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Best GPS Employee Tracking Softwares


With the number of remote workers and mobile employees growing more than 11%/ year, a 103% increase from 2005 to 2014 according to , the quantity of software being developed to monitor attendance and productivity have likewise grown. In fact, they are now so many choosing the right one is becoming so dizzyingly impossible.

Worse, in the “Darwinian Ether World” where the lesser anything is pushed to oblivion, non-profitability  and, possibly, eventual demise (such as: Friendster on social media, AOL and maybe Yahoo among search engines), the people behind the “new” software are always creating what they consider the “better one.”

And with the lure of becoming the next “Mark Zuckerberg” they come in droves. The result: bloated, more complicated, pricier software claiming to be the best.

To keep our sanity intact, we whittled down our list to the simplest, least expensive,  GPS Employee Tracking applications that can do the job minus the unnecessary frills.

Here are our choices (Subscription rates are in their websites):


thseets tracking

In addition to common functions of online applications for telecommuting,  TSHEETS  can track the movements  of your employees and show you exactly where they are on the map in real time. Their app is compatible with iOS, Android and even with windows system. You can do scheduling directly in TSHEETS. No need to print employees schedules since they can check it using TSheets mobile app.

Reports can have GPS Time Stamp.

It has Geofencing capabilities that can send alert when you employees are leaving a certain area or when they are entering another.

 The app has a feature that employees can use to ask for timesheet approval, text messaging, dial ins and even touch screen mobile web apps. A notification can be set to tell your manager who among the employees expected to report in certain locations did not click in (time in) for their shift. And of those who did, the app can send alerts if anyone is about to incur overtime.

When it is time to bill and prepare the payroll, TSheets can easily integrate with Quickbooks and other accounting software. It is capable of churning Project reports, payroll reports, job costing and the people behind this app claim that their server is up 99.99% of the time.


timr tracker

With just those four letters comprising its name, this app doesn’t seem to have a lot going for it. That is, until you decide to dig into it.

And that’s when you would be reminded that jumping hastily into conclusion is never a good idea. Timr is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows). And that is one of its advantages over the competition. It can track its subjects whenever and wherever they may be – real time tracking– and they can do it online or offline using GPS – with results transmitted automatically.

They have a drive log that incorporates Work time and Project time and the app is so simple you do not need any training to use it. That, despite the fact that you can use the same app to customize the features needed by the company. It automatically create reports for all the billable hours without having to get details from some other data bank. Billing can be sent right away.

Timr, which is both a web application and a mobile app can be used as a centralized tool for management and administration. It harvests data on employees attendance, absences, vacations, time off, sick leave and it has no setup fee.

Uh, did anybody mention holidays and half days off? This app puts them into consideration too!

People behind this app are so confident about their product they don’t ask their  clients to sign a contract.  They said Timr’s features are enough make them stay after the 30 day trial period and to keep on paying the price which you will find at Timr pricing page.


streetmart tracker

This app does not only tell you where your people are at any given time. It can show you where they are, tell you how they got there, and at what cost to the company.

It gives you the location, how long they have been there, mileage, expenses and you can integrate these information to payroll and reimbursements. If you want more it can give youa reading of the odometer which you can compare to Google miles.

It has features that can tell you the status of any job and a way to provide further instructions that you can transfer to the workers mobile device eliminating the need for phone calls and paper based memos.

It sends an alert when an employee may have to incur overtime.


Vismo tracker

When you have trusted employees whose security and protection are among your primary concerns aside from productivity, this is the software and app that you might want to consider.

It can track your people anywhere in the world even indoors where GPS are unavailable or hardly functioning. It works with smartphones (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Iridium) without having to root them and it is compatible even with higher end wearables.

A smartphone that has Vismo installed sends its location to a central website using the phone’s data connection and it triggers a location fix from the device. With the software’s Geofencing capabilities it can send an alert via SMS when the employees it is tracking are about to enter an identified danger zone. On their part,  employees can press a panic button that sends SMS and email alerts to the central website which is capable of finding them even in crisis situation.

These features work on locked or unlocked phones.

