GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems. Made with an in-built antenna and transmission of cellular data with the support of an electric source or a battery, GPS tracking devices track the position or movement of any moving thing, a person or a vehicle and show the exact location with a map on a viewing screen.

GPS tracking devices are used in various fields as below

•    You may leave an asset in a construction site and forget about it. To prevent it from going missing, you can use a GPS tracking device to track its location.

•    Shipping companies track the location of the shipping products that come from outskirts by tracking the shipping vehicles with GPS tracking devices. The customers can also know the location of their delivery in the same way.

•    GPS tracking devices not only track something, but it also shows its movement. So, transportation industries or companies can easily track the position of their trucks and tractors. They can exactly know how much the vehicles worked and how long they stopped.

•    You can go to a place taking the shortest and easiest route with GPS tracking devices. Instead of wasting your energy finding the route yourself, you can follow the map where you can track your location.

Functions of GPS Tracking Devices:

•    Mapping: Designing and showing maps of road, land, building etc. on viewing screens.

•    Tracking: Tag along with a specific person, vehicle or object and track its location. It is very helpful when something is missing or stolen.

•    Timing: In the case of shipping or public transport, the time of arrival can be estimated by its current GPS location.

•    Routing: Providing the fastest and shortest route to the driver to reach any location easily.

•    Inventory: You can track different locations of a vehicle or shipment at multiple places and different times.

•    Bread crumb trail: The locations and positions at different times can be recorded to see in future.

Pros of GPS Tracking:

•    When a car is on road, it shows the exact location of the car to the driver so that he does not get lost. It also shows the destination point on the screen and finds the easiest route. It saves a lot of time and fuel of the driver. A route can be recorded and saved for future use too to avoid further hassle.

•    Shipping companies can easily track the location of their shipment and inform the customers about the estimated arrival time. It also makes sure that the employees do not use the vehicles for their personal business.

•    GPS tracking devices are easy to use, they have very basic applications so that anyone can use it without facing any technical trouble.

•    If a vehicle or gadget get stolen, and it has its GPS tracking active, then it is very easy to find it. Tracking devices stay hidden most of the time, so thieves cannot get rid of them either.

•    By logging in to the GPS tracking account you can track and monitor vehicles and gadgets from multiple devices in different places. So, you do not need to stay in one place, you can freely wander around and keep an eye on things.

•    The police also use GPS tracking devices to monitor a criminal’s movements and catch him.

Cons of the Tracking System:

•    GPS tracking is not always legal. So, make sure that you are in your legal bounds. You cannot track any car that you do not own, and any independent person who has not allowed you to do it.

•    Employees would not like to be monitored all the time, it may feel intrusive and trust-lacking to them. Although you are legally authorized to track them, the pleasant engagement of the employer and the employee may be hampered.

More About GPS Trackers:

•   There are two types of GPS trackers, as – battery powered and hardwired. Choose the one that would suit your situation the best. Battery powered devices are portable, wireless and convenient for tracking a person or an important asset. On the other hand, hardwired trackers are best for large vehicles where it requires to work for a long time. It remains wired with the vehicle’s power supply.

•    It is best to attach the GPS device underneath the car. The in-built strong magnet keeps it secure and the chances of getting detached get low.

•    You can set geo-fences around the places you want to cover monitoring. Whenever the vehicle with the tracker enters or leaves the zone, you will get a notification alert through email or text message, so you do not have to check it yourself. GPS tracking devices are a wonderful invention of man, and it is getting even more important day by day.