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5 Best GPS Trackers for Cats


Cats are not like other pets, instead of following their masters around, they like to live and wander around freely.

However, while they are being carefree, their owners get worried about their whereabouts and wellbeing. Although cats are very clever and can come back on their own by memorizing the route, yet they can still get lost sometimes.

For having a peace of mind, you may use GPS pet trackers to track their whereabouts.

There are many pet trackers in the market for pet owners to use, but some of them are excellent at their work. These are the points we must look forward to get a good cat tracker:

    • Advanced tracking technology.
    • Mobile app for easy use.
    • Monitoring the cat’s activity.
    • Great battery life for long-lasting service.
  • Additional features like location, history and live alerts.

According to the list above, we can list the best 5 cat trackers as follows:

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle is the first device and app system that offers both tracking the cat’s location and smart activity monitoring. The tracking device using GPS technology is attached to the collar of the cat to keep a watch on them. This device can work with any computer and smartphone. The mobile app sends messages about the location of the cat to the phone. You can set ‘Whistle Zone’ and if your cat leaves the zone, you will be alerted by the apps.

The pros of this tracker are:

  • The tracking has a great range and high accuracy.
  • The device is durable and waterproof.
  • Large battery life-sustaining for more than a week.
  • The nationwide coverage of Whistle 3 is backed by AT&T.

Tractive 3G Cat GPS Tracker

Another GPS tracker to know your cat’s live location, Tractive does not only help you to track your cat but also allows it to share the location with your family and friends through your mobile device.

You can also create a safe zone to work as a virtual fence for keeping your cat safe. The tracking device is lightweight and lasts for a long time, it is also waterproof. Tractive is active in about 150 countries.

With only a charge of two hours, its rechargeable battery can last about five days.

Tabcat Locator Handheld Cat Tracker

Tabcat uses radio frequency to track your cat.

It is more effective than GPS trackers in some ways. GPS signals which depend on the satellite can be lost when you try to locate your cat indoors, but radio frequencies do not face such troubles.

Moreover, this device is very tiny as well as lightweight. It is no more than 6g in weight. So, it is not very bulky for the cat to carry. It uses a simple method to guide you to your cat by beeps and color-coded lights.

You can also train your cat to come back with a beep on the collar. Another great feature of Tab cat is that it can track up to 4 cats at the same time.

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker 

Weenect uses three features to track your pet, as – Google Map, Compass and Radar.

It tracks your cat’s position and sends an update on the current location every few seconds. It is also the first GPS tracker with a feature of calling your cats.

You can voice call your cats from your phone and ask them to come home if they are out for too long. The cats can also be trained with a ring on the device.

This ring can be associated with a meal. The device weighs 25g only. After you charge it for three hours, it can be used for four days.

You will need a sim card for the voice calling, and a subscription for covering the service charge.

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag Cat Tracker

This cat tracker is not for tracking your cat in a wider range, it only works if your cat is within 200 feet of the mobile device.

Although it does not have GPS capability or a wide range like other pet trackers but is the affordable option for people who have low budget. Not only it comes at a very low price but also you do not have to pay any monthly subscription fee.

Being tiny and lightweight, the tracking device can be attached to any collar. Its long-lasting battery is also very impressive that can work for about six months.

Pawscout is a great option for people who want to use the tracker to find the cat inside the house and stop him if he tries to sneak outside.

These are the best cat trackers in 2019 to locate your little furry friend.

6 Best GPS Apps for iPad


GPS apps have become a part of daily lives, helping one explore new places, find the best routes and avoid heavy traffic. Smartphone applications have brought these apps to the fingertips of people, enabling them to navigate easily. However, not all GPS applications that work just fine on smartphones offer the same user experience on tablets and iPads.

Apps that are designed for the smartphone may not work that well on the large screens of tablets and iPads. But there are some developers who have ensured that their application provides a great user interface and excellent navigation on iPads too.

Such 6 Best GPS apps that offer great functionality for the iPad are:

Google Maps

There is no need to reiterate the popularity of Google Maps. It is the most used GPS application all over the world, both on smartphones and tablets. Developed by Google Inc. itself, the application is completely free to download and use. The app offers one of the best user interfaces. Striking features like automatic route finding in heavy traffic, accurate traffic data and much more make the app a favorite among all. The app also provides reliable weather data so that you know how the weather is before you step out. You can use the app in a wide range of languages.