GPS & Fleet

gps fleet tracker

GPS & Fleet is included in this list because it doesn’t just give you an idea of what your employees are doing, if you are in the delivery or trucking business, but the conditions of the vehicles they are using as well, and only for  $265.00  or $279.00 per unit/ annually depending on your choice of contract. No monthly fees.

For that amount, you get a real time tracking system 24 hrs/day. You can get a 24 hour tracking history that include not just the time and places where your employees and vehicles had been but details like when they started or shut off the engine, speed of travel, distances covered, level of fuel, battery condition and they even color coded some of the details like where the vehicle parked or where the speeding took place and when.

Their system can send you Diagnostic alerts of the vehicles, Speeding alerts, Towing alerts and you can set 10 Geofences that can likewise trigger alerts.

An Indian company, TechnoPurple provides similar services but they charge $15.00 more per year.

Best GPS Runnings Apps to Track, Save, Share Your Activity (Android and iPhone)


Running is the best cardio workout for weight loss and general health. Running involves exertion of complete body, and builds strength, mental and physical endurance, and cardiac health. Tracking your running activity smartly and sharing with others for a social and competitive element is vital to achieve our goals and consistency. Luckily, there are some great smartphone apps for runners using which can track your runs, see how many calories you burnt, find running tracks near you, share your progress and much more using innovative and exciting features. Let’s have a look at some of the best running apps for Android and iPhone.

Runkeeper (iOS, Android)

Runkeeper is the best running app around for years. Its interface, ease of use and features make it a perfect option for runners. It tracks your activity through GPS. You can get audio updates about your speed, calories and distance while running. You can also search and select exciting new running tracks around you, and see where other runners prefer to go. There are colorful maps and gamification of activities which make running much more fun with this app. You can download new routes, check your complete running performance history in the form of graphs. Social media sharing options are also available within the app to brag about your amazing runs.


Runtastic (iOS, Android)

Runtastic has an amazing GPS tracking which makes it one of the best apps to track activities like running, cycling, hiking and walking. It gives you audio and data-based feedback about your activity in real time. You can set short and long term running goals and get reminders about them to stay motivated. Runtastic’s comprehensive dashboard lets you have a complete overview of your activity, and shows you social media sharing options and user engagement with detailed graphs. Runtastic supports Android Wear, which means you can pair it with wearable devices.


Endomondo (iOS, Android)

If you want to add a social and fun element to your runs, Endomondo is for you. Apart from impeccable GPS, speed and distance tracking, Endomondo lets you challenge people in your neighborhood for runs. When you go to a running track, the app shows you the durations in which the track was completed by other people. This way, you can test yourselves, and get motivated easily. You can pair this app with fitness trackers to track your heart rate.


Nike+Running (iOS, Android)

Nike+ Running app is full of features and innovation. It tracks your runs with an agile GPS tracking, saves all your runs for future comparisons, provides you with text-based and video guidance from famous runners and trainers. Nike+ app has a built-in repository of motivational songs which can help you push through your limits. When you perform good, you get to listen to applause and appreciation by a ‘crowd’. You can share your activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps from the app. You can complement Nike+Running app with Nike’s wearable devices and other fitness trackers.

nikerunning apps

MapMyRun (iOS, Android)

MapMyRun has a lot more than just GPS tracking of your workouts. This app provides nutrition information, so you can add your diet here and see what you are putting inside you in order to get the most out of your runs. MapMyRun shows detailed information such as elevation, air direction, route information, weather and humidity. You can see real-time and historical stats of your activities using this app.

mapmyrun apps

Best Geocaching Apps, Websites and Hardware Devices


Geocaching is a great scavenger hunt activity that is going on around the world all the time and you can take part in it anytime you want. Geocaches are devices of different sizes which are hidden by people in different places around the world. Whoever hides a geocache, they give its coordinates on geocaching apps or websites, so that whenever someone decides to hunt for a geocache near them, they could open the app or website, check the coordinates and start their search and adventure. There are more than 2 million geocaches in the world right now. There may be a lot of geocaches hidden near you. Geocaching gives you a chance of making friends, exploring new places. It’s just like Pokemon Go, except that you have to find geocaches instead of Pokemons. Here are the best geocaching apps, websites and hardware devices you can use to do this fun activity. is the best geocaching website, used by millions of geocaching enthusiasts daily. This website has iPhone and Android apps too. All you need to do is to make a free account, give your location, and the website will search and locate geocaches hidden near you. You can also download Geocaching mobile app, save the coordinates and start your journey. The app also map the locations on a map so that you could easily follow the route and reach your destination.

