What is Happening with Instagram: News Update


It was a dreadful day for all social butterflies who religiously check their IG as soon as they wake up in the morning. Instagram, the world’s favourite media sharing social platform was down for unknown reasons. The network outage caught its 1 billion global users by surprise and without any prior notice, it shut down for all, in the morning of 3rd October causing unrest and unfathomable inconvenience to all since Facebook hack took place just recently.

These network outages of Instagram aren’t new occurrences but this time the problem spread on a relatively large-scale. People using IG have lodged complaints in the U.S, Australia and several other European countries. Instagram has been all over the news in the previous days due to the statement released by IG Chief executive, Kevin Systrom regarding the co-founder’s stepping out from their positions. Apparently, Kevin Systrom and Chief Technical Officer, Mike Krieger who established the renowned media sharing platform have resigned and will be exiting Instagram in a couple of weeks. Such a big scale network outage occurring on Instagram at the time when its co-founders are leaving raises questions on IG performance in the upcoming days. Rumour has it that it happened because of a disagreement with Facebook over how the company should be run.

How Did It Happen?

It was a normal, Wednesday morning when frequent Instagram users all over Europe logged into their IG account in the morning to get their daily dose of social media but could not access it via App or Website since the server was down and each page which they tried reaching showed 5xx server error message. This problem persisted unbearably for almost an hour. The dysfunctional server caused an immediate uproar from users on several other social media platforms. The problem affected users all across northern Europe, Australia and the west coast of the U.S. it was pure chaos since Instagram did not release any sort of notice or announcement regarding the matter.

Down Detector, one of the leading outage-tracking websites showed where and how many users were facing issues with Instagram. The issue identified as a 5xx server error according to the message shown while accessing the Instagram website. Some people are linking the Instagram situation with a Facebook hack which took place on 25th September, not too long ago. According to the rumours, the Instagram network outage happened for those users who might have created their IG accounts by linking it with their pre-existent Facebook account. Unconfirmed reports say that some of the Facebook accounts which got hacked are now being sold over the dark web.

What is a 5xx Server Error?

Apparently, the recent Instagram downtime was caused by a 5xx server error which means it was not a serious issue or a hack attempt that would cost its users their personal information and shared media. 5xx server error is a group of HTTP status code which states that the server is currently incapable of performing any requests made by an individual and is aware of it. The server responds with an explanation of the error whether it is a temporary or a permanent situation.

Instagram Previous Network Outages

These 5xx error reports are not new for Instagram users. There has been more incident in the past months in May and July but none of these outages was spread to this extent. Twitter was flooded with tweets regarding Instagram downtime and users kept monitoring it to find out whether the server came back online being one of the most used and loved, photo & video sharing social media platform, Instagram has never been short on performance. But its users have been complaining for 5xx server issues and times when they’re unable to refresh, repost, and access their account for over a year.

How was it Solved?

After constantly upgrading their platform, Instagram has shown signs of instability multiple times which included difficulties in signing-in, reposting, uploading pictures etc. But when 5xx server issue hit global users, the team of developers working under Instagram rushed for the rescue of the world’s favourite image social media platform. Even after all the research, there have been no confirmed reports regarding the actual cause of the problem. The Instagram team has failed to indicate the main reason for the server error giving way to propagate several baseless assumptions and rumours.

Being a 5xx server error, the issue was undoubtedly internal and occurred due to the Instagram server and system. The team of able developers advised users to exit the app or restarting the app after a while. Checking-up for a stable connection helped some users to take control of the app. Trying to delete that app resulted in an even worse situation. All we can say for now that these network outages were almost certainly caused by a technical fault.