An integral part of growing up and becoming independent is going out either with friends or alone.

Whilst the safety of children is always a major concern, allowing them to go out by themselves simply adds to the woes and anxiety of parents.

It becomes necessary to implement safety measures and to take precautionary steps to ensure their safety when you are not around them.

Many parents have entrusted GPS tracking devices and software to monitor the actions of their children and guarantee their safety. The technology has been fruitful in implementing children safety in society.

Let us take a look at five true incidents where GPS tracking saved the life of a child:

The Subway Ride

In 2015, a 17-year-old boy, Hanzel Nunez fled home without informing anyone. The autistic child had a habit of wandering off, leaving his family tensed about his safety.  

In 2015, wandering the streets of New York City alone, Hanzel went on to ride the subway. The subway is a place where no parent would want their teenagers to be alone and the child in question here was autistic.

Luckily, the GPS tracking device Nunez was wearing was successful in tracking his location.

The fact that he was wearing a Santa hat also facilitated the officers in looking for him, serving as a visual reference.

After thoroughly searching various train routes, the police were able to find Hanzel at almost three in the morning. Nunez had apparently explored three out of the five boroughs in New York.

The Brave Utah Boy

Aiden, a brave boy from Utah saved himself from being kidnapped using his GPS tracking device and his impeccable presence of mind. Just nine years old, Aiden was almost kidnapped when he was walking to see a friend.

An SUV drove up to him and a man tossed him into the rear of the car. While he was trying to seal the boy’s mouth with duct tape, Aiden managed to leap off the vehicle.

Having hurt his ankle when he jumped out, Aiden displayed quick thinking and hid in a nearby dumpster. Resourcefully using his GPS Device, he gave his parents a call from the gadget he wore.

His parents were able to quickly find him and took him to safety immediately. The police were informed and went on to look for the kidnapper.

Missing in the Woods

Only 11 years old, Brett went missing into dense woods for almost 90 minutes, suffering from autism. While taking a walk with his parents in a large area, Brett mischievously ran away. Though his father tried hard, he was unable to keep up with Brett, who soon went out of sight.

The vast area lined with innumerable trees and even a pond, his parents knew they had to find Brett as soon as they could. Fortunately, Brett was wearing his GPS tracking device.

Using the tracker, they were able to monitor his real-time location and provide this data to the search and rescue team looking for Brett. Soon enough, they were able to find the boy and with the GPS tracker’s aid.

Fighting Sexual Predators

In August 2015, a brave woman in Texas saved her 15-year daughter with the help of the GPS tracker. The little girl who was suffering from Asperger’s syndrome was given a GPS tracking device by her parents.

She often went for walks in her neighborhood, but this time, a sexual predator managed to lure her into a car. He threatened her to get in the car or he was going to hurt her, just at 150 yards from her home.

Fortunately, the parents were sent emails and SMS alerts by the GPS tracker since the little girl wasn’t on her regular route. Her mother immediately drove to the location specified by her daughter’s tracking device, while listening through the audio capabilities of the device.

Soon, she realized that the struggle sounds were indicative of a sexual assault. When the device was spotted by the attacker, the little girl told him that it was a GPS tracker that only her parents could remove using a special key. This scared the attacker and he decided to leave the girl back at the place where he had picked her from.

A Mother’s Fight for her Children’s Safety

Douglass and Donovan McDonough, 10 and eight respectively, had a habit of wandering off. Owing to their autism and multiple instances where the kids had just taken off, their parents decided to get the GPS tracking devices.

However, as the device could monitor audio too, the children’s school resisted the use of the tracking device, concerning the invasion of privacy of other students. After quite a struggle, their mother was able to convince the school of the need for the devices.

These five stories reflect how parents can monitor unusual changes in their’ children’s routines and keep them safe no matter what the age of their children.