Apple Maps

A pre-installed application on your iPad, Apple Maps doesn’t have to be downloaded. The Apple-developed GPS application is very similar to Google Maps in terms of its features and user interface. Though the app was not received very fondly in the beginning, it has improved by leaps and bounds after quite a few updates. The app offers some striking features like night mode and step listing feature. It also provides voice assistance from Siri. Another exceptional feature of the application is its Apple Watch extension where the watch vibrates every time you need to make a turn. This eliminates the need to check the application again and again.


Waze is a kind of community GPS app that allows users to update traffic information on a real-time basis, offering accurate traffic conditions and helping you save time. You can also add your friends and keep a track of their location via the app. A feature of the app allows it to indicate various points of interest on the route you take. You can also create stops automatically by syncing google calendars and Facebook that have your events information. Waze is especially popular due to its ability to load and refresh faster than most of its counterparts.


This is another renowned GPS app that works well on iPads. Though free to download, you are required to pay a subscription amount after the trial period ends. The best feature of the application is its offline mode support that eliminates the need to have constant internet connectivity. The app allows you to save locations after finding it once so that you can access the map quickly when needed. Co-Pilot is an excellent app for walkers and cyclists as it offers excellent cycling and pedestrian navigation. The app offers many other satisfying features when you are willing to pay for it.


CityMapper is a standout in this list since the app is targeted for public transport users. With a simple setup that features both local transit and location tracking options, the user interface is great. You can avail multi-device syncing and find multiple routes and transport options between any two points. The app compares journey time, walking time and public transport time to provide you the best available option. Some stand-out features of the app include live location sharing, address saving, etc.

HERE WeGo Navigation

The HERE WeGo maps are a popular GPS and navigation choice for people who are looking to go on a long trip. The app constantly updates the route at every turn to ensure that you can reach your destination easily. The City version of the map offers navigation for walking and cycling and also provides navigation for public transport. What makes it suitable for long drives is its offline mode, permitting you to search for routes and navigate when you do not have access to an internet connection. Though the application was designed primarily for Windows, it offers unhindered service on iPads too.


These are the best 6 GPS applications for iPads currently. The apps offer a simple user interface and exceptional features like night mode, offline navigation and real-time traffic update to ensure that you can always find the best route. Depending on your navigation needs, you can choose any of the above apps. These GPS apps will save you time while traveling, and help you reach your destination on time.

Top 3 GPS apps for mobile phones


GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is a satellite-based radio navigation system. It helps to determine the exact location of a person, vehicle and object. Not only it helps to track someone or find out lost objectives but also helps a person to explore a place and navigate to his destination easily.

GPS was previously used by only official authorities previously, but now it has been a part of general people’s’ daily lives. We can go anywhere and find out the easiest and fastest route to get there with the help of GPS now. It has become even more useful as it is now available as applications or shortly called, Apps, that we can access from our mobile phones.

As an essential part of our daily routine, mobile phones have several features to help us doing multiple tasks, and GPS is one of them. There are a lot of GPS apps in the Google Play Store that is available in Android phones. Although the main function is the same, these apps are designed uniquely to serve different requirements for the users.

While some of them only work online, others can also work offline. Offline apps are especially useful because they work even if the internet is temporarily unavailable. Some apps are only able to provide you with routes and destinations, and some can offer you locational descriptions, street views and nearby amenities like restaurants, gas stations and banks. So, a GPS app is something that you must have when you are traveling.

Although there are numerous GPS apps, these three apps are best according to the users –

Google Maps

The best web mapping service, Google Maps was developed by Google and launched on February 8, 2005. It is written in C++, JavaScript, XML and Ajax. Whether you want to get a route for self-driving, public transport, or by foot, Google Maps offer the easiest route plan. Apart from showing the distance, it also shows the approximate time you will need to reach your destination. If you are taking public transport, then the app will also mention how much it will cost.


    • Fast functioning and easy to use.
    • Discovers the best destinations and route.
    • Real-time traffic conditions.
    • Guide to tourist places.
    • Exploring facility to roam in a new place like a local resident.
    • Turn-by-turn voice directions.
    • Reliable for ratings and reviews of places
    • Satellite imagery, street maps and aerial photography available
    • 360° panoramic view of places and streets.
  • Offline maps are available to navigate without internet.

Offline Mode

Google Maps can also be accessed offline. For that, you need to download a map of the area that you want to view later. You can download multiple area maps if you want. Although, you will not get a real-time traffic update in the offline mode.


