calls

Forgetfulness is often associated with aging and your loved ones may not escape from it. If you have already observed the symptoms of forgetfulness, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the elders, then it is high time you choose a GPS tracker for your loved ones.

GPS trackers for elders are necessary if your senior parents have the tendency to wander off, get lost while returning home or becomes disorientated.


Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can erase a person’s memory and make the familiar unfamiliar. It becomes difficult for the elderly to adapt to “new” environments.

This may also lead to wandering that will not only put the elderly in a difficult situation but also the caregivers and their loved ones. The GPS trackers for the elderly can relieve you from this tension and help you to keep your loved ones safe.

Convincing elders to use GPS tracking

The elderly may not always want to wear a GPS tracker and offense to the device. However, you should try to explain them that wearing a GPS tracking device will actually help them.

Also, nowadays, the GPS trackers manufactured by the reputed companies design them to be discreet and installing an app on your smartphone will also help you to keep a track. If the elderly already has a smartphone and know how to use it, then you can simply download an app that does GPS tracking.

There may be certain charges, monthly or yearly to install this type of apps that have GPS tracking features. The apps may also come with features emergency button, fall alerts, inactivity trackers, etc.

The GPS tracking devices for the elderly usually have the following features:

  • The reputed GPS trackers usually offer a comprehensive view of the elderly’s activities, comings and goings. You will be able to track a daily timeline of locations, the routes taken by the elderly. The GPS tracking device will send an instant alert to your linked device if the elderly is in an unfamiliar place. Security of the family is the most important thing and you can surely take an extra step to ensure it.
  • The GPS tracking devices currently manufactured come with features like location monitoring with fence alerts, fall alert, inactivity tracker, and app usage and location logs. Other important features include call, text and low battery alert. With the call and text options present in the GPS tracker, you can save your number and one or two numbers that the elderly can reach out to in case of an emergency.
  • Nowadays, the GPS tracking devices come with an app that you can easily download on your smartphone. This means that you will be constantly updated about the location of your loved one and can reach out to them in case of an emergency. You should always buy a GPS tracker that comes with instant alert systems.
  • Different types of GPS tracking devices are available in the market that are discreet and will not make the elderly uncomfortable. You can attach these devices to the elderly’s clothing or the sole of their shoes. The elderly will not even be able to understand that they are being tracked and will have complete sense of freedom. You will be able to keep your loved ones safe without intruding on their privacy.
  • Some of the latest models of the GPS trackers also come with a temperature sensor. This way you will be immediately informed if your loved ones suddenly become sick. By tracking the location, you can easily reach out to the elderly and give them proper medication. The newer devices also claim to be water and dust resistant, and have wireless charging features. Some of the GPS devices also have important medical information added to it such that anyone can help them out in case of an emergency.


Global Positioning System or GPS technology is being extensively used in medical alert services, car tracking, and can be extremely helpful for the elderly.


With the help of a GPS tracker you will be able to keep your elderly safe without restraining their freedom. The elderly will be able to go about their daily routines without your help and can enjoy their time with friends.

The GPS trackers will give you a peace of mind by letting you know that your parents are safe. This means that you do not need to call and monitor them from time to time that may become a cause of their irritation.

Thus, the elderly will be able to enjoy an independent lifestyle and get immediate assistance whenever required.