Geocaching Classic

Geocaching Classic by GroundSpeak is one of the best geocaching apps for Android devices. It has a nice interface and full GPS support which gives a seamless and agile scavenger hunt experience. You can switch between different map views, see difficulty level and size of the hidden geocaches, challenge your friends and log your find with style with this app.

Geocaching by Geosphere

It is a great geocaching app for iPhone and iPad. The app shows published logs, photos, achievements and details of caches. You can use satellite images, compass and many locating tools to identify your target and route. You can also import and export GPX files from other sources. This app, however, has a massive price tag of $10.99.


Cachly is a simple geocaching app that works pretty smoothly. Its design is clear and easy to understand. Cachly shows hidden cache locations at the map. You can tap locations to see more details, or start trailing your destination.

Google Earth

Google Earth is perhaps the most powerful mapping and GPS tools website in the world. You will be happy to know that Google Earth has a KLM overlay for geocaching using which you can locate hidden caches, make routes and navigate to your destinations. You can also download Google Earth apps for iPhone and Android.

Google Earth

Garmin’s Geocaching Website

Garmin’s official website has a page dedicated to geocaching. You can find millions of cache locations mapped properly with coordinates here. Garmin also shows the details of every cache in a professional way. You can challenge other people and share your victories easily.

Garmin’s GPSMAP

If you want a dedicated device for geocaching and don’t want to delve into complexities of apps and websites, then I recommend GPSMAP 64, Garmin’s top device for geocaching and other GPS activities. It comes preloaded with the coordinates of more than 250,000 geocaches. It is waterproof, hard and rugged, totally supportive of latest GPS features and maps. The price of this device is a whopping $349.

Garmin GPSMAP 60

Garmin GPSMAP 60 is a great geocaching device for starters. It has a long-lasting battery, alarm clocks, map integration and a rugged body that could sustain shock and water.

Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin Oregon is pretty popular in the geocaching community. This handheld device has amazing reviews on Amazon that bespeak its success. You can use HotFix satellite prediction feature to smartly and quickly locate cache. Oregon’s signal sustenance is huge, which makes it possible to get GPS connection in tunnels, canyons and thick forests.  You can read the screen in broad daylight, thanks to the advanced display of this GPS.

Best Smartwatches With GPS


We are experiencing a massive shift from mobile devices to wearables these days. Wearable devices bring fashion, tech, agility and productivity to a uniquely convenient spot. Smartwatches, the pinnacle of wearable devices, can be more useful than smartphones if they have all the necessary features in them. GPS is a feature you should always prefer in a smartwatch. Having GPS in your smartwatch unlocks a new world of functionality: health tracking, location finding, mapping, ease in travelling, augmented reality and much more. Here are some of the best smartwatches that have GPS.

samsung gear s2 3gSamsung Gear S2 3G

This masterpiece from Samsung has 1.2″ Super AMOLED touchscreen display, and supports 2G and 3G connection due to an embedded SIM in its hardware. GPS works perfectly in this smartwatch. You can track your steps, runs and movement, use running apps, location-related apps like Google Maps on Samsung Gear 2. It also has sensors for gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light, heart rate monitor which are pretty useful if used along with GPS. However, GPS needs an internet connection to work on this device.

garmin vivoactiveGarmin Vivoactive

Garmin is the most famous company when it comes to devices for sports and navigation. But with Vivoactive, Garmin brought its trademark features in the smart wearable industry. Vivoactive can show you fitness stats like steps taken, calories burnt, elevation and sleep patterns. You can also use sensors and heart rate monitor while doing sports like running, swimming, cycling and golf. You can share all this activity on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter which are installed in the smartwatch. Vivoactive can be paired with Garmin’s hear rate monitors and smartphones via Bluetooth.