Another GPS navigation software owned by Google; Waze was launched in 2006 by Waze Mobile. It was named FreeMap Israel initially. Google acquired the app in June 2013. It is available in 40 languages. It is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app in the world. The live maps are updated by the map editors every moment. After installing the app, you can instantly join the drivers in that area so that they can share the latest information about road and traffic with all the community members. It helps everyone to save gas, money and time. While other apps show the user ‘s location and the distance of the destination, Waze shows the traffic situation of all the roads of the route. So, the user can avoid the roads that are blocked with traffic and other hazards. Moreover, you can also add friends from the community to keep you posted about their location, which is very useful if a group of people is going to the same destination differently.


Launched in 2004, Sygic is one of the most used offline navigation apps. The full functionality of this app can be enjoyed without an internet connection, as maps can be downloaded and stored on the phone by this app. Sygic is constantly updated so the users never suffer on the road from any route-related problem. The GPS navigation map of Sygic can be used for walking, traveling as well as driving. So, it is useful for any person coming from any profession. The main screen displays the route ahead and the local speed limit to the drivers, which helps them to know the expected arrival time. Sygic also has a voice guidance like Google Maps and Waze. Another great feature of this app is that it not only helps you to find local gas stations and nearest parking, but it also provides all the information about the price and availability of a service.

When you are on the road, these three apps can make your journey a lot better.

GPS Tracking Is A New Step in Aviation: Will It Help Planning to Avoid Plane Disappearance?


Plane disappearance is an extremely unfortunate and shocking situation. Air transport is the fastest and a convenient option, but air transport disasters can be dreadful. When a plane disappears or goes missing, people from different countries worldwide lose their loved ones. The situation is quite dreadful and scary!

There can be several reasons behind the disappearance of a plane:

  • Due to bad weather.
  • Mechanical failure of the plane.
  • The error of the pilot.
  • Other forms of human error like the air traffic controllers, fuelers, dispatchers, maintenance engineers or loaders.
  • Sabotaging or hijacking.

From all these reasons, sabotage, weather and mechanical failure are the most common ones. There have been many cases of plane disappearance in history, and the latest addition to this unfortunate list is the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 incident

Flight MH370 started from Kuala Lumpur to its destination Beijing, with 239 people on board, on March 8, 2014. The pilot and co-pilot of the plane were respectively Zaharie Amad Shah and Fariq Abdul Hamid. Just 38 minutes after the take-off, the plane lost contact with Malaysian Airlines.

Even after investigating with all their might, Flight MH370 could not be found or saved. The parts of the plane have recently discovered in the Indian Ocean at Madagascar. The actual cause behind this tragedy is still unknown. However, there are theories and debates among investigators about the cause.

This incident has brought the disturbing fact into light that even a modern aircraft with enough communicative equipment can disappear without a trace. This proves that the plane tracking system at present is not well designed.

Aircrafts are monitored by using two radar systems – primary and secondary.

  • Primary radar: Developed in the 1930s, it is based on the earliest form of radar. The approximate position of an aircraft is detected and measured by reflected radio signals.
  • Secondary radar: This system depends on the aircraft being equipped with a transponder and requests the aircraft for additional information like its identity and altitude.

These systems are clearly not enough to track a plane, so, GPS tracking is now being considered to take their place to avoid plane disappearance.

GPS or the Global Positioning System was initially developed by the US government for required navigation in the military, but now it is used in the whole world for numerous applications. It is a network of about 30 satellites that orbit the Earth at a 20000 km altitude. Using this system, the exact location of anyone or anything can be determined accurately and flawlessly.

GPS can be used to track planes, but air traffic control is radar-based almost entirely. Even if GPS display the plane’s position to the pilots, this data is not shared with air traffic control. Some modern aircraft are equipped with the technology to uplink GPS data to satellite tracking services in recent years. However, linking large volumes of flight data is expensive, so it is only used in remote areas where there is no radar coverage.

To solve this problem, a technology company in Virginia has introduced a new GPS tracking system for planes, so that tragedies like flight MH370 do not repeat again.

Space-Based ADS-B

Aireon, the Virginia-based global satellite tracking company announced a fully operational GPS flight tracking system named ‘Space-Based ADS-B’, with the claim that this system can increase coverage from 30 percent to 100 percent. According to the plans of Aireon, this GPS system will use satellites instead of ground-radar sites that will allow it to deliver real-time flight data from anywhere to anywhere. There are no special technical requirements to use this system, it is compatible with the current planes, so it is not costly either. This GPS system is already live in Canada and the UK for managing air traffic across the North Atlantic. Whether it will be live in the US anytime soon on not, will be determined after the Federal Aviation Administration performs an evaluation test of this system in Caribbean airspace later this year.

How does it work?

