It is quite debatable as to whether to install GPS tracker in cars as there are many who misuse these facilities. The laws regarding instalment of GPS trackers in vehicles is not the same everywhere but, if done properly, cars with GPS trackers have numerous advantages. The main task of a GPS car tracker is to let the owner know the position of the car at all times. The GPS tracker is immensely helpful if the car gets stolen. The police or private investigator will be able to find out the location of the stolen car with the help of the GPS tracker. The GPS trackers installed in a vehicle usually can be connected to the smartphones and the owner will be able to track the location through their mobiles.

If you install a GPS tracker in your own car then it is okay with the law. But if the car is meant for business applications, you need to think twice before installing a GPS tracker. There are many cases where the employees had complained about keeping a tab on them even beyond office hours and intruding on their personal life. Depending on certain situations you should decide whether you will install the GPS device in your car or not.

  1. You can probably equip your car with GPS tracker if you plan to track your child
    Children want to be independent as they reach teenage years and you may allow them to drive your car after they receive a license. But, as a parent, you will always be concerned about the safety of your child. Sometimes, children in their teens go unruly and numerous cases of teenage rash driving have been registered worldwide. In such instances, having a GPS tracker in your car can save a life.
  2. You can install a GPS tracking device in your car for protecting assets or collateral
    Suppose a person had kept his own car as an asset when applying for a loan. But, he finds that he is falling short and will not be able to meet the period of repayment and will accumulate bad credit. At this moment many people rent their car out to repay the loan. Installing a GPS tracker in the car in such a situation will benefit the owner as he will not have to continuously worry about where his car is or whether it is in good condition.
  3. Keeping track of the elderly
    As children look for independence, the elderly too feel constrained if they are followed everywhere and desire for some time on their own. By installing a GPS tracker in the car you will be able to quietly follow the movements of your beloved grandparents without them being wiser about it. You will be able to track down your loved ones if they get lost.
  4. Going on a tour
    Are you planning to go on a tour to a new destination? It is best to equip your car with a GPS tracker as it will show you the path to your destination and eliminate the risk of losing your way in an unknown place. Suppose your family has gone on a trip and you could not make it for some reason. You can keep track of their movements through the car GPS tracking device and ensure the safety of their family.
  5. In case of an accident
    One cannot predict any misfortunes or the way life will turn. It is best to take some precautionary steps in case something unfortunate happens. Equipping your car with a GPS tracker will allow you to send immediate help to the site where the accident had occurred. The GPS tracking device will send an alert or signal immediately to the device (for instance, smartphone) connected to it. If you have shared the access to the GPS device with your family they will also be notified and can help in such times.

You must always be aware of the borderline and not trespass into the personal zone of your children, grandparents or employees. If you follow the above-mentioned guidelines then, you will not see any legal cases labelled against you in most jurisdictions. You should always contact a lawyer, especially when you are planning to equip your business cars with GPS trackers if you are in doubt. It is best to know the rules of your state before proceeding.

Generally, you have the right to track a car if you own it. In many jurisdictions, you will also be able to install a GPS tracking device in a car that was given to you by your company. It is, however, illegal to install a tracker in a car not owned by you. Hence, you are pretty clear from the side of the law if you equip your car with a GPS tracker for tracking your minor child, the elderly and other such reasons.