samsung gear sSamsung Gear S

The best thing about Gear S is that it has the looks of a traditional watch, and yet seethes with smart features. Activity monitors such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor and barometer are installed in Gear S. You can either pair it with your smartphone or insert a Nano sim card and use the watch as a standalone device. You can also make calls and send texts from Gear S. Gear S is also integrated with Nokia’s HERE mapping app.

tomtom spark 3TomTom Spark 3

TomTom Spark’s smartwatch is the best, most minimal and lightweight wearable device having GPS in it if you are looking for a smartwatch mainly for health and fitness activity. You can also upload new routes using ‘GPX’ technology feature and follow them from your watch either by walking or running. You can save loads of MP3s, pair wireless headphones and install running apps in TomTom Spark 3.

apple watch series 2Apple Watch Series 2

Apple finally launched the GPS-enabled Apple Watch iteration this year in the form of Apple Watch Series 2. Apple Watch Series 2 is a powerful wearable device using which you can track all your activity, do everything you do on your smartphone, and roll out in style as it has all the aesthetics you can expect from an Apple device.

garmin forerunner 235Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin Forerunner 235 looks like a classic watch you’d want to wear while going out for a meeting or dinner. It has a superb heart rate monitor which tracks your beat during movement and resting, and shows you all the stats in graphical and data form. It is an ideal low-end smartwatch if you are looking for some basic health tracking features in a traditional-looking watch.

sony smartwatch 3Sony SmartWatch 3

This smartwatch by Sony is powered by Android Wear OS, and is one of the most famous GPS-enabled smartwatches. It supports Google Maps, running apps like MyTracks and RunKeeper. You can share your activity and stats with your friends and family using built-in social features. You can also play Google Music and add MP3 songs of your choice in this smartwatch.

Moto 360 Sportmoto 360 sport

The Moto 360 Sport is a sleek and graceful smartwatch having GPS in it. It has a UV-coated strap to keep your wrists and arms cool and dry while running and exercising. Moto 360 has Moto Body software, a comprehensive suite of apps and tools to manage and track movement and activity 24/7.



Let’s try to keep this short and sweet.

Let’s agree that buying a computer, whether it is for home, office, production line, or bicycling (hobby or competitive sports) should be dictated by the intended use of that particular computer. To cite an exaggerated example, we don’t have to buy a computer capable of operating at 20 Petaflops to solve a simple mathematical equation. That would not be an overkill, that would be annihilation!

People in the know define Petaflop as “the ability of a computer to do one Quadrillion floating point operations per second (flops)”.If, quadrillion is still too many to understand easily,let’s try “terabyte” as reference point. One petaflop is equivalent to one thousand teraflops.

Back to the best GPS for Bicycling.

As human beings, we are all basically the same but, as individuals, we are all unique. Each with his/her own preferences.We considered that point in writing this article. So, to choose the best GPS Bicycling Computers, we established the common functions of the existing units as the basic requirement – and then, we moved on from there. The absence of specific ratings is intentional. Individual differences, remember?

Now, if they are included in this list, they share these basic functions:

Ability to tell:

  • Speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Time
  • Elevation
  • Performance in previous laps
  • Heart rate
  • Calories burned
  • Cadence
  • Power

And then they have:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • All weather protection
  • Pause/ Resume features
  • ANT+ pairing,
  • Ability to upload data to social media websites – especially Strava.

(Strava is the Facebook equivalent for cycling pros and enthusiasts.)

Here’s where these cycling (GPS) computers differ and why we consider them among the best:

SRM Power Control 8

srm power control 8Accuracy.

SRM Power Control 8 sells at $750.00. That stiff price was justified by claims that this unit can track data at 4x/second while its competitors can only do 1x/ second. This spells for a more accurate information and SRM-PC followers believe that their system is more robust.They never had any incidence of corrupted data. Its 500mb memory can hold around 4,000 hours of training data.