This air traffic surveillance technology depends on aircraft to broadcast their identity. An accurate GPS position and other information are derived from onboard systems. Every half a second, this data is broadcasted from the aircraft. The Air Traffic Controllers can use this data to identify and separate aircraft live.

How effective is Space-Based ADS-B?

The GPS system introduced by Aireon definitely looks promising as the new step of avoiding plane disappearance. With the previous surveillance system over planes, 70 percent of the world did not have any access to ATS surveillance information. This includes places like the polar regions, mountainous regions, oceans, forests and deserts. The new Space-Based ADS-B improves Air Traffic Management by enhancing efficiency, capacity, safety and predictability, and also reduces overall infrastructure costs.

Aireon has invented a revolutionary technology for preventing plane disappearances. With Space-Based ASD-B around, there is hope that no plane will meet the same fate as Flight MH370.


14 Best GPS Apps for Mobile Phones

GPS Mobile Phones Apps

Need help getting from A to B? Standalone GPS devices are still popular with drivers, but downloading a dedicated app to your phone is an easier, more convenient (and possibly cheaper) option.

Still, the app market is incredibly competitive, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by the huge variety on offer. To help you find the right GPS app, we’ve put together a list of the 14 best choices available today.

TomTom Go Mobile

TomTom’s a top name in the GPS sector, and this app’s a fantastic option.

TomTom Go Mobile provides alerts for traffic updates and speed cameras, and while its freemium model gives you 50 miles’ worth of navigation for free every month, upgrading to the full package costs just £14.99.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a hugely popular option, with plenty of great features and solid reliability. With one of the world’s biggest brands behind it, Google Maps is simple to use and updated regularly.

Here WeGO

This GPS app features turn-by-turn voice guidance, live traffic updates, and downloadable maps are ideal for offline use (avoiding signal-related problems). This was originally created by Nokia, but changed hands after a sale to a German consortium (including Audi and BMW), and the app has continued to go from strength to strength.

The application features a simple and elegant interface with mapping options all over the world. Here WeGo supports map downloading for offline use and also shows traffic information. You can even customize the app by saving places for quick directions, all for free. Further, the map creator app hosted by them also allows you to make edits to a map.


Waze is a little different, with a community-based structure allowing drivers to share information on real-time traffic changes. This puts a social spin on the GPS app, and allows you to help other drivers avoid time-wasting delays.

Another GPS app by Google, Waze stands out among all the GPS apps. It features a community-based structure that allows the users to update real-time traffic information and report accidents. This helps the other users in saving time and finding out great things about the area like nearby petrol pumps etc. The free app is equipped with all other necessary features.


InRoute is a smooth GPS app, with helpful features such as the ability to hunt for points of interest within a set distance, making planning fuel top-ups or meal stops easier. Live-updating keeps weather conditions and important information on roads current.


Co-Pilot is a powerful offline app ideal for use on holidays or business trips abroad, where roaming charges can get costly and Wi-Fi is unavailable. Their performance remains dynamic and fast without an internet connection.


Love to take hikes or long bike rides? Komoot is a GPS app designed for people like you, providing turn-by-turn directions offline and detailed information on the terrain around you. You can get your hands on one map for free, but any other regions will cost you. Good directions can be a literal life-saver in the great outdoors, and this has a solid reputation for accuracy.


OsmAnd (or OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions) provides global navigation for free, with vocal hints, points of interest, and the ability to switch between walking, driving and cycling.

A different kind of navigation app, OsmAnd caters directly to the needs of the people who are looking for offline navigation. You can simply download a map and enjoy offline navigation with points of interest and vocal guidance. You can also switch between driving, walking or cycling. The free version imposes a limit on the number of maps you can download.


MAPS.ME apparently has more than 50 million users around the world, which is testament to its quality.

Another free GPS app on the list, Maps.Me features both offline maps and turn by turn navigation. The app features offline searching and allows you to bookmark frequented locations. Maps.Me offers worldwide support and provides traffic data for most locations. There are no in-app purchases, making the app completely free. However, there are some ads on it.

Apple Maps

The default GPS application for iOS users, Apple Maps is right next to Google Maps. Though the map saw some hesitation initially, the current version is seamless and excellent. The flyover feature of the app which allows you to view 3D structures is especially helpful. Detailed turn-by-turn instructions live traffic update and all other features are available.


Sygic is an immensely popular navigation app that uses TomTom maps to offer offline navigation maps. The app provides voice guidance, turn by turn navigation, alternate routes and even speed limit. The free version provides you access to very limited features. There are 3 different purchase plans for the app, priced at $13.99, $17.99 and $29.99. The final plan offers you lifetime access to all the features of the app.

