When you search for employee GPS tracking apps you end up with crawling exceedingly popular apps such as Hubstaff, TSheets, Hellotracks and others. These programs are great, no doubts, but not always cheap. What should you do if you have just started running your business?

Before tracking your workforce it is always important to know pros and cons of employee GPS tracking and make the right decision.

This is a list of free employee GPS tracking apps:

  1. ARO GPS Tracker
  2. ATTO Timesheets: Time & GPS Tracking for Employees
  3. Employee Time & Attendance tracking App
  4. Employee Tracking & Field Service Management App
  5. Free Employee Attendance App
  6. GPSLab Client – Employee Location Tracking System
  7. Hours Tracker: Time Clock & Time Tracker
  8. Lystloc – Employee & Vehicle location tracking app
  9. REMOTWORX – Employee Productivity and GPS Tracking
  10. SINC Workforce – Employee Time Clock

Aro GPS Tracker

Aro GPS tracker provides real time tracking. It helps manage transportation.


  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • Overspeeding Alterts
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Geofence Alerts
  • Engine Idle Alerts
  • Web/Mobile App Reporting.

ATTO Timesheets: Time & GPS Tracking for Employees


Atto timesheets app is great for small businesses. It is very easy in use: tap a button to clock in and start tracking your time. Afterall, employee’s work hours automatically turn into accurate timesheet with information about who is on clock, on break, on day off or vacation. This document gives transparency and no doubts in reports.


  1. Simple time tracking
  2. GPS location tracking
  3. Team activity insights
  4. Automated timesheets
  5. Organized job codes
  6. Transparent breaks
  7. Insightful notes
  8. Paid Time Off Hours
  9. Managed Clock In & Out
  10. Manually Added Time Entries
  11. Powerful Daily Timeline
  12. Scheduled Email Reports
  13. Smart Notifications
  14. GPS Tracking, Only If Necessary
  15. Job Sites
  16. Organized Departments
  17. Offline Compatibility
  18. Battery Efficient GPS Technology
  19. Privacy & Security

Employee Time & Attendance tracking App

Employee Time & Attendance tracking app is one of the apps with face recognition technology. The best thing is that it works in offline mode or poor Internet connection. “User ID + Time + Selfie + Location” is the brief introduction how the app works.


  1. Quick start: no need of email registration
  2. Punch visits: attendance can be mark anywhere and anytime
  3. Flexi shift
  4. Group attendance
  5. Hassle free: updates are free.
  6. Data safety
  7. Insightful reports and graphs
  8. Configurable: add/edit departments, designations, shift timings, week offs and holidays.
  9. Geo Fence
  10. Device ID

Employee Tracking & Field Service Management App

Taskcare presents its employee tracking and field service management app. It helps businesses track field employees’ location and manage field service effectively.


  1. Assign & Manage single or batch tasks
  2. Track field employee location with GPS
  3. Manage attendance
  4. Collect payments, data & surveys
  5. Verify documents
  6. Generate reports
  7. Analyse & improve performance
  8. Route Optimization
  9. End-to-End communication
  10. API integration capabilities

Free Employee Attendance App


Factotime has introduced a free employee attendance app. It can be used free upto 5 employees.

The app can be run in both Android and iOS platforms. It is a great solution for efficient attendance and time tracking.


  1. Payroll/salary calculation
  2. Keep employee records
  3. Attendance from mobile
  4. Time tracking from mobile
  5. Shift with break duration
  6. Working calendar
  7. Holiday calendar
  8. Capture employee location
  9. Importable reporting

GPSLab Client – Employee Location Tracking System


GPSLab Client is an excellent app employee tracking and management, based on live tracking.




  1. Real-time location tracking
  2. Automatic conveyance settlement
  3. Instant map view of your field employees

Hours Tracker: Time Clock & Time Tracker


Hours Tracker is simple to use, straightforward and pretty organized app. Reports can be exported as Excel timesheet. Work hours are saved to employee’s account and backed up to the cloud.



  1. Save time and reuse information
  2. Automatic work hours tracker via location
  3. View earnings
  4. Sharable time-sheet
  5. Safe backup with cloud sync

Lystloc – Employee & Vehicle location tracking app

Lystloc is one of the greatest apps that helps track employees and vehicles. Companies get real-time location of their employees, transportation map-view, automatic mileage tracker and can easily share location with business partners.


  1. Employee Tracking.
  2. Vehicle Tracking.
  3. Attendance Management.
  4. Daily & Monthly Reports.

Remotworx – Employee Productivity and GPS Tracking

Remotworx is a location tracking and field employee productivity app. It helps employees complete tasks on time. The app is designed for an Android platform.


  1. Informative dashboard (all brief information about tasks)
  2. Real time in app chatting (it has full control on official messaging)
  3. New task creation
  4. Task segmentation
  5. Attachments (can attach photos and documents with submitting tasks)
  6. Signatures (can add signatures)
  7. Employees location
  8. Employee list

SINC Workforce – Employee Time Clock

Sinc Workforce is an app that helps collect employee data from the field, generate detailed reports and run payroll. The free plan includes the time clock and employee tracker features. However, it has a limit of 3 users. There is an option to use a paid plan for one user for free. It includes project management and staff scheduling.


  1. Supports Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly & Semi-Monthly pay periods
  2. Write paychecks
  3. Timesheets
  4. Input pay rates
  5. Visual graphs showing total hours worked that pay period
  6. Pay period attendance summaries of employee hours at a glance
  7. Export detailed reports to pdf and excel to easily calculate overtime
  8. Employees can add notes