GPS trackers are used worldwide to find lost items, keep track of our valuables and especially pets. Most of the times we don’t want to get your GPS tracking device noticed. It’s always useful to track your items in a subtle way. The market is full of small, sneaky GPS devices which are really useful. In this article we will mention some of the small and tiny GPS and Bluetooth trackers that are very useful in tracking cars, pets and keys.

Mynt Bluetooth Tracker

Mynt Bluetooth tracker is used to track and find keys. This small device can be paired with smartphone and other electronic devices. Can’t find your phone? Just press the small button on Mynt and your phone will ring. This Bluetooth tracker can also be used as a remote control.

 Light in the Box Mini Pet Tracker

This GPS tracker uses GSM and GPS technology. The tracker is suitable for small pets. It works on at least four frequencies. There is also a geo-fencing feature which triggers warnings when your pet crosses the specific area defined by you. This GPS tracker is very small, and can be attached to small pets and items for tracking. It costs about $37.

Pet Tracker GPSPathfinder

Kingcenton Tracker

This Bluetooth tracker helps you find your lost items. When you order this tracker on Amazon, the shipment comes with 10 small trackers which could be attached with different items. This device also has a companion app which shows the last location of your lost item.  Kingcenton has a range of about 50 meters. In case you lose anything, the smartphone app of Kingcenton will notify you of its location.

Kingcenton GPSPathfinder

Leehur Bluetooth Key Finder

Leehur is one of the best Bluetooth trackers to find lost items. Leehur is also powered by GPS. This device can efficiently locate lost items in a range of up to 50 meters. Just press the button on Leehur and the lost item will start making noise via the Bluetooth connection. This device costs only $5. Leehur also has an iOS and Android app.

Leehur GPSPathfinder

Kingmak GPS Tracker

This mini GPS tracker tracks location of your car and maintains the location data to find out the exact location of it. Kingmak has the ability to get stuck with anything. It is one of the best GPS trackers to avoid car theft. It has a reliable service and also supports 2G SIM card. Kingmak stores location data on a micro-SD card.

Kingmark GPSPathfinder