Map Factor

Map factor is a slightly popular application that offers all basic GPS and navigation features for free. Using OpenStreetMap as the basic platform, the app offers you access to free offline maps updated monthly. To get maps beyond these, you will have to pay some amount. Using this app, you will be able to switch between 2D and 3D mode and day or night themes. Supporting dozens of countries, the app also provides cross-border routing and vocal directions.


CityMapper, as the name suggests is great for people who travel from using public transport on a daily basis. The app compares the journey time by different methods like cycling, walking, taking a cab, using public transport, etc. The app is renowned for providing real-time traffic updates faster than most other apps. It even allows you to see the train schedule when offline and save your daily routes for easy navigation.


Previously known as TeleNav, the app has undergone a transformation in terms of its name, appearance, and logo. The GPS app is reliable featuring all basic functionalities of a navigation app. The app features a social media element whereas it can automatically share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with your friends. The complete version of the app costs around $24.99 per year.

Is it legal to use GPS tracking?


GPS tracking system or Global Positioning System is used to determine the exact location of a person, vehicle, or an object.

It uses a GPS device and an in-built software to view the location on a screen.

This system is greatly useful in several situations. For example, tracking the exact location can save a life during natural disasters, and when someone is lost. It can also come to use if something is stolen. However, is it always legal to use GPS tracking on people, or cars? It is clearly invading someone’s privacy to surveillance them without their knowledge about it, so there are special situations and laws about when you can do it.

When is it legal to use GPS tracking?

There are a few situations when you can use GPS tracking, they are:

  • You can track your children for their safety if they are underaged.
  • If your organization or you personally own an asset or a car, then you can track it.
  • If you have an asset that is useful to a group of people, so it is often taken away by someone without your permission, then you have the authority of using a GPS tracking device on it.
  • You can track an asset or a car if it is for the purpose of legal repossession.

Who uses GPS tracking most?

The police, military personnel, firefighters, and large courier businesses use GPS tracking all the time. The GPS system is essential for the services these people provide. Nowadays, small businesses and general citizens use it a lot as well.

GPS tracking laws applied to the users

GPS tracking laws vary on who the user is and how it is used.

  • Individual citizens: As a general citizen, it is illegal to use GPS tracking to things that you do not own. So, if you still want to do it on a person, or a vehicle you do not own, then you must consult with an attorney. Neglecting the laws may result in you ending up with monetary penalties as well as a permanent criminal background.
  • Law enforcement: Although the law enforcement departments like the police and military have the authority of tracking someone’s whereabouts without their knowledge, yet they cannot do it just because they want to. It is a must to obtain a warrant before they use a GPS tracker on a criminal suspect or a car.
  • Businesses: As a business owner, the law considers you the owner of every asset and employee of your business. Business owners can track their fleet of vehicles and the employees too, without any terms and regulations, and without any fear of breaking the law. It is your right to protect your assets and keep an eye on your employees’ movement, and you can use GPS trackers for these purposes freely.

Nevertheless, it would always be best to consult an attorney for professional advice before using any GPS tracking device on anyone. Doing this, you will understand the GPS related laws better, and you will be safe from getting on the bad side of the law.

A few Court cases that have affected and developed GPS laws

  • United States V. Jones in 2011: A GPS tracker was placed on the car of Jones, who was suspected of drug trafficking. The tracker collected many pieces of evidence against Jones to prove his crime, but the case was turned against the police at the court, saying that it was a violation of Fourth Amendment rights.
  • Cunningham V. New York Department of Labor in 2013: An employer tracked one of his employee’s personal cars without his knowledge. This case was in favor of the employer at the court because the employee had a previous record of falsifying his work time, and that time too, it was proved by the GPS evidence that he reported falsified time again.

These court cases clearly show that when the case is about an employee and the employer, laws are not that strict, and the employers are given complete rights to monitor their employees. However, when it comes to the police applying a GPS tracker on a private citizen, the laws are more effective, and the police need to be very careful about having permission or warrant before tracking a suspect or it will be a violation to their rights.

So, it can be said that using GPS tracking is not illegal, but you need to know your rights and limits before you do it.

