Best GPS Devices and Apps for Child Tracking

GPS for child tracking

Even if you have the energy of a superman, you can’t always follow and track your children by yourself. Kids have to play outdoors, go to their friends’houses, school and other places where parents are not always around. Thankfully technology has made tracking children easier than ever. There are hundreds of GPS devices and apps using which parents can track their children all the time. Some of these devices are available in the form of smartwatches which are multipurpose. Some GPS devices use Bluetooth and radio technology to track through long and short ranges. Some of them also use geo-fencing to alert parents on their mobile devices in case the child goes out of a certain area. In this article we will talk about some of the best GPS devices and apps to track children.


Tinitell is a GPS-based watch which works on a 2G sim card. Through Tinitell’s companion apps, parents can track location of their kids wearing the device. In case of emergency, child can call on five numbers by just pressing buttons, as the device lets parents program contact numbers beforehand. Tinitell looks cute, comes in four colors, and is resistant to water and dirt. It costs $149.


FiLIP is an awesome wristband for tracking kids. It is also powered by a 2G Sim. Emergency contact numbers can be programmed in FiLIP. Parents can also send text messages to this tracker, but there is no option to reply from the band. FiLIP is best for making sure your child is in the place where they should be, as it uses advanced geo-fencing to alert parents on companion apps as soon as their kid goes out of the safe zone. FiLIP costs $149.


HereO is a colorful digital watch for kids loaded with a GPS chip, making the device a two-in-one gadget with a diverse range of features. HereO’s companion apps have a lot of advanced features like calling, messaging, safe zones, recommendations and panic alarms. Your kid can alert you in case of any danger by violently shaking the watch, or tapping a button three times. HereO has a built-in SIM card. The watch is water resistant. You can also see all the locations your kids went throughout the day using HereO app’s history feature. HereO costs $199.


PocketFinder is one of the best GPS trackers for kids who don’t want to wear a device or a wristband. This GPS tracker can be easily placed in a bag or your child’s pocket. PocketFinder’s companion apps show the exact location of your kid on Google Maps, and updates it after every two minutes. An emergency alert can be generated from the device by hitting its clip three times. PocketFinder costs approximately $130.

Family GPS Locator for Kids

If you are looking for a non-hardware option, Family GPS Locator Kids Control is the best app in the town to track your kid. But in order to track your kid using this app, your kid must have a smartphone in which this app is installed. You can get real-time location alerts, visualize location history, and even check the battery status of your kid’s phone. The app is available only for Android devices.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny

Xiaomi is a Chinese company which has launched some spectacular devices in equally impressing budget. Xiaomi’s Mi Bunny is a $50 smartwatch for tracking kids. This gadget is loaded with a prepaid SIM card, Wifi, ability to make and receive calls, make and receive voice calls,GLONASS and Bluetooth. The watch has 300mAh battery, which is equivalent to around 5 days of time. Mi Bunny also has features like ‘Security Zone’ and emergency calls.