Running is the best cardio workout for weight loss and general health. Running involves exertion of complete body, and builds strength, mental and physical endurance, and cardiac health. Tracking your running activity smartly and sharing with others for a social and competitive element is vital to achieve our goals and consistency. Luckily, there are some great smartphone apps for runners using which can track your runs, see how many calories you burnt, find running tracks near you, share your progress and much more using innovative and exciting features. Let’s have a look at some of the best running apps for Android and iPhone.

Runkeeper (iOS, Android)

Runkeeper is the best running app around for years. Its interface, ease of use and features make it a perfect option for runners. It tracks your activity through GPS. You can get audio updates about your speed, calories and distance while running. You can also search and select exciting new running tracks around you, and see where other runners prefer to go. There are colorful maps and gamification of activities which make running much more fun with this app. You can download new routes, check your complete running performance history in the form of graphs. Social media sharing options are also available within the app to brag about your amazing runs.


Runtastic (iOS, Android)

Runtastic has an amazing GPS tracking which makes it one of the best apps to track activities like running, cycling, hiking and walking. It gives you audio and data-based feedback about your activity in real time. You can set short and long term running goals and get reminders about them to stay motivated. Runtastic’s comprehensive dashboard lets you have a complete overview of your activity, and shows you social media sharing options and user engagement with detailed graphs. Runtastic supports Android Wear, which means you can pair it with wearable devices.


Endomondo (iOS, Android)

If you want to add a social and fun element to your runs, Endomondo is for you. Apart from impeccable GPS, speed and distance tracking, Endomondo lets you challenge people in your neighborhood for runs. When you go to a running track, the app shows you the durations in which the track was completed by other people. This way, you can test yourselves, and get motivated easily. You can pair this app with fitness trackers to track your heart rate.


Nike+Running (iOS, Android)

Nike+ Running app is full of features and innovation. It tracks your runs with an agile GPS tracking, saves all your runs for future comparisons, provides you with text-based and video guidance from famous runners and trainers. Nike+ app has a built-in repository of motivational songs which can help you push through your limits. When you perform good, you get to listen to applause and appreciation by a ‘crowd’. You can share your activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps from the app. You can complement Nike+Running app with Nike’s wearable devices and other fitness trackers.

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MapMyRun (iOS, Android)

MapMyRun has a lot more than just GPS tracking of your workouts. This app provides nutrition information, so you can add your diet here and see what you are putting inside you in order to get the most out of your runs. MapMyRun shows detailed information such as elevation, air direction, route information, weather and humidity. You can see real-time and historical stats of your activities using this app.

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