The Latest News in GPS Tracking Industry


Global Positioning System is a system to determine the exact location of a person or vehicle. Using the software, you can view the location on the map in a GPS device and you can track the person or car. GPS has brought revolution to the tracking history, from ensuring your child’s safety to monitoring your car, protecting your assets, and obtaining evidence against a criminal, GPS trackers are almost always successful in every field. There are many companies that offer GPS tracking devices and the world is flooded with news about them as well as the GPS tracking industry nowadays. A few of the latest news of 2019 from around the world are as follows –

Whistle 3 GPS tracker is introduced for watching pets [March 3, 2019] [India]

The biggest worry of pet owners is if their pet is safe and healthy all 24 hours. It is not possible for anyone to follow their pets all day, but the new Whistle 3 GPS tracker is going to do that for you. Just like the feature ‘Find my phone’, you can find your pets with it. Introduced by AT&T, this GPS tracker is going to monitor your pets all day, everywhere. You can set it up with WIFI, and you will get a notification the moment your pet steps out of the safe zone.

A ban on lifelong GPS tracking of sex offenders in Georgia [March 4, 2019] [Georgia]

Previously, sex offenders were monitored with a GPS tracking device for a lifetime, even after completing their sentences. On Monday, the unanimous Georgia Supreme Court, the highest court of Georgia states that this GPS monitoring violates the Fourth Amendment rights, so it is unconstitutional. There are many other states that have made this law constitutional or included it as a part of the sentence. It allows to monitor people without warrant who have completed their sentences to see if they are on their best behavior or not, but the court of Georgia is giving privacy rights back to them now.

“Every knife sold in the UK should have a GPS tracker fitted in the handle.” – Scott Mann [March 14, 2019] [United Kingdom]

Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall, believes that anyone carrying a weapon must have a convincing explanation for keeping it. As the knife crimes are increasing in the UK, politicians are searching for a way to deal with it. Scott Mann proposed to install GPS tracking devices to the knives and just like the national database they have with guns, one must be there for knives too. However, with a huge number of knives in the market, this suggestion has been considered very expensive and ineffective.

The last location of GPS helps to arrest thief [March 19, 2019] [Florida]

A Florida real estate executive, Andrea Greenburg was found dead in her house, the cause of her death was fentanyl. When her ex-boyfriend, Alejandro Aparicio found her unresponsive on the couch, he stole $547,000 from her house and fled. He removed his GPS tracking device so that he does not get caught. However, the police got a lead from the last location of his GPS tracker. He was arrested last month and was released after surrendering his two passports, under the condition of wearing his tracking device.

Domestic abusers are misusing GPS trackers [March 20, 2019] [London]

While GPS is helping the police in many crimes to solve, just like any other technology, it is also being misused. Domestic abusers are using GPS trackers to hunt down, trap and control their victims. Ellen, a victim of domestic abuse in their 20-year marriage was regularly beaten and humiliated by her husband. She finally left him but was stalked by him for a long time as he had accessed her Gmail account and could gather her exact location using the GPS. Only after moving to a new town, she was safe. It is incidents like these that the laws about GPS tracking is very strict and they strictly prohibit to track someone without their consent. GPS tracking is very useful, but you must be careful about your own location so that it is not shared with anyone without your knowledge.

The integrated GPS tracking is launched by GeoSpace for reefer trailers [March 21, 2019] [Houston]

GeoSpace Labs introduces integrated GPS tracking sets that assist drivers to transport temperature sensitive materials carrying in a refrigerated trailer. This GPS tracker is installed onto the reefer and shows the current and historic temperature on display. This new product provides both tracking and temperature monitoring and allows the drivers to keep up their workflow without interruption from switching between technical platforms and different applications.

This series of news helps us understand the present situation of the GPS tracking industry and predict the future of it.

GPS Buying Guide: Choosing a Suitable GPS for Hunting


A GPS is no doubt an invaluable tool to use during hunting. where GPS is included in most fish finders. It provides great help in navigation by giving you the information about where you have been, where you are and where you want to go next. It even comes in handy when you need to track the blood trail of game.of game.

Choosing a suitable hunting GPS can make a big different in the way you enjoy your hunt. When choosing a GPS, you should consider a few things so that you can pick the most suitable GPS for your hunt.

It is important to choose a GPS unit that functions well according to your preference. Furthermore, each GPS unit comes with different applications so you will need to pay attention to the ones that are suitable for your hunting.

Functionality you need to look at


It is recommended for you to look into a GPS unit with good speed so that it can function fast and accurately when you need it. The number of satellites the GPS uses for location information is a determining factor of the GPS speed.

You should get a unit that connects to 12 different satellites at the least. However, if you can afford to get a unit that has more, then you should go ahead. You should avoid getting any less. This is because your GPS unit could take up to as long as twenty seconds if it is connected to less than 12 satellites.

Besides, it is helpful for your GPS unit to possess a high sensitivity receiver for these satellites. The American Oregon 600 provides this along with Hotfix satellite receiver too. These work together to locate your position quickly and precisely. With this feature, you can trust the system to assist you even in dense and tricky locations.