It is powered by a 1300 mAH Li-polymer battery that lasts between 10 – 45 hours (depending on features that are continually in usesuch as- GPS, BT, etc.).On stand-by mode, it can last up to Three (3) weeks.

The choice of the World’s Cycling Elites. It is used by at least 8 of the world’s best cycling teams. It is compatible with all ANT+ Power meters.

You can upload files using the SRM Device Agent program which works with Mac and PC OS. It comes in a flash drive along with the unit. Upload is about two seconds and the file can go into any computer-based training program.

The device can remember up to Four (4) different bicycles settings, including ANT+ profiles.

No maps.

More on SRM Power Control 8 here.

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820Feature Rich.

Garmin Edge 820 is for those looking for a feature-rich GPS cycling computer. Features that include a 16gigabyte of storage capacity, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, incident detection, pre-loaded maps, weather, SMS/Call/email notifications, social media, and live tracking, colored touch-screen and Group Tracking. The only other cycling computer in existence that has a touch screen is Garmin 1000 but it is heavier, with bigger screen, andnot much else.

Group tracking can tell you where your team mates are, live and in real time. Again, Garmin 1000 is about the only other cycling computer that has this capability butat $399.99 Garmin Edge 820 is a $100.00 cheaper.

You can create your own route for training purposes with this unit as well as interval training.

Its battery, however, can only endure for 12 hours with all those features. A“Battery Saver” will allow you to record your activity to the end but it will disable the display and everything else.

More on Garmin Edge 820 here.

Bryton Rider 330

Bryton Rider 330No Fuss.

If what you want is just to get on with it, no fuss, no fidgeting, no fanfare, you might be surprised with what you’ll get with Bryton Ryder 330. For $130.00 this cycling computer can get you connected to all ANT+ sensors available in the market at the moment. Almost without effort from the user, it can monitor and dish out 72 different metrics. It even has its own barometric altimeter that does not rely on GPS for accurate altitude reading.

Another great thing about Bryton Rider 330 is its battery life which lasts up to 36 hours. And you can set it up to automatically upload your data to Strava and other training apps. It can load maps using Bryton software, sync data fast via WiFi and it supports training functions.

More on Bryton Rider 330 here.

Cateye Padrone Smart+


Cateye Padrone Smart+Mirroring.

Of all the devices that we have in this list, Cateye Padrone Smart+ is the only non-GPS cycling computer that provides GPS functions. Well, in addition to all the basic functions that we have already enumerated at the beginning of this article.

To be able to deliver GPS functions Cateye Padrone Smart+ connects to your smartphone. It mirrors the functions of the phone while the phone sleeps. At first glance, this didn’t seem like a very bright idea. I mean, why use two electronic gadgets when one will do?  Thenyou realize its job is actually to allow the use of the phone’s superb features (including: SMS, calls, and real time upload on social media) without directly exposing the expensive phone to harsh natural elements and saving its battery power.

Cateye Padrone Smart+ is at the lower end of the price bracket. Amazon sells it at $129.95 the last time we checked. Its bundle include 1 mo. Subscription to Strava and it can auto upload on FB, Twitter, Strava, Training Peaks, etc.

More on Padrone Smart+ here.

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike ComputerSimplicity in complexity.

With the price pegged at $329.99, Wahoo Elemnt is offering a rather complex, feature rich, high-tech product that does all the complicated tasks by itself. The unit has Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+ dual-band technology and it comes with companion app that allows you to customize a lot of things – if you feel like – or you can just let it take care of all the techie stuffs as it connects seamlessly to your power meters and all sorts of available monitors (heart rate, etc.).

To do that, you only have to download a Q.R. Scanner, scan the code and all that is left to be done is click a few buttons to choose your preferences.Including what you want to see on the screen monitor while you are on the road. Wahoo Elemnt is only available in black & white which it considers as the best way to fight glare.

It can load maps and do Turn-by-turn navigation, it has SMS/Call notifications and it can upload data to Strava and other social media sites. It has Live Tracking like Garmin Edge 820 but simpler.

More on Wahoo Elemnt here.