Thousands of kids go missing every day. According to a study, over 800,000 people aged under 18 went missing in just one year. Wearable technology is the solution to this problem. GPS technology has made is easier to track children and ensure their safety. The market is teeming with several GPS-based wearable devices to track kids. In this article we will mention some of the best ones.


Dristee is one of the best GPS-based wearable trackers for children. Dristee provides real-time detection, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity, water sensing, depth sensing and much more. Dristee wearable device also generates alerts when the body temperature of the person wearing the device gets too low or too high. This way, parents can make sure their kid is safe in car, school, swimming pool, playground and other places. Dristee also tracks heart rate. The best thing about Dristee GPS tracker for kids is that it has an SMS/MMS feature. The device is waterproof, and remains functional in water up to a depth of 30-50 meters. Dristee has a companion app for smartphones (Android and iOS).

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AngelSense is an excellent GPS tracker which makes it very easy for parents to track their children. AngelSense’s device even has a “listening” feature using which you can listen to everything happening around your kid. AngelSense comes with a special protective sleeve which cannot be removed by kids easily. So if your kid has a habit of removing GPS trackers, you can use this protective sleeve to make sure constant tracking. The sleeve can only be removed by a parent. AngelSense also supports a sim card. The device generates special alerts on AngelSense app on your smartphone in case your kid goes to unknown and new locations.

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Trax Play

Trax Play is a small gadget that can be attached to anything or anyone. The gadget relays real-time location data. This way, you can track your loved ones, especially your kids.  Trax Play has a geo-fencing feature, using which you can demarcate the areas which are safe for your kid. If the kid goes beyond the marked areas, Trax Play will create special alerts which you will get on Trax Play app on your smart phone.  Trax Play has a micro USB port and an LED.

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Amber Alert GPS

Amber Alert GPS can also be attached to different things easily. You can attach this GPS with your kid’s school bag or shirt. This GPS tracker for kids stands out because it has a two-way calling feature. Amber Alert GPS automatically generates alerts when your kid is near a place which is known to be dangerous. Your kid can call you anytime within a second by simply pressing the big black button on the Amber device.

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