A larger antenna for your unit may also provide a boost to the speed of determining your location. There are different types of GPS antennas in the market. There is no the best type but the most popular one is the Quad Helix style. This provides more sensitivity and superior reception.


It is important to get a legible screen for your GPS. That is, a screen that is clear enough to read. Most people go hunting during the daytime when the sun shines brightly. This can make it almost impossible to see your gadget screen clearly sometimes.

Hence, you should look out for GPS units that deal with this problem well. You can look out for those that contain reflective display technology. You should also look for a unit with good display quality so that you can interpret the data on it clearly.  

Another thing to consider when choosing your GPS is the screen size. It is helpful to have a larger screen size for a clearer reading. However, the size of the GPS unit will be larger as well. This means that it will be heavier to carry around. You will need to decide which is more important to your hunting style.  

You should also decide on your interface preference. You need to choose if you would like to get a touch screen or not. Getting a GPS unit with a touch screen will come in handy because it is fast to use. If your hunt is during winter, you may want to consider using a handheld GPS with buttons instead since using a touch screen will not be very efficient to work with when you wear gloves.

Durability and Battery Life

The most technologically advanced GPS in the world will not be of much help if it breaks the first time you drop it! Hence, it is important to get a durable GPS unit when it comes to hunting. You should make sure that your GPS is able to withstand significant collisions to ensure its durability. It should also be weather resistant and can withstand pressure and water.

You are highly recommended to invest in a GPS unit with a good amount of battery life too. The last thing you want is for your GPS to run out of battery during a hunt and especially when you are in the midst of using it.

Some units in the market like the Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS have dual battery source made for hunting. With this feature, the latest power solution is provided for your GPS. This helps your device to never run short of power source during your hunting adventure.

Some units also come with the option of using rechargeable batteries. This is convenient for you as you will not need to keep getting batteries for your device. For example, the Garmin Approach G6 features a rechargeable battery that can last up to fifteen hours at one go!

A good durable GPS with long battery life will last you a long way, not just on the field but over the long term!

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Extra Features you need to pay attention to


It is usually the case that handheld GPS units contain built-in base map which shows you the main roads, rivers and landmarks. However, most of them will not indicate to you small roads or other minor details. They only provide general information.

You must ensure that the GPS you chose can download maps to show the major details of the land. Hence, you may want to look out for a GPS that is map downloadable. This can also keep you updated for any changes. The more information on your map, the safer and more confident you will be on your hunt.

Barometric Altimeter

The altimeter function of the GPS is for measuring barometric pressure. This enables you to predict the weather because you can determine the changes in surrounding pressure typically due to upcoming weather changes. If the pressure goes down, you can expect change like clouds or rain. If the pressure rises, you can expect blue skies. This can be very beneficial during hunting.   

Wireless Connectivity

Certain GPS units even come with Smart Notification. This allows you to wirelessly receive emails and text messages from your compatible smart phone. This is convenient for hunting as you do not need to dig into your backpack for your phone when you have so many other tools to take care of. It certainly makes your hunt easier and more comfortable.


It is often the case that regulations on hunting would regulate the time period when hunting can legally start, be it in the morning or during evenings. This usually depends on the time of when the sun rises, and when it sets. Since this time changes every day, you can rely on a GPS unit to determine the time. Hence, you may want to choose a GPS unit that provides a calendar of sunrise and sunset so you can know when it is legal to hunt.

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All in all, trade-offs will have to be made in choosing the best GPS unit for yourself. Therefore, you will need to make comparisons on which GPS unit offers better features according to those that are important to you. You will also have to decide which is most worth your money. The price range of your selected GPS will depend on your budget and preferences. It is also advisable to read up reviews on different units, especially those produced by reliable manufacturers. In the end, it will all be worth it for your hunt!

Employee GPS Tracking Test – Palawan, Philippines


Who’s ready to see the next generation of GPS software and technology in action?

We’ve been asked to give a third party review of the results of some ongoing testing of an employee GPS tracking app, Turtler, being used on location at Binga Beach, an upscale glamping and beach resort in Palawan, Philippines.  

Binga Beach Resort in Palawan, Phillipines
Source: Binga Beach Resort

Employee GPS tracking has become a rapidly growing but contentious sector in the GPS industry.

Too many companies have taken advantage of employee GPS tracking technology to over-reach their observation rights of their employees, but we’ve sought out companies like Turtler that are heading in the opposite direction – attempting to provide as much privacy and security to employees using the system as possible.

