With the increasing rates of crimes against children, child safety has become an important issue.

For parents, there is no greater solace than knowing that their child is safe. Parents are always concerned about the safety and security of their children.

In spite of being attentive to the activities of the children or leaving them with cautious babysitters, it still might be possible to lose track of the kids.

Thus, parents can never risk the safety of their children against unwanted dangers. To ensure the security of their children, parents today have turned to technology to handle safety issues.


Technology has gifted us with many benefits and features, one of them being GPS tracking.

Today, smart parents are adapting GPS technology to track the location of their kids. GPS smartwatches that allow parents to track the movements of their child and spy on them have proved to be one of the most potential safety devices.

To shed light on the how you can protect your kids with this simple solution, here are its benefits:-

Perimeter of Safety

GPS watches enabled with Geo Fencing, allow you to define specific safe zones like school area, or park area.

Whenever your child steps outside the predefined radius, an alert will be sent to the parent’s phone. Certain devices also send notifications if the kid takes an unusual route.

The idea behind this is not to intrude your child’s freedom, but to ensure that you are always aware of your kids’ whereabouts.

Further, knowing when your child has left school or a friend’s home will help you estimate the time of their arrival and plan accordingly.

Locating in Public Areas

In crowded public areas, it is quite possible to lose sight of your kids even when they are not left alone or unattended.

This one moment is enough to send shivers down the spine when you are unable to spot your child.

Instead of allowing all your fears to overburden you, you can instantly know the location of your child using GPS tracking.

With a GPS smartwatch, your child will never get lost.

Tracking movement

Most GPS smartwatches also track and record location and activities. In case of a mishap like an accident or abduction, GPS watches come in very handy.

While some watches notify you when anything unusual happen, others alert you when the watch is removed.

In the case of an accident, you can use real-time tracking to know the exact location of your child to send immediate help.

If abduction takes place, you can not only track your kid on a real-time basis but also pinpoint all the locations that your child may have been to.

This will help you start the investigation process immediately, and ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

Emergency Call

It is natural that kids, both small and teenagers, will get into trouble every once in a while.

While a GPS device while not save your child, it will allow them to send you an emergency alert.

What makes this feature valuable is that it gives peace to the parents knowing that in case of any problem, their child will immediately inform them.

Further, it helps the parents extend independence to their children knowing they can go to rescue their children if anything goes wrong.

Monitored Freedom

Children with behavioral issues like autism and ADHD are prone to forgetting where they are supposed to be or wandering off.

In both these cases, while the child might be safe, it can prove to a difficult time for the parent, locating their children.

This necessitates monitoring the activities of the kid while allowing them some level of independence.

GPS smartwatches have contributed to this by helping you monitor their activities when they are within sight, and locating them quickly when they go out of sight.

Tracking activities

Kid’s health is a primary objective of parents.

Certain tracking devices allow you to count steps, runs, laps and time. This can help your child and you in keeping track of his physical activities to inculcate a habit of performing activities.

This will also help in boosting his health goals while you simply keep a watch on him from your home or office.


Though GPS smartwatches have often been claimed to be a privacy invasion, the fact remains that it allows parents to monitor the activities, without breaching their privacy and freedom.

It allows parents to be prepared for an emergency situation beforehand and effectively deal with it.

When your child is outside home, you can rely on the GPS technology to give you constant information about the well-being of your child.

Thus, a GPS smartwatch serves as an effective parenting tool that will extend relief to both, the child and the parent.