Use of the Turtler app for the test at the beach resort will include:

  • Tracking and recording the worked hours of the construction workers at the job site building the resort’s accommodations.
  • Tracking construction foreman who are picking up supplies and running errands away from the job site.
  • Tracking their adventure package tour guides on their tours, so managers and guests alike can see the guide’s routes live for both security monitoring and to promote the tours to tourists by showing where they go.
  • Pinning, or bookmarking in the Turtler terminology, points of interests for contractors to find and for tourists to find Binga Beach’s main location and other recommended locations.

We’ll look forward to hearing how the test goes, both from the workers themselves and the managers using the app.

Of particular interest is to see how Turtler’s stringent privacy protocols hold up, for example the firm blocks preventing the managing company from being able to view the employee’s locations after hours as Turtler is only supposed to be able to work during scheduled hours, and even only on the job site.

We will report back after their first month of testing and see how it goes. Hats off to them for testing in such a mountainous area where data connections might be weak.

For more info see Turtler’s write up on the case study test:

GPS Tracking and Panic Buttons in Public Transportation


In light of the rising numbers of crimes associated with public transport, there has emerged a pressing need to take some action in order to ensure the safety of passengers.

After the incident in Delhi in 2012, the Indian Road Transport Ministry finally realized the necessity for safety measures to protect passengers, especially women.

The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry issued a mandate to install Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) devices and emergency panic buttons in all existing public transport vehicles.

While the original deadline set for this task originally was April 2018, many states were unable to meet this deadline. To ensure the enforcement of the rule, the transport department decided to employ these rules for the new vehicles too.

The department released a notice announcing that: installation of the “AIS140 vehicle tracking system” and an emergency button is mandatory for all new vehicles starting from January 1, 2019.

This is applicable for all vehicles that fall under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989; meaning that auto rickshaws and e-rickshaws are exempted from it.

Enforcing the Mandate

To ensure that the new rule is enforced properly, the ministry declared that installation of the GPS tracking system and the panic button is utmost necessary to obtain a fitness certificate or vehicle registration from a Road Transport Office (RTO).

The RTOs were requested to ensure that the vehicles are complying with these rules before issuing any certificate.

This will be done with the help of the “AIS-140 National Vehicle Tracking Portal” developed by the BSNL, enabling the offices to check the compliance.

The portal has been designed to capture the details of the VLT device, the number of the vehicle and the chassis, which can be then integrated with the ‘Vahan’ portal or vehicle tracking portal.

As for the existing vehicles, many States wrote to the Ministry asking for an extension on the deadline. Thus, the Ministry left this task on the shoulders of the respective States to get the installations done at the earliest.

Ensuring Passenger Safety

The AIS 140 has been designed to ensure the safety of the passengers, especially the women and children, by enabling the authorities to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

Once the details of the VLT system have been integrated with the Vahan system, the state will be able to monitor the location and the movement of the vehicle. This will also allow the state to receive over-speeding alerts.

In the event of an emergency like an accident or harassment, the passengers can simply push the panic button on the vehicle. This will alert the authorities with the location of the vehicle immediately.

Subsequently, they will be able to take action and ensure the safety of the passengers. This will also make the passengers traveling alone feel safer, knowing that their vehicle is being tracked and the panic button will help them if any unexpected situation arises.

This will also keep the road safety in check by curbing over-speeding instances.

Further, the vehicle owners will need to ensure that the devices are in a good working condition and send data to the backend system regularly. They will also have to get their devices tested every year to ensure its conformity.

Challenges Faced

While this is a great step to establish passenger safety, like every other initiative, it also has its own set of challenges. The ministry’s decision to leave the task on the shoulders of the State departments to install these devices, without a deadline, has resulted in huge delays.

Many experts believe that the installation of the gadgets isn’t merely enough. They say that the devices won’t be able to guarantee safety unless a proper infrastructure is in place to track the vehicles and to attend the emergency calls. Further, a team must be regulated to attend to the emergency calls quickly and efficiently.

What is another growing cause of concern is the fact that not all states have actively adopted the installation of these devices. Due to this, some states have a tracking system in place while others do not.

Sometimes, a State with a tracking system in place will not be able to track vehicles coming in from other states, if they are not equipped with the VLT. This is why it is necessary that all states adopt this technology simultaneously and quickly.


While the transport department has taken a step in the right direction, it will have to enforce its adoption more aggressively. When fully operative, this will go a long way in curbing public transport crimes and accidents and guaranteeing the safety of the passengers.

GPS Tracking will also play a huge role in improving road safety, keeping the drivers in check.